Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sexual Game: Kimiko Matsuzaka- DVI-027D (1/2)

Tonight let's take a look at a video I acquired through grabbing streamed videos-- a technique new to me. I got this video from an Xhamster link entitled Kimiko Matsuzaka full movie. That's a misleading title, since it is, in fact, only half the movie, and the movie isn't a movie, but a video. It does, however, feature early big-boob AV legend, Kimiko Matsuzaka.

The Video

The video cover (as well as conventions of the time) show that the full video is 60 minutes, while this video is only thirty minutes. But Kimiko, besides being a major early big-boob star, is a true beauty. so let's go ahead and look at this example of classic big-boob erotica even if we only have half of it to review.
Given the English-language title Sexual Game (セクシャルゲーム; DVI-027D), it was released on October 1, 1990, and was was apparently Kimiko's last video. It was directed by veteran Pink film actor/writer/director Daikei Shimizu and co-stars Saori Miyuki, and Kaoru Kuroki, who was the first break-through AV star. Diamond Visual, her studio, had been releasing Kimiko's videos on the first day of each month since her debut in February 1989. They named this day, "Big Boob Day" (巨乳の日 - kyonyû no hi). So what we are looking at here is the last "Big Boob Day".

The Content (Warning: Spoilers!)

The clip starts with a view of Kimiko's beautiful, white, tattooed body from the rear, tied to a post in a bedroom. The video's title then appears, by which I surmise we are looking at the first half of the video.
Note Kimiko's un-fogged bush
A nerdish guy, trying to act like a yakuza comes on the scene, praising Kimiko's body, He unties her from the post and proceeds to start barking out orders, and have his way with her. I notice from the video cover that AV legend, and Kimiko's discoverer/director Tôru Muranishi is listed in the cast, so it's possible the guy is the maestro himself. Also, you will note from the image above, that we do get a quick, unfogged look at Kimiko's big, hairy bush.
He begins by licking her nipples into splendid erection, and then he forces her to fellate him. This is where the advantage to fogging shows itself: Shots of the truly beautiful Kimiko alternate with unattractively hardcore shots of fellatio. We get long looks at his unattractive dick, and only that one fleeting glimpse of Kimiko's pretty pussy.
After about 10 minutes, he takes her in standing doggy-style. Throughout the sex scenes, he continues bossing Kimiko around, mostly ordering her to look at him.
Next, they get in bed, with Kimiko on top-- this is the most satisfying part of the video clip. We can see Kimiko's full body, and there is a good deal of excellent boob-bouncing to be enjoyed here. Rather than the submissive role she has in the rest of the sex, here she takes control of the situation, and shows herself to be a pretty enthusiastic performer at that.
The clip, and presumably the first half of the video, ends with the man's climax in a missionary position. Since only Kimiko has been seen in the entire half hour, I would guess that this is the extent of the section featuring her alone. Neither of the other two AV idols mentioned on the video cover are busty-- Kaoru  Kuroki, in fact, was flat-chested, but known for her manic S&M performances and the intelligence and wit with which she spoke for the then-new AV medium on TV talk-shows.

The Opinion

As with most early AVs, this is like a Pink movie, except that the sex is real. Coming from 1990, this one has a lot more sex than the earlier AVs did. It's kind of a hybrid between current sex-only AVs and a Pink film. Basically nothing but one long sex scene, there is some real acting, at the start, and dialogue throughout. Apparently this was written out and learned by the actor.
Also, very surprisingly, this video shows genitals. The one advantage the AV had over Pink film in those days was that the sex was real ("honban"), even if it was fogged, so the viewer couldn't really see it. Showing the genitals was absolutely taboo in Japanese videos of the time. I suspect this un-fogged recording comes either from a release outside of Japan, or from an underground copy. I've also heard rumors of a digital technique by which a fogged video can be un-fogged. This could also be an example of that process. Unfortunately-- and this is the reason I prefer Japanese fogging-- along with the display of Kimiko's pretty bush, comes the very unappealing sight of the man's genitalia. I, for one, can do without that interfering with my enjoyment of this beautiful lady. This is what ruined American sex films for me in the early '70s-- hardcore, and the resulting change of focus from the woman to the man.

Final Verdict

Model: Highest ratings. Kimiko Matsuzaka was a movie-star level beauty combined with a figure of unprecedented voluptuousness in Japanese erotic entertainment of the time. She also had charisma, and could have probably gone on to a Pink film (she made one) and mainstream career. Her early retirement was a real, serious blow to the AV industry, but her popularity set in motion the acceptance of busty and BBW models in Japanese erotic entertainment which we enjoy today.

Video: High rating. Professionally done, with interesting camerawork, never distracting, and giving us plenty of views of Kimiko's pulchritude. A slight bit of story and dialogue give some context to the sex-- a couple engaging in yakuza role-play, I assume. My only complaint is the hardcore nature of this copy I have. It is really hardcore, in that we see un-fogged genitalia, but, except for one brief glimpse of Kimiko's bush, we only see the very unattractive male genitalia. Who wants that?!


  1. well review! Dekk! keep go on! Thanks!

    1. Thanks, CoPhong-- I hope I find the full video eventually, so I can finish this one!