Sunday, March 22, 2015

Two Birthdays & a Return to Blogger

Birthday boys, Bach & Meyer
Yesterday was the birthday of two of my all-time heroes.  For some reason, I never knew they were born on the same date. First, Johann Sebastian Bach. The world without him would be considerably less joyful, but his work is outside the subject areas of this blog. However, the second: the great American auteur Russell Albion Meyer, was an enormous fan of one of the prime subjects of this blog: enormous boobs.
Kitten Natividad & Russ Meyer
I was fortunate enough to see Mr. Meyer on a few occasions. First, at a showing of Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, with Roger Ebert. Second and third at a small theater near my old apartment in L.A. The theater-owner was friends with Meyer, and would occasionally run a Meyer retrospective with the master in attendance, always accompanied by a few of his buxom starlets. I remember Haji and Kitten with him one time. He and Pandora Peaks sat in the row right behind me another time... I didn't even realize they were there until a twin shadow floated over my head, I turned around and saw it was Pandora standing up. I think this was the time they had women in the audience come up on stage so Meyer could pick the honorary "Russ Meyer girl" of the evening...
The incomparable Tura Satana in the incomparable Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! (1965)
Another time, there was a rare Meyer film being shown-- The Seven Minutes, I think-- which I really wanted to see, but I had a previous appointment. I went in to see just the first half hour, then had to leave. Mr. Meyer was standing in the lobby talking with the theater owner. When he saw me leaving, he muttered, "Idiot!" I went over to explain the situation, and he shook my hand and said, "Well, don't be late!"
Kitten & Russ
One of these days I'll have to post a more thorough appreciation of Meyer's work. But for tonight, let's just leave it off with a Happy Birthday to one of America's great eccentric artists, and a man who clearly enjoyed his work.
"Dekkappai girl", Ren Nagasawa in BOMD- series, now at the JAV archive
I'm still transferring the Pink Film archives over to Tumblr, and have been adding a few new JAV series to the JAV archive when able-- mostly transferring old Boobpedia work. I'll have to start adding these to IMDb too... It occurs to me that the whole reason I'm moving the archives over to Tumblr is not because of posting difficulties, but because of image limitations... and if I'm hosting those images at Tumblr, and if posting between the two services is simply a matter of copy & pasting... and if Blogger has MUCH better searching capabilities... then I might as well keep maintaining the Blogger Archives too... As a matter of fact, several times I've tried to find a Pink Film poster at Tumblr, and found it impossible, given up, and searched at Blogger and found it in a split second. So I've been wondering if I should just post the HTML code linking to the Tumblr image, both here at Blogger and at Tumblr at the same time... I experimented with this idea last night on the Ruby Bomb (BOMD-) series, and it just added very, very little more time to the posting process, since the code is almost identical. The only real adjustment I had to make was to resize the image at Blogger before posting, and that just takes two clicks.

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