Monday, August 12, 2013

IZM, August 2013: The Butts Have It! ICD-229 - ICD-231

Tonight let's look in on some new DVD releases from one of our favorite studios, IZM. They have announced their three releases for the month of August, all of which are due out on the 22nd. All three look to be enticing offerings for fans of heftier Asian ladies.
First we have En'nyû jukujo-shû seme (ICD-229), starring 40-year-old Azusa Yagi, whom I don't recall seeing before. She's a "jukujo" ("MILF") who, judging from the cover, looks like a tempting morsel indeed. She doesn't appear to fit in with the big-butt theme of this month's other two releases, but the others more than make up for this.
Next we have the what is probably major event for most of us at this blog: The third entry in the Double kyo onna otoko kan series (ICD-230) co-starring none other than Sara Aikawa, one of the most popular models at this blog, and whose first known video was the subject of yesterday's review.
Ami Fukumori
Sara's co-star in this video, Ami Fukumori, was previewed back in May. I haven't seen much of her yet, but she looks like a good match for Sara.
The last DVD in this month's trio of new IZM releases is Chô nikudan cosplay jô (ICD-231) starring another new big-butt girl whose debut we noted in April, and glanced at last week: Azusa Kase.
Azusa Kase
On the DVD cover image, Asuza-san looks kind of gruff, but this picture I just came across shows her in a cute and frisky mood. We will watch her with interest!


  1. Hey there, Dekkappai, I've got some terrible news,

    For one reason or another (translators will only tell me so much on what is going on), Chouzuki Maryou has decided to retire from cosplay and modeling. It's true that it's more or less none of my business, but I will try my best to respect her decisions. LUU is still cosplaying, but being a very close of friend of hers, it's very likely it will affect her too.

    If I find out anything else, you will be one of the first I will let know.

    1. That's too bad... like I mentioned earlier, I've been seeing very little (i.e. none) activity on LUU's sites lately... If it's any consolation, though, these models tend to retire, then make a big come-back multiple times... so there's always hope...