Monday, June 3, 2013

Erika: ICD-165

Tonight we resume this blog's new hobby: Reviewing BBW-related JAVs which I've actually seen. We jump back into the action with a choice, hefty morsel from IZM.
152cm!! Super Huge Tits (ICD-165) was directed by Ryudai and released in October 2011. It stars the mighty Erika in her fourth DVD for the same studio and director.

There is no real story to this one, it's just a series of sexual escapades. The first one involves a man sneaking in on Erika while she is asleep. The camera gives us some loving caresses of Erika's monumental 132 kg (290 lb) body and 152 (S-cup)-105-132(cm) / 60-41-52(in) figure.
The intruder gradually disrobes Erika, and takes great delight in smothering the lady's face with her own boobs... but then who wouldn't enjoy that?

Before long he has aroused the sleeping giant, and she takes control of the situation, dominating him, and slapping him around with her boobs, sitting on his face, and generally having a rambunctious good time...

Another man suffers the sweet smothering of Erika's domination in the next scenario.

He winds up turning the tables on her, resulting in a memorable doggie-style bout, with Erika's flesh flying hither and yon in erotic gyrations...

A bathtub scene follows, with Erika getting into the tub with the gent, splashing water out of the tub, and then showering herself off later.

...with some assistance from her partner in the crotch region...

This is a fairly straight-forward sex video, which delivers the goods for anyone who likes big... really big... Asian ladies, bouncing around and having some sexual fun. Erika is pretty, enthusiastic and fun to watch. A a sample video clip (.wmv) can be downloaded from

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