Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Fuko / Love at Tokyo Topless, #2

My movie- (as opposed to last month's JAV-) acquiring project has moved quickly. I finished all my first, quick downloads yesterday, and am now only getting one or two a night. Quick glances through some of these movies shows that they will provide interesting material for more historically-related posts here later on.
But tonight we return to our project reviewing the busty, young Fuko in her first known appearances before the public in photo-shoots for Tokyo Topless under the name "Love".
I didn't save the text, but I remember Tokyo Topless' site master (Takao Kudo) making a special comment on "Love"'s listing to the effect of "at last a Japanese girl's got boobs this big". And big she is.
Fuko is one of those few models who gets classified as "BBW" at some sites simply on the basis of her boobs. Hitomi Tanaka is one of the few comparable models I can think of, though she looks to have been surgically enhanced.
Rin Aoki is another model a similar build as Fuko-- top-heavy, with an otherwise average body shape. Rin's boobs aren't quite as overpowering as Fuko's, but like Fuko she has become a bit chubby in recent years.
Though not unattractive, her face was never the most beautiful on in the Japanese modeling industry. Besides her main attraction-- the sheer volume of her bust-- what was attractive about Fuko in these early days was her innocent, girlish appearance.
...and with this last image, we have seen all nine of top-heavy young Fuko's second photo session for Tokyo Topless. Tune in again tomorrow when I should have her third, and last session at TT up for discussion.

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