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Mariko Morikawa: TFC-4009

As far as video reviews go, we've been on a bit of a nostalgic run lately, looking at videos released decades ago... Last week we looked at the last video in the career of Kimiko Matsuzaka, and the week before that we watched a video from Yôko Koizumi. But before moving on to more recent releases-- next week, maybe-- tonight let's take one more look back at the origins of the BBW/busty boom in JAV that we enjoy so much today. I present for your enjoyment tonight, the actress whom I consider, after Kimiko, the next major step in the appreciation of big-boobery, and BBW in Japanese erotic entertainment: The delectable, the delicious, one, the only Miss Mariko Morikawa!

The Video

We mentioned tonight's video during a review of the career of Mariko in a post back in March 2013. This is the sixth release in The Bomber Girl series: The Bomber Girl Vol. 6: Mariko Morikawa 124cm 80-Q (ザ・爆乳vol.6 森川まりこ - The bakunyû vol. 6 Morikawa Mariko; VCA / D-Cup; TFC-4009). Curiously, I see images of scenes on the video cover which are not in the video I will be reviewing tonight. The bound-boobs image, and the front cover image, for example. But the title-card screenshot from the video-- seen below-- as well as scenes in the video which are on the cover indicate that this is the correct video cover.
The video's title card
The few sites I've seen that list this video (currently there are none) attribute the directing to Japanese big-boob pioneer, Akira Tatsuki. But now that I've seen the video itself, the closing credits name Shinobu Okada (岡田忍)-- a name unknown to me-- as the director. Even Japanese Wikipedia, in its filmography of Mariko, lists the release date of this video as unknown, but by situating it within the series, I would guess that it was released in late 1995 or early 1996. This video, more than Mariko's other videos, has been harvested for clips at video sites like Xhamster many times, usually unidentified except, sometimes, for Mariko's name.

The Content (Warning: Spoilers!)

She's got LEGS!
The video starts with a brief pre-title sequence, in which the camera takes a loving survey of Mariko's impressive physique. Her boobs, of course, are her most renowned feature-- and we'll take several looks at them-- but first, let's pause to admire one of Mariko's lesser-praised attributes: Get a load of these thighs! For an AV star of that time, Mariko was incredibly chubby, and legs like that, which I absolutely love, were nowhere to be seen in JAV in the mid '90s. I remember reading sarcastic comments from regular JAV fans at the time, mocking her as being too fat to be an attractive AV idol, and just getting by on her boobs. It's really after Mariko though that appreciation of the BBW started coming into the JAV.
The main attraction in a Mariko Morikawa video
Those gorgeous thighs having been sufficiently noted, here is what comes to the fans' minds with they hear the name "Mariko Morikawa". And so, let us proceed with the review...
Weighty matter are under discussion
Time-wise, probably the majority of this video is taken up with Mariko seated, drinking orange juice and talking to her interviewer. I didn't listen to much of it, but, as is traditional with the AV interview, the first subject of discussion seems to be Mariko's body. Mariko says that the weight of her boobs is 1.8kg (4lbs) a piece, or 3.6kg (8lbs) for the pair.
Pretty, busty Mariko poses for a photo-shoot
Two brief clips are inter-cut with the first interview segment, which, at ten minutes, is the longest. The first one shows her posing for a photo-shoot. Images of this shoot, such as the one seen above, could be found in Mariko's magazine appearances in the mid '90s.
More jump-roping, please!
The second brief scene inter-cut into the first interview shows Mariko jumping-rope with her boobs exposed. I wish both these brief, inter-cut scenes-- especially the jump-roping-- had gone on much longer. Slow-motion, and total nudity could have made the jump-roping clip into a real classic. As it is, it's just a glimpse of what might have been.
Her boobs are pixeled out throughout the paizuri scene, but here's a nice look at Mariko's butt
The first extended nude scene consists of a series of paizuri variations-- standing, sitting, lying down, Mariko on top, Mariko on bottom... This scene, like most paizuri scenes, is unsatisfying to me because it is heavily pixeled-out/fogged to hide the man's genitalia. Consequently, we never get a real view of Mariko's boobs-- the pixeling interferes with a view of them. This is the first scene from the video that I remember finding online. After this, we return for another chat with Mariko for about three minutes. She's a cute girl, with a sexy persona, inviting lips, and chubby cheeks, so it is not entirely a waste of video to see her just talking.
My favorite scene begins...
The next sequence is one I have seen many times online, such as this clip of it at Xhamster. It is one of my all-time favorite Mariko clips. Mariko is oiled up, completely nude, and squirming around and masturbating on a slick mat for about seven minutes.
Mariko enjoys herself
This is a highly arousing scene, with Mariko's voluptuousness well on display and incredibly lovely to behold. The only draw-back is that, because she is entirely nude, those pesky pixels and fogging interfere with a full view of the lady. I don't really mind the fogging so much when it hides the man, but it is annoying when it's hiding the actress.
Milky liquid descends on Mariko
Later on, some milkish liquid is poured on Mariko, which, visually, serves at least three functions. First, it's just highly erotic watching her flop around in that liquid. Second, it shows us a big-boobed lady with milk, emphasizing her mamallian properties. Third, it serves as a visual symbol for the cum Mariko's enthusiastic male audience would like to spew all over her...
Disrobing for some boob-massage
After another couple minutes of interviews, we come upon the second sequence that is sometimes found online: Mariko massaging a guy. Mariko looks absolutely gorgeous in this ten-minute section, but, unfortunately, she spends most of the time giving the guy a hand-job and playing with his asshole. This is unappealing, and ruins an otherwise great look at Mariko in action.
Mariko demonstrates her preferred size in a gentleman friend
In the next two-minute interview, the interviewer quizzes Mariko on her opinion of penises and what size she likes. Not too big, she says, and first estimates 19cm (7 1/2"), but the interviewer haggles her down to 13cm (5"), to which she agrees. One wonders whether there is an agenda for personal gain behind the interviewer's bargaining her down.
Mariko bound & blindfolded
The next sequence can also be found in clip form online, like here, at Xhamster. Mariko is tied and blindfolded in bed while a guy massages and sucks her boobs. He cuts her mesh blouse and plays with her boobs, which are seen in close-up, revealing their post-pregnancy look. He next pulls out a dildo and works on her boobs and pussy with it.
Working on Mariko from behind
He works on her more once she is untied. He massages her boobs from behind, and then works more on her pussy. Lots of pixel-fogging is involved here. Mariko then fellates him first through his underpants, and then in the raw.
Cowgirl Mariko on the bucking bronco!
This sequence concludes with some straight sex in a few positions. Mariko gives us lots of good boob-bouncing while on her back. She gets on top at one point and really gives a spectacular display of wild bouncing boob flinging. This brief segment is top-notch.
Mariko-san says bye-bye until next time!
The video ends with a cute little gimmick in which we are shown three close-up images of cleavage, and Mariko challenges us to guess which one is her boob cleavage. The other two are her butt crack, and her male partner's butt crack. I won't spoil your fun by giving away the answer. Take the quiz yourself!

