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Miyabi, Yui & Erisa: ICD-239



Tonight we have a highly-anticipated item up for review. For some reason, activity from the major Japanese busty/BBW producers has gone into a bit of a slump in the past couple months, with no really exciting new releases to announce here. For tonight's DVD review, we go back to late last year when Japanese BBW fandom was rejoicing over return from retirement of BBW icon Miyabi Hayama. At the time, director Ryudai had the brilliant idea of tag-teaming her with two other hefty honeys, Yui Igarashi and Erisa Natsumi, in the feature presentation, Killer Boobs Triple Huge Tits (ICD-238).
Triple Trouble!
We first made note of this fine IZM production ten days after it hit the market with a resounding boom! on December 20, 2013. We noted its coming release in a post on December 30. IZM provided sample video clip and sample images at the time. It runs a full two hours and 15 minutes, followed by a good sampling of previews.

Content (Warning: Spoilers!)

The ladies admire the manly man doing his manly work
The video starts out with a repairman doing a difficult, specialized, home-improvement job for two deliciously plump young ladies. Yui is a bit blasé, but Miyabi looks resplendent, admiring and lusting after this he-man doing his mysterious, highly complex construction work far, far beyond the powers of mere woman: Replacing a light bulb. (I'm joking, of course, ladies!)
"Oh dear! How did that get in there?!"
After he presents them with the bill for his services, Yui-san notices a rather large bulge in the gent's trousers... and it's not the bulge you would think normal for a red-blooded guy to sport in the presence of these two gorgeous specimens of womanhood. No, it seems the scoundrel has pocketed one of the ladies' brassieres as a trophy! And bras that big don't come cheap in Japan!
"Oh, you like boobs, do yah?!"
They make him sit down between them for a discussion of this incident. Yui-san verifies that it is indeed one of her 149cm Q-cuppers. The thief's profuse apologies, and repetitions of sumimasen! sumimasen! do not satisfy the ladies. They begin crowding him menacingly, threatening to smother him with too much of a good thing.
A second bulge is discovered
By now another bulge in the criminal's pants indicates that rather than being reformed by this punishment, the reprobate is actually enjoying it! The nerve!!! This guy's bound to become a repeat offender, a recidivist if ever I've seen one! The ladies decide to take the punishment up a notch.
Yui-chan sits on him, restraining him while Miyabi-chan whips out the big guns the better to smother him with.
Miyabi-san enjoying her work, as always
Deciding that it's cruel and unusual to punish him still in his hot uniform, Miyabi-san mercifully disrobes him before taking over the job of sitting on him.
Yui then unholsters her own deadly weapons to add to the arsenal.These four mighty bludgeons work the criminal over to the full extent of the law.
While being smothered, the victim struggles for breath, making continuous boob-farting sounds. Rather than inspire mercy from his punishers, this only amuses them, and spurs them on to discipline him with even more vigorous boob-crushing.
Miyabi on the face, Yui behind her
But just one of these husky lasses on him is not severe enough punishment for the crime of bra-snatching. Both pile on next. Miyabi-san takes face-sitting duty while Yui-san crushes on his chest and crotch.
Switch positions!
Then, to make sure the job is done in a thoroughly balanced manner, they reverse positions. The offender is just lucky that gassing is not used for capital punishment in Japan...
Poeetic justice
Plastic wrap comes out next, with which Miyabi binds the miscreant's arms and legs. Believers in fitting the punishment to the crime, the ladies wrap their two bras around his head, securing them with the plastic wrap as a smothering device.  The ladies leave him alone in this state while they step out to freshen up.
Freshened up, and ready to relax with a book
Miyabi-san comes back, newly attired in a stunning negligee-- one gets the feeling we missed a shower scene, and a clothes-changing here! She un-bras his face, then lies down on him to do a little reading. Her reading material of choice turns out to be Bachelor magazine-- a fine publication featuring lots of big-boobed ladies!
"We've lost him! He's in there somewhere!"
Yui comes in and joins Miyabi in punishing their victim with more boobs to the face. They take his pants off with their feet and give his enraged member the foot treatment while continuing to smother him with their motherly attributes. Pixels become a bit of a problem here, but only for a short while, because they quickly finish him of, then just get up and leave. And that's the abrupt, and rather unsatisfying conclusion of the first chapter.
Pause to think about the first chapter
This first 48-minute segment has started the video off nearly perfectly in my book-- The ladies are gorgeous, and the video gives us playful, humorous nudity with just enough plot/set-up to give the proceedings some context, while not overwhelming the action with something of Dostoyevskian complexity. (I pause here for you to finish reading that hyperlink...) The camera-work is just a little over-active for my tastes, and the inevitable distorting lens is used, but not too severely. Still Ryudai gives us plenty of scenic shots of the ladies in action-- more than enough to cancel out these minor complaints.
