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Karen Sasaki: JUFD-281

The Video


Tonight let's look at a DVD I promised to review in a post almost exactly one year ago tonight. This is Chô hôman bakunyû body! Sasaki Karen no niku-atsu yûgi (超豊満爆乳ボディ!佐々木かれんの肉圧遊戯; JUFD-281) from Fitch, directed by Tairyô Hata (旗大漁), and released on May 1, 2013. It has an English title on the DVD cover which I can't quite make out because of the small image size. What I can see is, "Super Plump Beauty: Glamorous Beauty..." The video is in five chapters with roles/locations: waitress/bartender, dancing teacher, public restroom, prison, and bathhouse.
Karen Sasaki
The star of the video, Karen Sasaki (she's just called "Karen" in her credits at MAGURO), is one of the most absolutely gorgeous models I know of. She has an eye-popping 130(I)-98-120 figure, and she's a sweet, charming lady with a pretty face who is great in sex scenes. She doesn't seem to have made a whole lot of videos, though she gives the impression of being very comfortable and enthusiastic in her performances. I have mentioned some of her video appearances: MAGURO-40 in February 2013, UTOPIA-004 in April 2013, and a deleted/hidden post on JUFD-281 also in April.

The Content (Warning: Spoilers!)

The video starts out with Karen-chan in waitress mode, sporting the uniform of the DVD studio (Fitch) in their bar: The Fitcheese. A bar customer leers at Karen-chan as she's scrubbing down a table. He becomes so distracted by her abundant figure that he spills his martini on his pants. Karen-chan rushes to the rescue, wiping down his crotch, noticing with her hands how happy he is to see her. She sticks her big butt and then her crotch in the guy's face, to let him know that the feeling is mutual. She pulls his pants down and fellates him, while we wait patiently to see more of Karen-chan than can be seen through her clothes.
A full look at Karen's chest is long delayed
At about 13 minutes in, she flops out her boobs for some paizuri, but this being paizuri, the pixelization makes our points of interest still barely visible. To tell the truth, I actually prefer seeing big, buxom Karen-chan flouncing around in her waitress outfit than seeing her boobs pixeled out robbing on a pixeled out dick. Once he comes, we finally get our first unobstructed view of Karen-chan's bosom, and-- behold-- it's a beauty!
Silly dance costume that is never fully removed
At about 18 minutes in, the scene changes to the second chapter, with Karen-chan dancing in red high-heels, a sequined red bikini with some silly headwear. The camera circles around her giving us some good looks at her big belly and deep belly-button, her nice, juicy buttocks, and her boobs mischievously bouncing out of cover.
Getting nude, but not fully nude
A guy comes on the scene and she dances with him for a while-- with no music. He calls her "sensei" a few times indicating that she is supposed to be a dance instructor in this scenario. Sensei decides to pull the student's pants down and continue the dance, leading to the second time so far where our main subject of interest, Karen-chan, remains clothed while her male partner is disrobed. This is a disturbing trend.
Pussy galore!
Fellatio ensues, and then some face-sitting, all with Karen-chan still wearing some clothing. Cunnilingus comes later, with Karen-chan still partly clothed. She then gets on top, and we see a surprising amount of her pussy, for a Japanese video. Her entire big, soft, hairy muff is fully visible. Since no male genitalia get in the way, this view of her plump body is quite delectable. Unfortunately she's still wearing some of the costume at the time.
Lots of hair seen-- but still clothed!
A pretty good standing doggy session, with the camera looking up at Karen-chan from the front gives us another good look at her big, soft belly and that nice, hairy muff of hers. For the second review in a row, the voice-over moaner becomes distracting, since, again, the moaner is a high-pitched soprano, while Karen-chan's voice is a lovely alto.
Some bouncing and flopping are also to be enjoyed in this scene
This occasionally satisfying scene lasts about 45 minutes total. Besides the annoying voice-over whining-- which doesn't even attempt to match Karen-chan's mouth-- the other distracting thing about this chapter is the costume. Not only does she keep the tassle-laden bra on, she is constantly clutching the goofy headwear to make sure it stays on. The director seems to think this is some sort of a sexually interesting point, which it certainly is not, at least to me. I'd have instructed Karen-chan to let the silly hat fly off without care in the middle of the passions of one of the sex scenes.
Japan breaks the pussy-taboo
The positive points to this scene include some decent boob-bouncing, and some nice views of that luxurious patch of pussy hair that Karen-chan has.
Some Thoughts on the Science of Onanism
At about an hour and five minutes, we go to a brief, lyrical interlude with Karen-chan primping and smiling at the camera. We then watch her follow a lucky businessman into a public restroom, where she takes off her raincoat, sits on the sink and then seduces him. She masturbates while he masturbates while watching her masturbate. It seems like they could get together and pool their resources, but once she climaxes, she leaves the confused and disappointed man alone.
Karen-chan's sweet domination
After another brief, introductory scene of Karen in new attire, we go into the fourth chapter: Dominatrix Karen with a victim in prison. In this 25-minute scene, Karen gives the bound prisoner a hand-job and fellatio, then lies him on the ground to rub her ass and crotch in his face. Once she has worked him to a climax, she leaves him to ponder his crimes. This is probably the least satisfactory chapter to me, but like the previous chapter, which ran only around 20 minutes, it's short.
Note the legs!
The last chapter is another long one, and, hands-down, my favorite section of the video. It goes on for over 40 minutes, making it the length of a decent short video all in itself. I have revisited this section many times for enjoyment. Like the previous chapters, it starts with a short clip with musical accompaniment, in which Karen-chan poses solo, setting up the theme of the chapter. In this one, it is a public bathhouse.
A newcomer to the bathhouse at men's time... but that doesn't look like a man!
Up to now this has been a fairly mundane DVD, but here the director hits on one of my favorite scenarios. Two gentlemen friends are enjoying a Japanese-style public bath. This, in itself, is a reminder of nice times in Korea-- the Korean/Japanese public baths are one of the great pleasures of those countries. Public nudity is not as taboo as it is in the west, and friends will go to the bathhouses together. Korean friends often invited me, but I declined. Similarly, I would recommend the bathhouses to western friends, but they were too uptight to even try it alone. As a repressed westerner myself, I never went with a friend, but I did go by myself many times, and enjoyed it very much.
Make room for the lady!
Westerners sometimes think men and women go to these together. There may be special places like that, but at a normal neighborhood bathhouse, of course, they do not. A sign at the beginning of this section of the video informs us that this bathhouse has separate times during which men can use the bath, and separate times for women. So, these two guys are having a nice, relaxing bath and chatting with each other. Into this peaceful scene comes big, beautiful, bouncy, giggly Karen-chan... Oops! Oh no! She has accidentally wandered into the bath during men's time! Well, that's OK, since she's here anyway, and if you two gentlemen don't mind making room, she'll just sit between you...
Preparing to scrub her bashful new companions with her boobs
Karen displaces a considerable amount of water, and the two men try to look properly embarrassed and shy, scrunching over to their corners, and covering up their crotches while happy Karen flirts with them. Amazingly, at nearly two hours into the video, this is the first time we've seen Karen-chan fully nude. Rather ironically-- for a porno video-- this is the place where, in normal everyday life, you might actually have a chance of seeing a nude woman in public (rather than in the settings of the previous chapters: a men's public restroom, a men's prison, a dance studio, or a restaurant). The advantage to having a big, soft, spongy lady in the bath soon becomes obvious once she starts scrubbing the guys off with her body.
The guys get into the action
After thoroughly rubbing her body all over the gents, she leads them out of the bath for some massage and sex, fully nude-- for the first time in the video! After this rather humorous set-up, with Karen-chan's typically extroverted character contrasting well with the embarrassed and nervous men, a series of full sex scenes ensues. This scene brings the video to an end on a very high note.
The video's big pay-off-- Karen is satisfied, happy, and looking forward to more!
Once she has satisfied both the two guys and herself, and once the annoying voice-over moaning has stopped, Karen lies on the floor, happily musing to herself, "I'm going to have to come the the bath at this time of day more often!"

