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Cinema Unit GAS 10th Anniversary: GAS-316 - 321

Along with the month-long silence here at this blog, my computer troubles took a big bite out of my IMDb contribution time. During that time off, however, I was able to stop and think about what my goal for the year will be. So, four months into the new year, here's my IMDb New Years Resolution: I'll finish up last year's project of starting pages for all Pink films released from 1990 to the present. Since I was able to fill in six of the remaining 12 years last year, I'll do the last six this year-- one year per two months, and, so far, I am on that schedule. Since each year takes about a month to translate and submit, that leaves me with six months to fill in. I will use those alternate months for Japanese BBW submissions, along with plots and review. And, without having set that goal up previously, I'm already on course for that one-- except for plot/reviews-- since I've done Kimiko Matsuzaka's filmography, and IZM and JAMS, as far as I had them at Boobpedia. Returning to work at Boobpedia will have to be a part of this project, since many major BBW releases have come out in the years since I moved on from BP. I'd like to do the Maguro/Nikudan label next, and I had only gone up to MAGURO-005 before I moved on from steady work there.

But on to the business of the evening. The big event we cover tonight is an anniversary. It was ten years ago that Akira Takatsuki-- the Russ Meyer of Japan-- started the now-legendary big-boob label, Cinema Unit GAS. The first three DVDs on this label were compilations from Takatsuki's earlier big-boob opus, The Bomber Girl series, which had started ten years earlier, in December 1994 with the release of The Bomber Girl Vol. 1: Mariko Morikawa 104cm I-75, starring the one and only Mariko Morikawa-- important to us as probably the first truly BBW idol.

We missed one monthly group of the GAS releases of last month during the computer downtime, and, additionally, the releases for next month have been announced. So, without further ado, let's dive in and take a look!
The first three DVDs were released on April 1. First up is Metcha eroi nazo no shirôto J-cup: Kyôko debut (GAS-316), featuring the debut of 120cm J-cup girl, Kyôko.
Like many first-timers, Kyôko tries to keep her face hidden. She opts for the big sunglasses route, rather than the more annoying pixeling-out of the face. The GAS site offers a sample video clip in WMV and MP4 formats.
A double-act comes next, W shinjin bakunyû 3-jikan: Atsuko, Ayano: Kawaii I-cup, eroi hitozuma K-cup (GAS-317), starring Atsuko and Ayano.
Atsuko in GAS-317
125cm I-cup Atsuko works as an office lady.
Ayano in GAS-317
And Ayano sports a 120cm K-cup bra. The video clip can be downloaded in either WMV or MP4 format.
Nana Matsuzaki returns for Ijimete kudasai: Matsuzaki Nana: M no honsei (GAS-318)
She's a gorgeous girl, but unfortunately this video takes S&M/humiliation/bondage as its theme, so I don't see much that appeals to me here-- except for the model. Video clip in WMV or MP4 format.
The first DVD in the newer set of 3-- all to be released on May 1-- is Metcha eroi nazo no shirôto K-cup: Kimiko debut (GAS-319). Like last month's first release, this is another debut performer: Kimiko Kanô.
A video clip featuring this 124cm K-cup model can be downloaded in WMV or MP4 format.
My favorite model of tonight's group of ladies is Hina Kurosaki. She will appear in a bra-fetish DVD, Deka-bra wakazuma: Kurosaki Hina: Sex chûdoku no M-cup to be released on May 1.
A sample video of this big, beautiful girl can be downloaded in WMV or MP4 format.
And lastly we have the big anniversary bash release: Bakunyû wa GAS 10 shûnenkinen sakuhin: The best of best seller 8-jikan (GAS-321). As the title implies, this is an eight-hour review of the top selling releases from the studio. Models in the DVD include Mitsuki An, Hana Uehara, Momoka Yamada, Jun Minami, Seri Ishiguro, etc. Take a look at the video clip in WMV or MP4 format, and see if your favorite girl is there!

And, in other news, the Hyperedge blog announces an event coming on April 27 which will include the three BBW lovelies Tamaki Yasuoka, Erisa Natsumi, Rei Tachibana and the cosplayer Ruka Tenshô... or maybe it's that they all appear at a soapland, because the listing links to this site, which includes all four girls...

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