Sunday, June 2, 2013

Upcoming Tamaki: GYU-02

Tonight we continue our break from video reviews and continue to look into current activities in the Japanese BBW AV industry.
We have good news and bad news this time. Good news: Everybody's favorite, Tamaki Yasuoka, has a new DVD coming out. Bad news: She's lost a LOT of weight... This is news I've been keeping quiet, but recent images at her blog show her becoming much thinner...

While she does look slim and trim with that enormous top still intact, the new video clip from Tamaki's Golden Tops page shows that the loss of weight has given her breasts a saggy, stretched look, not at all as full, firm and irresistible as they used to be. In the video, Tamaki-san looks older and tired than she has recently, even while maintaining her always-charming personality.

Tamaki is still Tamaki, and a beauty she is, but I wonder how much of her unique attraction will remain if she's just another average-sized model with a big bazoom, and a now-aging face and body... It seems she was much more motherly, and played more to her audience when she had the extra weight... but we will watch and see how things progress...

I don't have a title yet, but the video appears to be the second release in JAMS' GYU-prefix Gyûkan label, which started so promisingly in April with the debut of gorgeous Rin Fujisaki.

Uwaki chôsa: Jôyoku ura file, debuted May 31, 2013
I spent most of the day catching up on this blog, but did a little IMDb work in the morning, and got caught up on the latest OP Eiga Pink film posters released, and to-be-released at the end of May and into June.


  1. oh! NO! her breast (in the second pic from up down)like 2 papayas!The sign of old age (42 years old):-(

    1. ...that screenshot was rather cruelly selected to show her at her worst... I think it's just the weight-loss though... hopefully she will grow back to her old, beautiful, buxom self soon...