The Opinion

Karen in "dominatrix" mode-- still enchanting

Karen is a top-notch AV actress and a joy to behold always. It's too bad she doesn't seem to have made very many DVDs. Her character is positive and happy, without being overbearing or aggressive. She seems to always be fully in control of the situation, while never coming off as dominating-- even during the one dominatrix scene. Rather than being motherly-- like a Tamaki Yasuoka for example-- she gives the impression of a horny older sister-- playful and innocent, but with enough experience to know what she wants.
Feast your eyes on Karen-chan
The video is just OK up til the last forty minutes. The major problem is that Karen is never fully nude during this entire hour and fifty minutes. We get to see plenty of her beautiful body, and her enthusiastic and smiling face alone is well worth a look, but the director doesn't give us what we really want. The view of Karen is always held back a bit because of the costuming.
More pussy, please! Hold the dick!
The major good point from the directorial point of view is that we have some surprisingly candid views of Karen-chan's big, warm pussy. Up until recently this was taboo in Japanese erotic film: No glimpse of pubic hair was allowed. These views are never overly clinical-- which is a big turn-off in American pornography-- nor are they damaged by including male genitalia in the picture-- another major drawback to American porn. When the offending member does enter the scene, the Japanese have the decency to digitally scramble it out.

A fine figure study
So far the video gets a middling rating from me. But the last 40 minutes bump it up to high rating. The bathhouse is a great scenario-- humorous and sexy. It gives us Karen-chan fully nude, finally, and it has plenty of good, straight-forward sex in it. Karen's smiling, happy attitude makes it all seem like good, clean fun.

Final Verdict

Come back to the Fitcheese bar for another helping of Karen-chan soon!
Model: Highest rating. Pretty, enthusiastic, happy and charming, with an incredible body on all counts: Boobs, butt, belly and legs all of top quality!

Video: High rating. Professionally done and tasteful throughout. Fairly bland until the last forty minutes, when it becomes highest quality. Seven stars out of 10.

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