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Hana Uehara & Miyabi Hayama together!: GAS-143

The Video

Tonight's video review looks at a DVD starring two of my all-time favorite girls working together and apart: Hana Uehara and Miyabi Hayama. Titled Double bakunyû Hana & Miyabi 117-K X 140-M chôdokyû paizuri sex ("Double Huge Boobs: Hana & Miyabi: 117cm K-cup / 140cm M-cup: Super-Battle Tit-Fucking"), it was directed by GAS' founder, and probably Japan's top big-boob filmmaker: Akira Takatsuki, and released on November 27, 2009. I started an article on it at Boobpedia in December 2009 under the title Double Bomber Boobs: Hana & Miyabi: 117cm K-cup X 140cm M-cup Super Class Tit-Fucking Sex. GAS' page for this video offers a sample video clip. Takatsuki kindly offers an English language page for ordering the video-- which he translates as "The Super Double Big Tits: Hana Uehara & Miyabi Hayama"-- through Paypal. The video is in four main chapters translating to something like: "Double paizuri", "Miyabi Hayama's first real sex", "Double cowgirl & lesbian", and "Hana Uehara POV camera".

The Content (Warning: Spoilers!)

The first chapter, "Double paizuri", starts with a two-minute talk with the girls. They ooh and ah over each others' boobs, feeling and comparing them.
There follows the main action of the chapter: Paizuri. This being a GAS video, the erotic entertainment is all there is, without any frills like story or set-up. More than simply just paizuri, the action consists of stimulation of the guy's body by four huge boobs. Hana starts out rubbing hers in the guy's face, while Miyabi works on the other end with paizuri.
Once he climaxes, another guy comes onto the scene and the girls switch positions.
At about 17 minutes in, we move to the next chapter, titled "Hayama Miyabi hatsu honban", or "Miyabi Hayama's first real sex"-- which seems a deceptive title. I rather suspect she had had real sex before November 2009. The scene starts with Miyabi-san in a cleavage-flaunting shirt receiving a thorough boob-mauling from behind.
She unfurls her wonder twins, giving me a view of one of my favorite sites-- a lady pulling her boobs out.
She then lays on her back for some loud and sloppy boob-sucking. The gentleman gets rather agressive in his boob-play, pinching them by the nipples, yanking them up and dropping them down-- ker-plop!, kneeding his fingers way into them, etc. I'm not very fond of being mean to boobs, but Miyabi-san doesn't seem to mind, and actually seems to enjoy it. If she were crying and moaning, as used to be the norm in JAVs-- or maybe it's just not the norm in these BBW AVs-- this might be unpleasant to watch. As it is, we see a big, beautiful, busty gal getting worked over and having a good time.
Miyabi-san then disrobes some more, giving me a second glimpse of one of my favorite sites-- a lady flopping her boobs out.
After some finger-pie work and fellatio, we get a pretty good cowgirl scene in bed. Miyabi-san is a competent and eager performer, but not extraordinary here.
They next head to the couch where Miyabi performs a nice reverse-cowgirl, and then a serviceable standing doggie-style. The camera takes an angle from below, giving us some nice views of Miyabi-san's rather oddly-shaped boobs bouncing around in splendor. Both girls here, in fact-- Miyabi and Hana-- have their nipples set low on their breasts, giving a down-pointed look that some guys don't like, but I've never minded, probably because it's a trait more of very large boobs. The scene climaxes with good old missionary position, and the inevitable pearl necklace.
Miyabi-san giver the chapter a little coda in with some post-coital vibrator-masturbation in the bathroom. She starts out sitting up on the tub, then switches to laying on her back.

Again Miyabi-san doesn't put on much of a performance here, but just sitting or laying still she's as impressive to behold as a fine sculpture.
The "Double cowgirl & lesbian" chapter starts out at about the fifty-five minute mark, beginning with a repeat of the action of the first chapter-- both girls working on one guy with their boobs, one taking his dick, and the other his face, then switching positions.
This time face-sitting enters the girls' repertoire, with Miyabi and then Hana taking turns sticking their crotches in the guy's face, while the other girl works on the guy's crotch.
While the girls are both fellating him, their mouths touch, inspiring them into a lesbian mood. They begin enjoying each others' tits while neglecting the guy. I'm sure that the guy doesn't mind too much, since watching two such well-endowed ladies play with each others chests is an awe-inspiring sight in itself-- even if you are left out of the action.
Four-boob paizuri fills out the rest of the chapter, giving a few good looks at boobs. A lot of the views are pixeled-out to avoid showing us the guy's dick. But with that much boob flesh, often the dick is so smothered, pixels aren't even needed to hide it.
The last chapter-- "Hana Uehara POV camera"-- starts at about an hour and 43 minutes into the video. Hana's solo chapter, it starts with a brief interview, and then goes on to some boob-licking.
Some straight-forward sex, with some of it-- but not all of it-- in the "hamadori" or POV mode finishes up the video. This is all pretty mundane, not very exciting and rather repetitive. Hana-san, who is usually quite an enthusiastic and happy performer, doesn't really seem to be enjoying herself here.

The Opinion

This being a GAS video, boobs are the primary focus of attention, and in the persons of Hana-san (117cm K-cup) and Miyabi-san (140cm M-cup), there is more than enough boobery to hold the attention of any boob fan.

We have on hand here, for our viewing pleasure, four of the biggest boobs in the Japanese AV industry, working au pair and all together as a quartet. The advertising for the video claims this is Hana Uehara's first lesbian scene-- which is believable-- and Miyabi Hayama's first "homban" or real sex scene, which I find a bit hard to believe, since she had been starring in AVs for at least a year and a half before this one came out.
I've never considered Hana Uehara really a BBW, though I often see her classified as one, but that doesn't distract from her attractiveness to me at all. She's quite chubby all over, and usually, as we see above, has a nice smile and gung-ho personality that is very charming. Though she gives us flashes of her typical smiling personality in this video, Hana-san looks much more serious in the sex scenes here than she usually does.
Miyabi Hayama, of course, is one of Japan's all-time best BBW models, and a joy to behold for any fan of this genre. Miyabi's body is amazing just to look at, but she's not an especially enthusiastic performer. This oddly uninvolved vibe from the two ladies, coupled with the bland aspect of the video-- just routine, repetitive sex scenes, mostly emphasizing the boobs-- make this video less than it could have been.

Final Verdict

This is simply a functional video, aspiring to nothing more than raw sexual entertainment. Beyond that, this is a somewhat lack-luster effort both from the models and from the filmmaker. The models are top-notch, but neither girl seems to be especially into her work here. It gives the viewer nothing more, and nothing less, than a feast for the eyes of fans of huge Asian boobs. I give it a solid seven stars out of ten.

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