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Usagi Minagi & 2 Others: PARAT-01232 / PTV-1120

PARAT-01232 /  PTV-1120
I think I skipped last week's video review, but tonight I'll take time out to look in depth at another video... Our star actress tonight is the incredibly lovely Usagi Minagi, supported this time by Haruna Ayano and an "Anzu" whom I think I've seen before, but whose last name I can't track down... We took a preview look at this 115-minute video in my post of August 18. It was released in January 2009, and its title is Niku-darake! Mega buta rape: Kanchigai debu onna ni nakadashi (PARAT-01232 or PTV-1120). It was produced by Paradise TV, which has a homepage for the video.
Anzu (left) and Usagi Minagi are trapped into a prison-like fat farm in PARAT-01232 / PTV-1120
The first twenty minutes of the video is the set-up to the situation. Haruna is approached on her own, and Usagi and Anzu are approached together by a man claiming to represent "Super Beauty Water". He lures the girls to his place where he videotapes them drinking the water, and we learn their statistics: 
Haruna Ayano (26) T168 B128(I)-85-108
Anzu (19) T150 B128(G)-78-100
Usagi Minagi (27) T145 B120(L)-78-100
After a little chit-chat, the sweet-talking interviewer suddenly becomes aggressive, and demands 300,000 yen (about $3,000) from each of the girl. When they fail to cough up the dough, he puts leashes on them and leads them to jail cells. This section is awfully talky-- we hear the guy pattering on incessantly, and he quickly becomes very annoying. It is nice to see the three chubby girls in clothes (for a change), and Usagi-san is her usual entrancing self, with that baby-like voice of hers. However, for the BBW-admirer in a hurry for erotic stimulation, I'd recommend just fast-forwarding over the first twenty minutes.
Usagi's weight is written on her belly
Next the action begins. The captor and his two buddies start berating the ladies in heavily-"R-rolling" yakuza dialect, have them administer fellatio to them, make fun of the size of their breasts, weigh them and mock their weight, etc. The girls weighed: Ayano is 108.6kg, Anzu is 95.6kg, and Usagi is 107.6, making her, pound-for-pound, the fattest of the trio. The men write the girls' weights on their bellies with markers.
The girls run off some weight
Next comes my favorite part: The girls are forced to run circles in the prison. This is quite fun to watch. I could have watched these lovely, chubby girls bounce around for much longer than they do in this video. I could see the use of slow-motion and camera angles developing this into a truly outstanding scene. As it is, it's very interesting, but ends too quickly for me. The men then sniff the girls' boobs and complain that they stink of sweat. This leads, naturally enough, to the mandatory shower scene.
The girls wash off the sweat
The shower scene too has an amusing twist. The jailers hose the girls off with hot water, and it's very fun watching those three chubby girls running around wet and squealing like high school girls, to avoid the water. After the running scene, this one is my second favorite. Unfortunately both of these are very brief. The main set pieces of the video are sex scenes in the prison cells between the guards and each of the three girls individually, and I didn't find those especially interesting. In another amusing twist, no towels are provided after the shower, so the girls have to lick each other dry, which is also fun to watch.
Usagi Minagi sweats off some more weight
The trio are then subjected to further abuse and humiliation, such as being forced to eat their meals without their hands, from bowls like animals, and forced peeing, which I could have done without myself, though I can see the fun in watching a girl squat and relieve herself. Usagi-chan being the fattest, is specially selected for the dreaded "Sex Diet" treatment-- which is basically a gang-bang in her prison cell. Following this, all three girls are forced to sweat off some weight under a hot sun lamp. Haruna's big sex scene comes next.
The girls prepare for their second weighing
After three days in the prison, the girls are weighed again to see if they've lost their required 10 kg. Haruna is now down to 99.8kg, Usagi is 99.1, but Anzu, now at 97.2kg, has actually managed to gain weight. This leads to her big punishment sex torture scene, which concludes the video itself when one of the jailers cums in Anzu's face.
Usagi Minagi is humiliated by being forced to wear a schoolgirl's shirt much too small for her
I'll rate this video very high, though not tip-top, cream of the crop. As usual with these videos, it has one of my all-time favorite models... otherwise I wouldn't be reviewing it. In this case that model is Usagi Minagi. The other two girls are also very cute and lovely. The camera work is good throughout. It moves around enough to give us a good look at everything we want to see, without being hyperactive and distracting. Some of that distorting lens that I dislike is used, but not enough to be annoying. The story is also a mark in favor for this video. I've mentioned many times that I prefer some sort of context to the nude/sex scenes. This adds to the overall pleasure of the viewing, and is one reason I like Pink films more than AVs, which I rarely watch all the way through. The story is also an interesting and original one for an AV. I would kind of liked to have seen it played more like a Japanese Women-in-Prison flick-- like a Sasori film-- with the girls trying to escape, and beating the crap out of the guards when they get the chance, but more elaborate plotting like that may have been beyond the budget and the goal of an adult video. The talky nature of the story gives us more than the usual chance to hear Usagi's squeaky baby-voice, which is one of the most intriguing things about her, lovely as she is from a purely physical point of view. The talkiness did have the the major drawback of having the men constantly chattering, barking out orders, bullying and insulting the girls. Besides just being annoying, this gave me a desire to kick the living shit out of the guys, which was a bit distracting from the enjoyment of the video. The fact that the girls kept breaking character and smiling-- besides showing they weren't very good actresses-- reassured me that this was all just play-acting... A much better ending to the video could have been devised, with the girls getting revenge on the bullies-- beating them, sitting on them, and escaping. The end of the video-- just another sex scene-- really was an anti-climax... Also, it seems that for guys who are supposed to be so anti-chubby, they sure seem to enjoy sex with these big, soft, squeeze-able girls.... And I can't fault them for that!

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