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Noa Serizawa: SND-35

This week's video review features the lovely Noa Serizawa in her May 2010 JAMS DVD, Mega Busty Expansion! Super Boobs Advertisement Planner (SND-35). The structure of this video is rather interesting from the point of view of AV history. It is two hours long, and consists of four half-hour segments, each one a stand-alone story unto itself. This makes it something of a throw-back to the earliest days of the Japanese AV. In those days-- the 1980s-- AVs tended to be like little Pink films, running half the length of these theatrically-released softcore productions. These videos were half-hour story-heavy videos with two or three short nude/sex scenes, only slightly more explicit than their theatrical counterparts. Eventually the AV became more explicit, with the sex being the be-all and end-all, resulting in the sort of AV that I've complained about recently: Bodies having sex, end of video.
The first half-hour story is almost a nod to this video's Pink Film ancestry. It starts out with Noa, in school girl uniform, being groped by some perv on the subway. This seems like a reference to the long-running Groper Train series of Pink Films. Though the first film in this series was directed by Pink Film pioneer, , Academy Award-winner Yôjirô Takita made this series his own in the '80s, filming some Pink masterpieces in the process. Noa almost immediately becomes a willing participant in the action, rather than a screaming victim-- which is really a turn-off to me. And a running theme throughout this video consists of Noa turning the tables on the bumbling men who attempt to molest or dominate her in some way. After about 12 minutes the groper suddenly gets up and walks away... apparently his stop has come up... The groper is obviously a boob-man, since he does nothing in this scene but massage and suck Noa's impressive boobs. The cameraman, however, has broader interests, giving us plenty of loving looks at Noa's equally impressive thighs.
The next 15 minute half of this story has Noa at home. Here we get some of my favorite images of her thighs, while looking girlish and talking on the phone. She is reporting to someone about the attacked on the subway, saying she was scared, but OK. The subway pervert has followed her home, and is hiding in wait to attack her. The need to do this seems elusive, since she was such a willing participant in the train molestation. Seems like he could have just taken her to a movie and brought her home... anyway, she is once again not reluctant at all, and joins in on the action. In fact she gets so into it, she smothers him with her boobs and then starts whacking him with them, actually knocking him out. The tables turned, the submissive molester is now ordered by Noa to give her a massage. This is the kind of amusing little touch that I enjoy. We get to see all the sex we want, plus a little amusing story to go with it. The concluding massage, oddly, has Noa fully clothed again, which is a drawback, but the camera does give us plenty of looks at her cleavage and thighs again...
At about 24 minutes into the video, the story changes. Noa carries that weird-looking little guy who is in so many BBW JAVs into her room. He's apparently drunk and has to take a piss. Noa has to help him get into the bathroom, He's a wily little devil and plays on her sympathy to get a roll in the hay. This scene is pretty conversation-heavy. She shows him considerable contempt, while still eventually allowing him to screw her, resulting in the first straight sex scenes in the video so far. This scene takes us about an hour-- half way-- into the video.
We next find Noa visiting a doctor for a massage. He grunts and huffs away in a very strenuous and professional manner, giving the scene some humorous authenticity. He starts using his face to massage her buttocks, and eventually manages to unfurl and rub her boobs. He gets a little too grabby for Noa's taste and she flips him onto the floor, and then she subjects the old quack to some of her own molestation. He whimpers pathetically as she fellates him mercilessly, then rubs her ass against his crotch until he's helpless. It's all amusing, while Noa remains quite sexy-- although clothed except for her breasts.
The last half-hour story has Noa as a model. A gentleman brings a red costume for Noa to change into. She reluctantly does so, and then he snaps pictures of her, employing a lot of manual instruction while posing her. Sex ensues quickly enough, and the customer nearly collapses in exhaustion after climaxing. Noa's dorky little boyfriend from the second half-hour story is then revealed to have been the cameraman all through this final scene, thereby showing this last story to have been a set-up for a blackmail trap, while at the same time tying two of the stories in the video together.
There is more nudity in this video than in the early AVs / Pink films that this video was apparently modeled after, but it is still very skimpy on nudity in comparison to contemporary AVs. Noa is absolutely gorgeous to behold throughout-- plump, chubby and sexy-- but she is almost always clothed, and about all we see of her is her boobs. I do like looking at a woman like Noa even in clothing. As I've mentioned in some previous reviews, I prefer a little bit of scenario/story-based sex scenes in AVs. They add a little bit of context to the proceedings, making them a little more interesting, and even a little more arousing than just simple anonymous sex. Still, I did get the feeling from this AV that I was getting cheated out of the sex and nudity that one expects from an AV.
This AV was very talky, and I didn't have the time, inclination, or enough Japanese language ability to get more than a general idea of what was being said. On the plus side, it was nice to hear the model's voice more than just during a brief interview, followed by what is obviously a different actress doing the moaning and groaning during the sex scenes-- as is the norm in AVs. Noa's voice is nice-- a little on the deep side, but not as husky/sexy as some (LUU's comes to mind), or baby-like/sexy as Usagi Minagi's.

Video quality / sexiness aside, Noa Serizawa is another one of my all-time favorite models (why are so many of my all-time favorites popping up in these review? Because I review the ones I like...): Cute, plump face, great boobs, and incredible thighs. She's also quite good in the sex scenes: Neither too slutty, nor reluctant and whiny, just a nice girl having a good time. So, for the BBW fan, I give this one highest ratings. For boob fans and ass fans: High ratings. Thigh fans: Highest ratings. As far as the general video quality, it's all professionally done, and gets high ratings for that. The whole production errs a little TOO far on the side of story though, and winds up being overly talky, and softcore without having the interesting writing, cinematography and acting that a real Pink film can offer. So for nudity/sex fans, and AV fans in general, I'm afraid this one would get a Low rating. Balancing the pros and cons out, I give it a respectable 7 out of 10.

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