Q-cup (left) vs. M-cup... compare and contrast, please...
From here we move on to the subject of lesbianism. First we have a scene of these two mammalian megatrons massaging each others boobs. Oil comes out to assist with the slipping and sliding. Unfortunately, there is no set up, no middle-act, and no pay-off. It's just boob play. But boob play is fine, so I reserve my complaints.
Miyabi knows boobs
This whole section is just an abstract sex scene. We get a good variety of huge boob play from two ladies who certainly know how to handle huge boobs. Nothing more, nothing less. It's all well shot, with no distracting music, but also with nothing giving the activities any context, as in the previous scene.
Playing hide the dildo
Next our maidenly mammoths have somehow, suddenly, inexplicably procured a double-headed dildo, which they alternately suck, then rub between their boobs. Why not show the transition to this act? I often enjoy watching the lady moving, nonchalantly getting ready for the next big activity as much as I enjoy watching the main event itself... but again, the view is splendid, so I'm not complaining...
Dildo completely hidden now
The chapter concludes with the two busty babes pleasuring each other on the floor, apparently with the dildo co-inserted. We can only guess that this is the case, since the scene has just cut to them coupled up on the floor. We then immediately cut away to the next scene without seeing a climax.
Yui likewise knows just how to handle a pair of big boobs
As I've pointed out above, there are several jump-cuts in this section, for no apparent reason, and this is starting to become annoying. The girls are just suddenly in a different position. Miyabi sucking Yui's boobs. CUT. Yui sucking Miyabi's boobs. CUT. They're lying on the floor sucking each others' boobs. CUT. They're standing rubbing a dildo between each others boobs. CUT. They're on the floor again... I don't see any reason not to show the position changes. Besides harming any continuity in the scene, it robs us of the chance to see the ladies moving into another position, which is pleasing viewing in itself.
Erisa appears!
The next chapter introduces us to the third BBW lovely, Erisa Natsumi. She warms up for her performance by massaging her boobs in the viewers' face. Miyabi and Yui follow up massaging their boobs to the camera before the main event of the section.
Releeeese the Krakens!!!
This turns out to be the titanic trio rubbing their boobs on a guy, apropos of nothing. More jump-cutting mars continuity here too.
Damn! We're in a tight spot!
The old boob forest routine is performed by our titular trio of titans, and a fine performance it is too. The sheer acreage of boob flesh that surrounds this guy is awe-inspiring.
The only sex scene in the video!
The guy gets the brilliant idea of actually having some intercourse with one of the gals. Jump-cut to Yui-san on her back, getting a good rogering, with her big old booby-bags flopping around on her chest. Erisa and Miyabi attempt to distract him with their boobs to his face.
A missed opportunity
CUT. Now Miyabi is performing a nice and floppy doggy-style while Yui and Erisa do the boob-to-the-face work. This scene is generally shot too close. We get boobs or faces, and rarely the two together. But here I have a real complaint. Look at the image above. Just a little bit of planning and framing could have made this a heavenly shot-- Frame it right, leave the camera still and let us watch Miyabi's boobs flouncing about gloriously during the doggy style, in foreground, with the other four boobs in the face in the background. Instead we get roving camera with a few nice images by chance, and nothing really satisfying.
Erisa (center), we hardly knew ye...
Thus endeth the penultimate chapter. Exeunt Erisa-chan, too quickly, since she's a good match for the other two ladies.
Yui in the driver's seat
The fourth and final chapter gives us Miyabi and Yui on one guy again. This time they sneak in on a guy who is asleep in bed. Neither girl is especially known for her bouncing prowess, but this view-- spectacular though it is-- could certainly have benefited from a little more athleticism on the part of Yui-chan. That huge rack of her abounce would be a glorious sight to behold indeed. Instead she does a slow rock & roll which is not at all unpleasant to witness, but still, we get the feeling that this is another missed opportunity, this time attributable to the actress, not the director.
Miyabi takes over
And speaking of missed opportunities, another sudden jump-cut deprives us of the chance to see the two lovely ladies trading place. Now Miyabi-san is in bounce position. While she doesn't really set her boobs free to actually bounce and flop around, she is a bit more mobile and enthusiastic than Yui-san was when in the driver's seat.
That's the end!
And, having satisfied our sleeper, the two chubby cherubim cheerfully jiggle off screen.


