Sunday, August 11, 2013

ICD-35: Sara Aikawa

For tonight's video review, we return to the soft, inviting buttocks of our favorite big-butt girl, Sara Aikawa. We reviewed one of Sara's early video last month, That one-- TIA-020-- was released in January 2008. Tonight we look at an even earlier release. In fact, in my review of Sara's career in June 2012, this was the earliest video of hers I could find. The video gives Sara's age here as 19, and her measurements 124-99-139(cm). The DVD cover above doesn't state that this was her debut, however, and debut DVDs usually do tout this as a selling-point... so it's possible she made an appearance earlier that I have not yet found. This video is titled Jitsuroku document: Hôman kyo-onna no real seiheki ("True Documentary: The Natural Tendencies of a Huge, Chubby Woman"; ICD-35), and was released by IZM in May 2007. IZM provides a video sample, and sample images of this video at their site.
A brief, 3 minute interview precedes the action, giving us a chance to hear Sara's actual voice (not the fake professional orgasm-girl voice that is dubbed over in the sex scenes). She's got a nice, deep, husky voice, and speaks with intelligence-- both traits I love in a girl. She's also got a bit of an underbite, and smiles a lot. The underbite I can take or leave, but I do like the smile... A "customer" sits with Sara during the interview, and he then gets into bed with her for the fun to begin.
The customer is then subjected to face-sitting beneath a world-class Asian butt. Sara is fully clothed at first, and then in gradually disrobes to undies, and then oils up her butt. This first session takes us about half an hour into the video.
In the next scene the patron takes charge. Sara is blindfolded and wearing the net-undies seen in the previous scene. The man has some fun trying-- and failing-- to force the garment to cover Sara's capacious bottom. Sara winds up on top for a short time, despite the more passive role she takes in this section. The scene concludes with Sara on her back for missionary-position sex.
Sara is back in charge in the next part. She parades her butt in a tight-fitting black skirt, then doffs it to engage in more face-sitting. Up til now, the video has been a bit frustrating since we never get a full view of Sara. She's partially clothed the whole time, and the camera insists on giving us close-ups, mostly of her butt. Showing her butt is fine, of course, but with the whole lady included is best. And the problem with these close-ups, is that the cameramen use the distorting lens so much it's hard to tell what is real and what is exaggerated... In this scene, however, she finally does disrobe fully, and we get to enjoy a look at her boobs, which are not negligible, though nowhere near as overpowering as her rear attractions.
The final scene is the most satisfying to me. It has Sara oiled up, standing, completely nude as the patron fondles her. The camera gives us many choice views of her, and her rear is shown to excellent advantage: prominent, slick, cavernous, a glory to behold.
The patron spends a good amount of time playing with her butt, wobbling it around so we can see her butt-flesh a-quiver and shaking in a most pleasing manner. We get a long, full view of Sara's statuesque figure, worthy of immortalization in marble by a sculptor like Gaston Lachaise. About ten minutes of previews of other IZM DVDs concludes the 1:50 minute video.

I won't rate this video quite as high as the previous Sara Aikawa video I reviewed (TIA-020), because of Sara being mostly clothed up til the last two scenes, and because of a prevalent over-use of close-up. Still, this is a very enjoyable video. Sara is young, big and bouncy, and I think I may actually prefer her at this stage of her career than at present, when she has ballooned up to Barnum and Bailey proportions. I say I may prefer her this way, but we'll know for sure once I take a closer look at one of her more recent appearances later on. Similar to TIA-020, I give this video a high recommendation for fans of big Asian butts, and for fans of Asian BBWs, and a moderate recommendation for boob-fetishists. 


  1. i love her body in this film. the last scene is amazing

    1. Yes. The last scene lifts the video to a higher level. The lighting, the pose, the camera angle, are all just right. The only problem is the distorting lens-- you can see the walls are curved-- to exaggerate Sara's body... but you can't have everything...