Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Tumblr: Kyonyû etsuraku & Pocharinko series

Yûko Mizumori in Kyonyû etsuraku #51
I think I've got my pace in the work at Tumblr now. Followers of this blog should also enjoy my JAV archive there, which will be my main work this year. Since I'm specializing on busty/BBW releases only-- rather than all releases, as with the Pink Film archives-- there will be more there to feast your eyes upon. Yesterday I uploaded dozens of new JAV covers in record time, and then posted the entries for them. Mainly I worked on the Kyonyû etsuraku (巨乳悦楽) series.
Ren Nagasawa in Pocharinko vol. 6
Then, almost as an afterthought, at the end of the day I did the Pocharinko (ぽっちゃりパラダイス ぽちゃりん娘) series, which I had posted at Boobpedia in 2008, when it was new. I'm finding that it's now very difficult to find images and/or information on several of the videos I worked on back in those days, spurring me on to preserve more of our JAV BBW heritage in these blog pages... I should finish Kyonyû etsuraku tonight, then maybe upload some more series images, and finish the night off by transfer-posting more to the Pink Film Archive. Still a long way to go, and a lot of reformatting to do, in the Pink Film work. I'm merging the two Archives into one at Tumblr, requiring a lot of date-change work.

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