Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Revised plans

Now that the threat of censorship is gone-- at least for now-- I have run into another limitation at Blogger. Coincidentally both in my Pink Film Archive, and my new JAV Archive, I have come up to the 1,000 image limit at Picasaweb within the same week. Blogger/Picasaweb used to handle this limit by automatically starting a new album associated with your blog and starting from image #1 there... but that made too much sense... Now, once you hit the 1,000 limit, they let you keep adding images to the same album, but you can't access or link to them... which makes no sense whatsoever, and, therefore, is best in line with the way the Internet has been headed over the past decade... Apparently Blogger also has an image limit: TWO thousand (note the inconsistency between the two programs, lest any of this start to make sense), after which you just can't add images at all...

Anyway, these limitations don't pose much of a nuisance to this blog (Hail, Hail Boobpedia!), but they are unworkable for the archive blogs. Tumblr, on the other hand, seems to work better for the archives than Blogger did, but it doesn't work very well for this, more text-based, blog. Commenting on posts, for one thing, is absurdly complex at Tumblr. Once I hit the limit here at this blog, I'll just start a new one ("Hail, Hail Boobpedia Continues!" or something), since this blog is just a random collection of my own discoveries, subjective observations, reviews, etc. and not a systematic, objective, chronological listing of film & video releases, as are the archives. The 250-post per day limit at Tumblr is a pain in the ass for me right now, while I'm mass-migrating these blogs, but it won't be a problem once I'm creating new posts there. I doubt I've ever come anywhere near to making 250 original posts in one day, even when I'm posting from a file of pre-prepared, templated information...

So, here is my revised plan for the year: I will migrate the two (three) archive blogs over to Tumblr, but keep this one here at Blogger. The new JAV Archive, and adding/linking that data to IMDb remains my main project of concern this year. The new address for this archive is: My posts at this blog this year will depend on available time and if I find something really compelling to comment on. I won't delete any of the blogs at Blogger, because that would remove the images which are now linked from Tumblr. Uploading them to Tumblr would be a huge pain in the ass, and waste of effort. The Blogger archives will in their current state here, with no more film/video entries added. I may continue double-posting this "Hail, hail" blog though. This one here at Blogger blog will remain the "real" one, but I may copy the "good" ones over there-- the ones actually dealing with the subject, and loaded up with tempting imagery, rather than my own personal troubles and rants. I've quickly acquired several followers at the Tumblr mirror blog ( Maybe call it, "The Best of Hail, Hail..." Tumblr seems to be oriented towards community, but I don't intend to use it that way-- just as a holding location for my Pink Film poster & JAV cover images & information.

During all this unexpected turmoil, my IMDb work has slowed a bit, but continued (the 2002 entry for the Pink Film Award and the GUN- "Kyonyû or die" series are my most recent major submissions), and my Twitter activities have diminished a bit, but they'll continue as before once I've got everything situated and back into regular running condition.


  1. I'm a bit confused by what you say about the image limits (1000 for Picasa, 2000 for Blogger). I just counted the images on my blog (with a program, of course, not by hand). My blog uses 2835 images, of which I assume all are in Picasa. My Picasa photos are divided into 18 albums. The largest three contain 1912, 902 and 8 photos respectively. Then there are 15 albums that contain one photo each. The total (2837) doesn't quite match, so maybe I accidentally uploaded two photos that I'm not using in my blog.

    Are you sure the limit you hit wasn't just when doing a mass import of images that you had archived? My images have been added one by one over the last five years, and I've never had any sort of warning.

    1. Hi Mike, and welcome to the blog!

      I'm not absolutely clear on all this myself either, figuring it out bit-by-bit, and no doubt not absolutely accurate in all my deductions... I hit the 1,000 limit at Picasaweb in two albums, coincidentally within a week of each other. (This was before I began the mass EXPORTING to Tumblr.) At first I assumed it was just a glitch that would fix itself later. When it didn't, I went snooping for answers online and found I had hit a limit.

      When I had hit that limit before, Blogger would automatically start a new Picasaweb album. They have changed their policy now. Also, apparently it's one-blog, one-album, when uploading from Blogger, which makes Picasaweb's limits Blogger's. I haven't experienced Blogger/Picasaweb's 2,000 limit, only having read about it online.

      I briefly tried manually uploading to Picasaweb, then linking from Blogger. But I immediately got a warning from Google that my "adult" images violated their policies. I checked, and, indeed they did... though apparently uploading "adult" images through Blogger is NOT a violation... strange...

      You can host an image anywhere, of course (including different Picasaweb albums), and link to it from Blogger. After trying various work-arounds, I have started hosting my images at Tumblr-- which states it allows "adult" images, and, as far as I know, doesn't have these limits-- and posting code at a new blog there-- mass-exported from here at Blogger. Since I assume Blogger's image limits only apply to images hosted here at Blogger, I have been simultaneously maintaining the Blogger blogs by linking to the Tumblr images. This seems to be working fine, and actually moves faster, because Tumblr's image uploading softer works much better than Blogger's.

    2. Welcome? I've been reading your blog for over a year, and I've commented before.

      When did you get the warning from Google? Was it when you uploaded to Picasa? I've never tried that myself. It would be weird if Picasa has conditions about adult images that are stricter than Blogger's limitations. Blogger's only limit now (as far as I know) is that it bans links to "commercial porn sites", which presumably includes the images connected with them. I suppose your blog is a borderline case. It doesn't contain links to porn sites, but it advertises pornographic material on disc. But it's all stupid. I don't think that it should be judged whether content is "adult" or not. It should be judged whether people are doing what Blogger is intended for... blogging! Is the blog's author actually writing something? If all he's doing is posting links, photos and videos without adding any individual content of his own it shouldn't be allowed. For instance, if a blogger wants to review commercial porn sites he should be allowed to, whether or not he uses images from the site as examples. That's different from just posting a dozen links and hoping for traffic.

    3. I just checked again. My 15 Picasa albums that contain one photo each are the photos for my 15 posts between December 21st 2011 and January 5th 2012. Was it a glitch? Who knows? My album with 8 photos has only just been started, and it contains the photos from my four posts since March 23rd 2015.

    4. Welcome to the blog again, Mike! (I thought you looked familiar...)

      I don't understand why censorship still hangs on in the Western world... I grew up in the '60s & '70s when we were progressing... Around the Reagan era is when things turned around... I'm not crazy about explicit sexual content myself (I just like the T&A), but all you need is a one-click "Warning, you are about to see some naughty stuff" page to shield the eyes of the unwilling, and to save the poor slob from getting fired from his job...

      Right. Picasaweb won't even allow nudity:
      9. Sexually Explicit Material
      "Do not distribute content that contains nudity, graphic sex acts, or sexually explicit material. Do not drive traffic to commercial pornography sites."

      While Blogger explicitly states that it DOES:
      "Adult Content: We do allow adult content on Blogger, including images or videos that contain nudity or sexual activity. If your blog contains adult content, please mark it as 'adult' in your Blogger settings."

      ...and yet Blogger posted all my images to Picasaweb for several years without a single warning. When I tried posting directly to a new Picasaweb album, I got an immediate warning...

      Also, Blogger puts in that "commercial link" stipulation which they could, if they chose to, use as an excuse to delete my blogs, because I link to sites for verification/citation of the information I give... I don't make a penny off any of this hobby. I share it purely for humanitarian purposes ;-) I'd give them an argument, of course, but in the end, our existence here is all subject to the whim of those in charge...