Sunday, September 1, 2013

ICD-107: Erika

Boob-Killer Monster-Bust Erika (乳殺モンスターバスト; ICD-107)
Tonight's video review brings us back to the capacious bosom of one of IZM's best models, the big, bouncy and beautiful Erika. We last reviewed one of this lovely lady's videos with our June 2013 review of ICD-165 (October 2011). Tonight's video, Boob-Killer Monster-Bust Erika (乳殺モンスターバスト Nyûsatsu monster bust Erika; ICD-107) gives us a look at a younger Erika-- exactly two years before ICD-165-- in her debut video for the studio. It was released on November 27, 2009 and was directed by Ryudai.
The video-- or at least the copy I've seen-- starts right in the action, with Erika getting a boob-massage from behind, while clothed. This proceeds on to disrobing, and some major titty-sucking, some fellatio, paizuri, then a nice bout of missionary position sex.
Erika looks very nice on her back with her boobs bouncing around in the latter part of this scene. At about 20 minutes in, Erika demonstrates a little doggie-style, followed by girl-on-top. This first scene concludes at 30 minutes into the video, with Erika back on her back again.
The next scene lasts 45 minutes total. Erika dominates a smaller, bound man throughout this section. It begins with with Erika using her boobs to smother and beat the face of the man, who is bound and laying on his back. She eventually sits on his face, straps a dildo on his forehead and performs paizuri and fellatio on it, then on him. The last 15 minutes have the man unbound, at first standing on his head, which is under Erika's pussy, while Erika massages his dick and ass with her boobs. Eventually he stands up, masturbates and comes on her boobs.
Erika's nipples are too far away to reach
Though Erika is joy to behold from the beginning to the end of this video, this second section goes on a bit too long without giving us a full glimpse of her body. She is partially clothed throughout. One interesting little bit in this scene is when Erika attempts to lick her own nipples. As enormous as her boobs are, she's unable to accomplish this fairly common task, for the big-boob models. Her nipples are so low-set on her breasts, and the breasts are so bulky above her nipples, that she cannot reach them up around and into her mouth...
The next section begins promisingly enough with Erika in what looks like a nurse's costume, engaging in more face-sitting, hand-jobbery and more fellatio. It then steps into more distastefully kinky realms, when Erika smears some kind of brownish substance on the guy, and massages his face with her boobs while rubbing this brown stuff all over. It is not very attractive to me. I think it is some kind of food (which is bad enough), but it brings to mind shit, the thought of which caused me to fast-forward over this part very quickly. Fortunately this doesn't last very long,
The last, 40 minute scene seems like a mini-AV unto itself. It starts out with what I had hoped to see at the beginning of this video: Erika clothed, seated, and speaking a bit, which is the normal way to start out an AV. Also typical of the beginning of a video, her body is discussed, surveyed, and one of her boobs is then weighed, though the weight is not given clearly enough that I could see it. Our male counterpart then appears, and the action proper for this final scene is ready to begin.
While most of the video up till now has been focused almost exclusively on Erika's massive boobs, with some look at her butt, the last section has a lot more pussy-centered action. Erika get on her back to be fingered, and then receive cunnilingus. A fellatio scene follows with Erika responding with some paizuri. She gets on her back again for some straight fucking, and this bit is probably the highlight of the video. Erika's boobs bounce exceptionally nicely here, making this the perfect slow-motion moment. A rather quick succession of doggie-style, girl-on-top, and missionary position variants finishes off the video.
Erika is a top-notch model. Her face has a slightly double-chin-ish quality-- which is understandable for a girl as big as she is. But she's still very pretty. In fact I have seen rumors on Japanese message boards that Erika is actually the cosplayer LUU. I think, just by looking that the two ladies, that we can tell this is not true. Still, just the existence of this rumor is a good indication of Erika's beauty, since LUU probably has the prettiest face of all the Japanese BBW models, in my opinion. Erika's boobs, of course, are extraordinary: a 142cm R-cup, no less, certainly qualifying for her nickname, "Monster Bust". The rest of her body is perfectly wonderful BBW-- big, shapely butt, attractively rounded belly, thick thighs and legs. She is definitely one of my favorite models.

The video itself is good, solid JAV, but nothing out of the ordinary. Just a little bit of story or scenery would have lifted this one up to a higher level. Just having standard characters: mother/son, teacher/student, husband/wife-- anything to put some context to the two people having sex-- would have given it a little more depth. What we have instead are just a series of unrelated sex scenes, though they are sex scenes involving an amazing model. The photography is fine, except for the non-stop use of that distorting lens when I dislike, and which is so hard to avoid in these BBW videos. The scene with the food, brings the video down a notch, in my book, though this is brief enough to be easily avoided. The final scene is the best of the video. For Boobs, Butts and BBW, this video gets highest marks. For overall video quality: Middling. 6 stars out of 10

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