Sunday, March 29, 2015

BOMC done & a look back at early VHS

BOMC-007 video cover
Rinko in BOMC-007
My next major project for the JAV archives was the Bombom Cherry DVDs, which I worked on the day before yesterday and finished yesterday morning. A pleasure for me, and all my followers, I'm sure.
TFC-1008 video cover
 Ran Masaki in TFC-1008:(1986)
After working on that currently-running series, I got another hankering to investigate the early days of big-bust video in Japan. First I wanted to finish up the VCA/D-Cup label project. In the process of investigating those releases, I discovered that Behemoth-- one of the good guys at Wikipedia-- had started an article on busty Nikkatsu Roman Porno and early JAV star Ran Masaki. (Being a contributor of content rather than a drama-queen and rule-maker, naturally Behemoth is now blocked... Have I said it lately? If you want to do productive work, Wikipedia is the LAST place you should be! They don't even want contributors anymore, only drama-clowns...) This pointed to some nice images of Masaki's work in AV-- she appears to have worked only in 1986. I quickly posted a couple of those, and will ear-mark them for IMDb submission.
Eri Kikuchi in  (ST)Q-19 (1986)
Next, I found a treasure trove of Eri Kikuchi videos. While digging into her work, I found myself in a Hydra / Sorcerer's Apprentice situation... every lead I followed brought up dozens of more videos, and dozens of more leads to follow... I'll ear-mark busty Ms. Kikuchi for serious work later on, after I finish the above two projects.

The Pink Film archives-- now in semi-stable condition-- have created a pretty good illustrated filmography for the Pink Film careers of these actresses. By linking them to IMDb, they can be found by English-speaking audiences. This new JAV archive will help to add their AVs to their IMDb filmographies, as well as a link to images of the video covers.

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