Wednesday, April 30, 2014

ICD-245 -250

In my IMDb work, besides continuing to plug away on the Pink films released in 1998, I submitted all of MAGURO's MAGURO-prefix Nikudan series. In the process, I've started IMDb pages on a few of our favorite models, including Usagi Minagi, Shizuko Fujiki, Erisa Natsumi, Rose Aoyama, and Masked Kaori (O-cup).

For tonight's look into the world of Japanese BBW entertainment at this blog, let's see what big-girl studio, IZM has been up to lately.
Since we last looked in on IZM, they have released two batches of three DVDs, and five out of those six DVDs deserve mention in this blog. The first two DVDs we look at tonight were both released on March 25, 2014.Geki-atsu no dai manjiri (ICD-245) brings us lovely big-butt girl Sara Aikawa in what is reportedly her farewell appearance. The official site offers a video sample for your downloading pleasure.
Sara Aikawa in ICD-245
My February post on the Tokyo Pochadoll Collection event mentioned the devine Sara's retirement plans, and apparently this is her last DVD, as evidenced, for example, in this post at the IZM blog. Take heart though, Japanese AV idols tend to "retire" and then return quite often. BBW beauty Miyabi Hayama most recently saddened us all with her own retirement, then gladdened us all by coming back... So let's hope Sara has a nice rest, and then returns!
Chô geki-niku otoko-han (ICD-246) stars Ami Fukumori. A follower of the blog recently asked me what was "too fat" to me... Well,, here is an example: Ami-san is too big for me. But if she's your cup of tea, more power to you!
Ami Fukumori IN ICD-246
Here we see Big Ami crushing two guys at once. Download the video sample for a taste of this super-big girl in action. The third IZM release in this batch-- ICD-247-- stars another IZM model who doesn't appeal to me-- This one is tall and thin. If you want to check it out, the site is here, and here is the video sample.
The next three entries in the ICD-prefix series were all released on April 24.Chigyaku dai man'nyû (ICD-248) presents Eri Hamasaki-- Akira Takatsuki's discovery for the Cinema Unit GAS label-- in what is, I believe, her first appearance for IZM.
Eri Hamasaki in GAS-248
Eri-san has a rather unsightly Caesarian scar which does nothing to improve her attractiveness, but when you're given a view of boobs as awe-inspiring as this, who pays attention to the scar? Download the video sample for a look at Eri's amazing chest.
Everybody's favorite big, big girl, Erika returns in Bust 152-cm no hônyû chitai (ICD-249). Although the measurements given on the cover are pretty close to "classic" Erika statistics, judging from the images, she seems to have lost quite a bit of weight.
Erika in ICD-249
But she's still a hefty morsel, and her loss of tummy-fat seems to make her chest look even huger. Some followers of the blog have commented that Erika is too big for their tastes-- though others, myself included, are entranced by this girl. Download the video sample to see if the new, slimmed-down, but still enormous Erika is more to your liking.
And friend of Boobpedia, Sofia Rose returns to IZM for the last release we look at tonight. Nyû-in rape! Chô bakunyû jukujo (ICD-250) is her second starring DVD for IZM, after ICD-50 (2007). It was no doubt filmed when she was in Japan for the Pochadoll Collection international gathering of BBWs which we covered back in February.
Sofia Rose in ICD-250
Download the video sample for a glimpse of gorgeous Sofia in action! I've got the ICD- series done at Boobpedia only up to early 2012, and at IMDb only to mid-2009, so my next BP/IMDb JAV project might be to update these important Japanese BBW videos... although Cinema Unit GAS is in bad need of updating too, as well as deserving the IMDb treatment...


  1. Dekk! Sara retire? very bad new. Sofia Rose don't do hardcore in ICD250 :-(

    1. Hi, CoPhong-- yes, sad news indeed... I'll have to investigate to make sure it's correct, but I've been seeing hints at several sites that she's retiring. But, as that great philosopher, Dr. Seuss said, “Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.” (And this being JAV, she'll probably come back eventually-- I just hope she doesn't come back with a morbidly thin little schoolgirlish figure-- that would be sad!)

  2. I want see the ICD-250 with Sofia rose

  3. I think Sara is model for a bbw website now:

    1. Thanks for that link, Anonymous! Yes, that's definitely her-- "Sara Batty" is the name she uses at her blog. This appears to be, at first glance, an American site--most of the models are American... but Sara, and Sofia Rose are both using their IZM pictures, I think... I wonder what that means? I'll try to look into it more in a later post...

  4. I been wanting for a while to obtain that actual video of ICD-245, and no luck any ideas of where I could obtain this?

    1. Hi Anonymous. I'd like to see it too, but no luck so far. Keep watching the comment sections at JAV Library:
      They're pretty good at adding links to downloads.

  5. I have obtain it!!

  6. How about ICD-246 where can i get this movie. Its not even listed on web site. can anyone HELP!!!!

  7. How about ICD-246 where can i get this movie. Its not even listed on web site. can anyone HELP!!!!

  8. anyone have ICD-250? looking for it for ages