Wednesday, February 12, 2014

BBWs Without Borders / Fuko's Birthday!

My IMDb work has continued slowly but steadily this week. I've finished submitting Pink films to the end of April 1997, and translating credits into July. So let's dive right into the week's update on Japanese BBW activities!
Tokyo Pochadol Collection event
This entry from the IZM blog indicates that the Tokyo Pochadol Collection, which we announced in a post in January, had some surprise personnel changes, and turned out to be an international gathering of BBWs. Besides the Japanese lovelies announced on the poster above, there was a group of American models present at the event.
Sofia Rose
The American ladies included Sofia Rose, an absolutely gorgeous American model of Latina/American descent whom I had the pleasure of interviewing through online chat and email when I put together her article at Boobpedia. (n.b. Feb 14, 2014 - I was able to start an IMDb page for Sofia today.) At the time I was in contact with her, she was reluctant to do hardcore scenes, but now she has begun working in that genre. I found her interviewing and chatting with her to be a very fun and interesting experience.
Sofia Rose (L) and Masaki Amamiya (R)
Here we see Sofia with blog favorite Masaki Amamiya. Though this was Sofia's first trip to Japan, she is one of the few non-Japanese models to have starred in an IZM release (ICD-50). During our chats, she told me that the Japanese crew had traveled to America to film her for the DVD. I think we're still friends, so I might email her later to get her view on this event for this blog... Besides-- did I mention?-- she is absolutely gorgeous! Visit her homepage, and tell her Dekkappai sent ya!
Left-to-right: Masaki Amamiya, Sofia Rose, Shokora Minami, Delicious, Rei, Zik & Nicole
The other two American models to attend the even were "Delicious"-- who also appeared for IZM, in ICD-051, and "Nicole". Above we see some of the attendees of the event.

Everybody's favorite Japanese BBW, Miyabi Hayama, noted in this post at her blog the surprise arrival of these three American BBWs. Above Left we see Sofia, Miyabi and Masaki, and above Right, Miyabi nestled in Sofia's abundance. (Blogspot's jim-dandy new interface prevents me putting captions on the images without messing up the format.)

Hiyoko Makino, Erika, Ren Morisaki and Sara Aikawa
Everybody's other favorite big, big BBW girl, IZM's Erika posted some of her own pictures at her own blog in this post of January 28, 2014, such as the group shot above.
Sofia Rose(L) and Erika(R)
In another photo from Erika's blog, above, we see that though she seems to be so physically overpowering in her videos, she is quite a bit shorter than Sofia Rose.
From Sara Aikawa's blog
Masaki-san covered the event at her blog, as did  the lovely Sara Aikawa at her own blog. Here we see Sara posing with the American gals. The IZM site says that Sara-chan is doing well with the English language, which is an encouraging sign for her English-speaking fans... But there's bad news too...
Sara Aikawa to retire?
The bad news... the AWFUL... TERRIBLE news... to come out of this story also concerns our beloved big-booty beauty, Sara Aikawa. If I follow IZM correctly, she plans to announce her retirement soon. The review of her career I did in in June 2012 is one of the all-time most popular posts at this blog. I will have to do a follow-up post to cover her career since then. But for now, I will pause here for a respectful period of mourning from fans of this legendary Japanese BBW.
Happy Birthday, FUKO!!!
But before completely calling it a night, we should all first say Happy Birthday to super-bosomy Fuko, whose Birthday was on Monday.


  1. Good evening Dekk.
    1. after the appearance of Sofia Rose in icd-50, Delicious is the second non Japanese BBW ( appearred in icd51
    2. You met Sofia Rose in the real- life: WOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

    1. Hi, CoPhong-- I posted that in kind of a hurry, and I guess I didn't word it very clearly, or research the complete foreign model cast in IZM... No, unfortunately, I have not met Sofia-- I conducted the interviews through e-mail and online chats. I will fix the post so that the wording makes this clear.

  2. Go check out this man!

    Me and some guys are buying movies you must check it! /youko koizumi

  3. oh, man, Sofia Rose is like a very fine wine, and mixing her with others (sake?) results in such a wonderful blend.

    Sometimes I forget these things aren't impossible.

    1. Oh, I forgot! The next Debukawa Night is tomorrow!

      Man, can you imagine Sofia and Aikawa teaming up with Luu?!

    2. Hi, Brandt! Yeah-- I'm curious whether she is going to be involved in something else while she's in Japan-- a new DVD, and/or performance with some of the other ladies... Thanks for the reminder on Pochakaw 5! I guess I missed announcing that, but I'll cover it when details on the event come out... I've been wondering what LUU has been up to lately, since her blog and cosplay pages are so quiet these days...

  4. Hey, loved your post on girls with thick legs. I am not from here. Visiting until Sunday. wondering where I can go for lapdance, maybe, with a thick Japanese girl with cellulite? Or if there are any more events like the one you describe above before I leave?


    1. Hi, Kenny! I'm not in Japan, and don't have any real knowledge of soap/lapdance scene except what I've been able to piece together from scouring websites. If you look at the links on the bottom of the page, you might find some clues. Also, several of the posts here point to soaplands which might help you. Since I've never had first-hand experience, all I can do is look at the pictures and dream... Good luck to you!

  5. Dekkappai blog owner did you check the link and joining?

    1. Hi Anonymous,
      I looked at the project and thought it over. I already have so much material to work through, I really don't need any more at this time... For now, I'll just look at the advertisements of new releases and report on them here... Good luck!