Friday, August 2, 2013

Annu's Second: BOMC-064

Big, big news from Bombom Ojisan. Those new pictures of Annu we were looking at a few days ago were in preparation to the announcement of a new DVD from her. This one is due out on September 1, and is called Kanzen dokusen! Sekai-ichi! S-cup hatsu honban! 142-cm Annu 34-sai (BOMC-064).
At his blog, Ojisan has offered a few pictures of the stupendous S-cup lady in clothing, which is something I always enjoy seeing. The vast amount of cloth needed to cover her bosom is impressive itself...
The main feature of this DVD, however-- as it seems to be with most second efforts-- is Annu's first on-screen "honban", or real sex. With a second feature coming out this quickly after her debut, let's hope this indicates that this miraculous discovery of Uncle Bonbon's is planning on an extensive career in AV!

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  1. Simply incredible... an obscure titan, I hope she enters the main fray and shows herself a bit more, potentially joining the other ladies at Glamorous D and the like.