Monday, September 30, 2013

Megumi Arina goes Pink

Tonight I updated my Pink Film Archive for the three new, upcoming releases from OP Eiga. One of the film posters caught my eye as a film that will be of interest to followers of this blog.
Sex jikken-shitsu: Aegu juku kyonyû
Directed by Pink Film veteran writer-director, Kuninori Yamazaki, and produced through Pink grand dame Sachi Hamano's Tantan-sha, the title of the film is Sex jikken-shitsu: Aegu juku kyonyû (SEX実験室 あえぐ熟巨乳). It will be theatrically released in Japan on October 11.
Megumi Arina
And here is a still of the film from the PG Website. The lady we see in these images, and apparently the star of the film, is Megumi Arina (有奈めぐみ).
Megumi Arina
Megumi-san seems to have much more explicit/hardcore images on the Net than do most Japanese AV models. This video clip at, for example, starts out with a US disclaimer, and gives us a brief glimpse of hardcore scenes (male genitalia, not female...) This page gives a description of the model. Though she's listed as a chubby girl, she appears much thinner in this profile than in the film poster and film still. She is 31 at this profile, with statistics: B:101 W:64 H:97. Duga gives her birthday as November 30, 1978. Other sites give her top measurement as 110-J, and below we see a claim of 105 K-cup.
Megumi Arina in ALB-206
She seems to have a fairly active AV career, mostly appearing in group casts, but with a few starring videos also. The obvious photographic exaggeration in the cover to ALB-206, above, shows why I usually avoid the ALB- DVDs: false advertisement...
Megumi Arina in TKK-015
Above is another of Megumi-san's starring AVs. For a glimpse a little more of her AV career, Boobpedia has an article on Megumi's solo DVD Married Big Breasts Teacher Megumi's Erotic Health and Physical Education (JUC-805; April 25, 2012), and her appearance in the group DVD Big-Breasted Mama Volleyball Team Training Camp 2 (GG-053; May 3, 2012).
Megumi Arina
As always, when I see a chubby, busty, mature model like Megumi appear in a Pink film, my hopes are aroused that the Pink Film genre-- which I like much better than the AV format-- will embrace these ladies...

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