Monday, August 5, 2013

JUFD-307: Kiyomi Suzumoto

I will be concentrating on getting the Pink Films for 1996 listed, translated, images and posters accounted for, and then start on submitting to IMDb, probably on the weekend or beginning of next week... So, we'll just have a few quick entries here for a few days.
For tonight, here's a choice little item, due out on September 1, which I came across a few days ago. Featuring a gorgeous new actress, Kiyomi Suzumoto  (n.b. 2014-05-08 I had first mis-translated her last name as "Kyomoto"; thanks to reader Jiamin Deng for correcting the error!), it's called Monosugoi nikutai no Kiyomi-san (kari) ga tsuini kaodashi kaikin! Suzumoto Kiyomi × hôman gokkun zaamen dorobô (JUFD-307).
The homepage gives us some images, but, as implied by the title, they are mostly bukkake-- or gokkun-related, which holds no interest for me at all... Here's one in which we don't see a guy shooting off in the poor girl's face... and a very pretty face it is too...
And here's one more for the road... The model's name (n.b. under the mistaken translation "Kiyomi Kyomoto") brought to mind old favorite Yui Kyomoto (aka Momoko Okada and Pine Miyazaki), whom she resembles a bit-- nice and plump, with a pretty face-- though they are obviously different models. I plan to do a Pine Miyazaki / Yui Kyomoto DVD review soon... Since I'm getting a pretty long backlog of DVDs I have access to, but haven't reviewed yet, I am thinking about adding them to the List of Video Reviews, to keep them organized. This might also give readers the opportunity to request a review of a particular favorite if they so wish.

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