The Opinion

Mariko takes out the subject under discussion
This is a very well-filmed, basic, old-fashioned Japanese porno video. It is a bit talky, with a solid ten minutes taken up at the beginning in which Mariko just sits at a table, in her bathrobe, talking to the cameraman. Looking at it today, this is probably the major flaw in the video. But you have to remember, that the very early AVs-- in the '80s-- were thirty minutes, with almost no nudity, mostly just stories, acting, and talking with very short nude/sex scenes. So, in the context of its time, this one-hour video actually has plenty of nudity going for it. And Mariko is a very cute, chubby little lady. She smiles and laughs a lot, seems to be fairly bright, and to be enjoying herself. Once in a while during the interviews, she does take out a boob or two to display them when they come up in the conversation.
What we want to see in a Mariko Morikawa video
The camera work is fine, giving us many, many gorgeous looks at Mariko, zoom-ins on body parts just long enough to let us stare for a while at what we want to see, yet not so long that it becomes annoying. There is no story per se. I didn't listen to the interview, which pops up throughout the video, but it's possible that these talks do provide a narrative/introduction to the sex scenes. In any case, I just watched the video for its eye-candy, a point of view I assume most viewers will take.
Mariko Morikawa, legend of early JAV BBW-dom
The only scene that I found disappointing in this video was the paizuri scene, because of the pixels blocking out Mariko's boobs. Since we can't see her face or anything else, what is there left to look at? The scene where Mariko massages the guy, playing with his asshole, also, had some drawbacks to it, but we do get to see all of Mariko in that one. Regardless, Mariko is a very sexy little lady, and it's arousing just to see her in action-- even if she is not all-exposed.

Final Verdict

Model: Highest rating. It's Mariko Morikawa, that says it all. Short and cute, chubby, incredibly busty, sexy, enthusiastic... Mariko-san is the classic early Japanese BBW model.

Video: Highest rating. The video may be a little talky by today's standards, but it has more than enough visual stimulation to keep any Asian BBW-admirer satisfied. The scene of Mariko squirming around on the mat, alone, is well worth the price of admission. I consider this video to be a JAV BBW/busty classic, and an essential item in the collection of any fan who is interested in the history of the genre. Check it out!

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