Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Hefty Angels series (PAD-prefix)

When I did the review of Usagi Minagi's DVD PAD-016 last month, I looked into the "Hefty Angels" (豊満天使) or "Chubby-Chubby Angels" (ぽちゃぽちゃエンジェル) series of which that was part. This series is obviously related to the Chubby Chubby Heaven series, not only due to title, but because of the same director, label and models. My guess is that this is a re-release of the other series. Information on Japanese pop culture in general-- and JAVs specifically-- tends to evaporate fast, and this series is over ten years old. There are at least sixteen DVDs in the series, though I can only find information on nine of them.

The inaugural release in this series was Dai shitsugen hōman tenshi (大湿原豊満天使 VOL.1; PAD-001) starring Hatsune Kamori (神守はつね). Arzon lists its DVD sales date as June 14, 2003, though its 60 minute running time clues us that it was first released much earlier. I would guess the release date of this series to have been late 1990s, and a further possibility is that these DVDs are just a re-release of the earlier VHS Chubby-Chubby Angels series.
The rest of the titles in the series scrap the Dai shitsugen part of the title, and are just known as Hōman tenshi (豊満天使) with volume numbers. They continue the "Pocha-pocha Angel" subtitle. Arzon gives June 14, 2003 as the release date of Volume two (PAD-002), which stars Yayoi Kiyone (清音やよい).
I was unable to track down information or images for the third DVD, but the fourth one stars Kaori Mei (芽衣カオリ). We saw two Kaori Mei DVDs on September 2, 2012 (RP002 and RP003), September 16, 2012 (RP014 and RP015). It's worth noting that the cover of RP014 is nearly the same as this one, further indicating that this series is just be a re-release of the Chubby-Chubby Heaven series.
The star of the fifth entry is An Asakura about whom I have no information. The maker of this DVD is listed as Bee House.
The seventh release, PAD-007 also has Bee House as maker. I can't quite make out the star's name from the cover: Haruka Shima-something.
Saori Shizuma (静間さおり) is the star of PAD-009.
100(G)-90-105cm Minami Yura (みなみ由良) stars in PAD-010.
Above is a VHS cover almost identical to PAD-010 starring Minami Yura listed at Arzon: LPN-02, further indicating multiple re-releasing/re-packaging going on within these series.
The DVD PAD-015 was released January 11, 2005, according to Arzon, and stars Mayu Tsuruki (鶴木まゆ).
And the last known entry in this series is Usagi Minagi's PAD-016 which was reviewed at this blog on August 25, 2013.This is the only release in the series with a big-name star, and this is the DVD which lead us to today's investigation of this series.

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