Sunday, August 25, 2013

Usagi Minagi: PAD-016

Lest my readers think I have completely abandoned this blog: I am still acquiring videos at as fast a rate as I can, doing this in the background while I work on other projects. If you watch the lower portion of the List of Video Reviews (the "Videos Waiting for Review"), you'll see that it grows by at least one video a day. And these to-be-reviewed videos give me offer for future posts.
Tonight we look at the early Usagi Minagi video I've been promising for a while: Hefty Angels 16 (豊満天使 VOL.16 - Hôman tenshi vol 16; PAD-016). The DVD cover alone brings up several points of interest. It is obviously related to the Chubby-Chubby Heaven series we covered in three posts last year, on September 2 and September 9, and September 16, 2012. Like that series, it is produced by "Kyûbidô" (九尾堂) on the "RABBIT" label and directed by Jun'ichi Natsui (夏井淳一), who seems to be a major name in the early appreciation of the BBW in Japan. I can't get a good date on the release of this DVD, but the Chubby-Chubby Heaven series was released in the mid-90s, and there is some evidence (to be presented in another post) that the Hefty Angels series was a re-release of the other series.
The first third of the video is an interview, with a long, slow, loving look at Usagi's beautiful body. She is clothed through most of it, in her undies, then undresses completely towards the end.
At about 23 minutes into the video the scene changes to Usagi-chan in bed. She just lays in bed, moving around-- front up, back up-- while the camera gives us a thorough look at her from every angle.
At 32 minutes she gets into a bubble bath, emphasis on bubbles. Lots of bubbles. Lots and lots... so many bubbles they cover up the object of our interest: Usagi-chan. This basically wastes about 12 minutes of the video, because, despite the fact that she's really cute splashing around in the bubbles, we just can't see her. (I've illustrated this paragraph with a shot from the previous scene, because there was nothing really exciting to see in the bubble-bath scene).
At 44 minutes, we go back to bed. For the next 7 or 8 minutes an unseen man stimulates Usagi-san's nipples. This is mostly wasted footage, with too much use of close-up.
The final five minutes of this one-hour video consist of an actual sex scene, first missionary, then doggie-style. Both alternating between objective camera and hamadori, or subjective camera, held by the guy shagging Usagi-san. An interesting point of this video is that at several points we see her pussy fairly fully. There is a little bit of fogging right where we might see some actual genitals. This is confusing for a couple reasons: 1) Japan has a legendary censorship policy in which not one whisp of pubic hair is allowed. This law has been relaxed in the past few decades, but I've read conflicting accounts about when it was relaxed, and how much it allows to be seen. 2) the official justification for  this censorship was not morality, but sanitation-- pubic hair being considered dirty. Well, if it's the hair that's dirty, why are they visible here, but her actual twat is fogged out...
One close-up that gets my hearty approval
Director Jun'ichi Natsui (the name is given, in Roman script, as "Junich Natui" in the video's credits) was apparently known mainly as a photographer, and this video does have the style of a photography/modeling session. Almost all of the video consists of Unagi-san on her own, posing, with the camera caressing her body. Personally, I like this. I like just looking at a beautiful woman's body, and the male partner, necessary in these AVs, just gets in the way of my enjoyment of the girl. So, I give this video high marks for the subject matter, and highest marks for the model-- the gorgeous Usagi Minagi. I give the video lower marks though because of the incessant close-ups. If Natsui had taken a more Ozu-influenced stationary camera, or at least less active camera, I'd have been happier. There is also a lot of wasted space in the video-- for example, the entire bubble-bath sequence and the nipple-stimulating sequence at the end.
For the record: Highest marks for Boob-fans, Highest marks for ass-men, highest marks for BBW-fans, high marks for the video subject, but middling marks for overall video technique.

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