Should I run afoul of the law, THIS is the punishment I choose!
The first section of the video promised a little bit of thought and planning which was not followed through by the rest of the video. Even the first scene, after an interesting set-up, and some amusing chit-chat and a logical progression in scenes, just cuts off without an ending. This first section is 48 minutes, making it an acceptable length for an early AV (Mariko Morikawa's 1995 Nihon ichi dekapai joko kosei: Morikawa Mariko-- recently added to IMDb-- was 45 minutes, for example, though most of her releases of that era are 60 minutes.) If this had been the case, and with a proper ending, I'd have given the video a very high rating-- 8 or 9 stars.
Big boob ladies reading some fine big boob literature
As it stands though, as a modern two-hour-plus DVD, the following parts bring it down just slightly. The last hour and a half is not bad AV production, just run-of-the-mill work with nothing extra or inspired to give it a little boost beyond a simple BBW-worship video. The setting gets a little monotonous, all taking place in one room-- no shower breaks, no clothes-changing, nothing to break up the BBW-crushing action...
Two jolly ladies having fun, a joy to behold
Just a little planning or editing would have made the other chapters much better, I think, and improved the impression of the whole video. Setting the last sequence-- in which Yui and Miyabi molest a guy in his sleep-- as a dream sequence, maybe, with the guy waking up and these beautiful big-boobed babes vanishing into the air like nocturnal hallucinations... Or casting them as a pair of extremely succulent succubi, draining the guy's sexual energy during his slumber... Just something simple like that to add a slight narrative dimension could have made it a little cute and humorous like the first chapter, without taking away from the ogling of female flesh which is the main purpose of the video.
Our trio assembled: Left to right: Yui, Erisa and Miyabi
By giving all three BBW beauties equal billing-- a total of 434cm of bouncing boobery between the trio-- the advertising and video cover are slightly misleading. Actually it's mainly a duet between Yui and Miyabi.  Erisa is in the video for only 25 minutes of the video's two & a quarter hour running time. All three ladies are absolutely gorgeous, and it's hard for me to rank them one above the other. But I suppose the two I like best would be Yui and Miyabi, so I didn't feel really cheated by this, just a little puzzled... "Where's Erisa?"
Two mighty combatants, evenly matched!


Models: The two main actresses-- Yui Igarashi and Miyabi Hayama-- are absolute top-notch Japanese BBW models, and we see them here in all their glory. I have no complaints about them at all. Erisa is almost up to the same level as the other two, and the three make a stunning trio during the 25 minutes in which she joins the action.
Video: Starts out on a high point with, by far, the most amusing and well-executed segment of the video. From there it descends to run-of-the-mill AV shenanigans with little context or continuity. Could have been an 8 or 9 if the quality of the first segment had held up. As it is, I give it a respectable 7 stars out of 10.

Have you seen it? If so, log in and rate it at IMDb!

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