Wednesday, February 26, 2014

IZM 242-244 & GT-06

Real life has been keeping me busy lately, so I didn't have time to get the IMDb synopsis/review for SND-01 done, which I had planned. I have kept up a slow, but steady submission of Pink films-- I'm into the end of August 1997. So tonight let's just take a quick look at some new DVD releases. These three IZM releases were all released yesterday, February 25, 2014.
First up is Kishikawa Hiromi no tsuya niku deriheru (ICD-242), starring MILF model Hiromi Kishikawa, whom I don't think we have visited at this blog yet. A video sample is available for download.
One of my favorites, the magnificent Masaki Amamiya returns to the spotlight with Attôteki man niku man'nyû (ICD-243).
Masaki Amamiya in IZM-242
You can download video sample from IZM.
Shôwa Furuyashiki no hônyû hitozuma (ICD-244), the last of IZM's trio of releases this month, stars Delicious. Delicious was one of the American models to travel to Japan with Sofia Rose for the Tokyo Pochadoll Collection event last month. Is it possible that this release indicates that there may be a DVD starring Sofia Rose in the works? We shall see later! But for now, check out out a video sample of Delicious' DVD.
Finally, here is another new release of high interest, considering Sunday's review. GT-06, stars none other than Karen Toudou.
Karen Toudou in GT-06
This appears to be all new material from Karen, and she looks terrific!


  1. Sometimes it feels like more good news after another!

    Something I want to share I'd think you'd like: Luu is willing to update her Twitter with her current measurements!

    107kg / 235.9 lbs

    170cm / 5’06.9”

    Sorry, no BWH, but M Cup!!

    1. Thanks Brandt! I added her Twitter account and those statistics to her Boobpedia page. March 4 is her birthday, so I'll plan on putting together a tribute post for her.

  2. Where can I download or buy these in the US?