Thursday, August 8, 2013

Rin Fujisaki: FAT-005

Today I again devoted all my online time to the 1996 Pink Film project. I finished all the preparatory work, finishing gathering the information from the main Japanese film databases, and the studio homepages, and started translating some of the credits. At the end of the day, I got things started at IMDb by submitting data on the first couple 1996 Pink films.
But now let's pause and look in on the world of Japanese BBW AV. JAMS' FAT-label "Pocha Queen" series has been on hold since Karen Toudou last appeared in FAT-004 in September 2011. After a year and a half, they've got a new one due out on August 31, titled Pocha Queen Fujisaki Rin no nichijô (FAT-005).
This one stars the lovely, and sexily- studious-looking Rin Fujisaki, whose debut we enthusiastically covered in April and again in May.
Rin Fujisaki is one of the most gorgeous recent debuts, but, for some reason, the images I've seen of this release don't inspire me like the ones to her previous work did. These are the two best images I've seen, and they're... OK... but don't have the magic that her first DVD appeared to... Anyway, we'll continue watching her output!

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