Thursday, April 24, 2014

Catching up with Kiyomi Suzumoto

I fear I'm getting behind on this blog again. I skipped a review on Sunday night, because I spent all my computer time starting Boobpedia articles on MAGURO's (mainly) BBW Nikudan series, and the actresses who starred in it. The next step from there is to submit all that data to IMDb, which I started last night instead of my usual mid-week post here... I got three videos in, and realized I'd somehow pasted the same title over several DVDs. I was submitting every video with the same title... that pissed me off. I fixed my data, said, to Hell with it, and went to watch some TV instead. I'll have to fix those IMDb screw-ups later, after I go through the rest of the series. I'm finding, surprisingly, that most of the actresses so far are not new to IMDb. I had already started entries for them when I submitted the JAMS DVDs, indicating that those two studios are related. I don't think I knew this already, maybe I did.

Anyway, for our mid-week look into the bodacious, bouncy world of Japanese BBWs, let's see what new star Kiyomi Suzumoto (涼本清美) has been up to since we last visited her in a post in January. Kiyomi-san, as you may recall, is a baby-faced 123(J)-88-125 lovely, whose family name I had been mis-transliterating as "Kyomoto" before corrected by a follower of the blog. She has a Twitter page, and she has been rather busy for a BBW model. I haven't checked carefully for all her recent releases, but here are six I found quickly. Her steady work in DVDs gives us further hope of the increasing acceptance of this body-type in Japanese AV.
Kiyomi-san has appeared in a few releases for Fitch we haven't yet noted. She starred in the July 2013 release, Monosugoi nikutai no otokogari roshutsu (JUFD-292).
Kiyomi Suzumoto in JUFD-292
She wears dark glasses in this one, usually an indication that this is early in an AV star's career. (In her first appearance for Fitch, in JUFD-284-- June 2013-- she wore a Masked Kaori-style wrestling mask throughout the video.)
Since we last checked in on her, she appeared for Fitch again in the anal-themed, Imputent Elder Sister's Anus is Raped (JUFD-321), released in November 2013. Since anal isn't my bag, let's just move on to the next one, shall we?
In December 2013, she appeared in MAGURO-046. I started an article on this DVD at BP this weekend, under the title Chubby Insurance Saleswoman: Fascinating Busty Girl in the Pillow Business Suddenly Fucks a Black Guy.
Kiyomi Suzumoto in MAGURO-046
Judging from images available, this one has Kiyomi-san in straight sex mode, and on top a few times, which is what I like to see. The official page includes a video clip for your sampling pleasure.
In February 2014 she starred in two releases. First, for JAMS director Timio Juvorenup on their GYUKAN label, is Gyukan hisho ("Cow Secretary"; GYU-04).
Kiyomi Suzumoto in GYU-04
Like most JAMS/GYUKAN offerings, this one looks like a quality effort of high interest to this blog. A video sample can be downloaded from the official website.
Most recently I find that last month she went back to Fitch and appeared in Hazukashii mutchiri nikuatsu paipan: Ippon suji o sarasareta iinari houman model (JUFD-352; March 2014). This is a shaved-beaver opus, and all the images I find of it are blurred-out close-ups of that beaver and her asshole... again, not my bag, so we'll end this survey of Ms. Suzumoto's recent output here.
A second March 2014 release, this time for CineMagic-- Misemono koya zangoku monogatari: Kyodai niku onna: Kyôfu no tunnel ningen keikaku (CMF-025)-- is another in a gnre that doesn't appeal to me: S&M/bondage. Fem-dom I don't mind-- rather enjoy a bit, actually-- but the degradation/humiliation of women isn't my thing... That's always been one difficulty I've had with enjoying Pink films, even though I do like their more artistic approach to sexuality. It takes a really outstanding director, like Hisayasu Sato, or an outstanding actress like Naomi Tani, to make really interesting, worthwhile films that transcend the misogynistic aspects of some films in the genre.
Kiyomi Suzumoto (front) & Shizuko Fujiki (back) in JUFD-315
But, anyway, even though she's venturing into some areas I don't really care for, let's hope chubby cutie Kiyomi Suzumoto keeps busy!


  1. she has amazing body but she appeared in the very hard hard anal porn and let them tortune her:-(

    1. ...I share your disappointment there. Fortunately, she is not doing that kind of stuff exclusively. She's still making videos I would like to see. And she is gorgeous!