Thursday, July 31, 2014

Bombom Ojisan: BOMC-075 - BOMC-079

With real-life continuing to be hectic these days, my IMDb submissions have taken a hit. Nevertheless, I'm still plugging away at it, submitting just a little at a time whenever I have 10 minutes to spare, and a computer at hand. Yesterday I finally finished submitting all the Pink films for 1998. I started gathering the raw data for 1999 today, and, with luck, will be able to start submitting next week. I submitted the Pink film Award for 1995, but it hasn't gone up yet. They're extremely slow in taking Award data, still, I've got seven years there so far. The problem with the Award submission is that the submission form is so clunky and tricky that errors have gone through, and, once up, they're proving almost impossible to get fixed. This is one of the funnest things to submit though-- adding some context to the raw data of the films' titles, companies and their cast and crew.

In news for this blog, it looks like Thursday night is going to be the better night for the mid-week post. So here we go: Let's take a look in on good old Bombom Ojisan and see what he's been up to since our last visit with him.
The most significant event since the last Bombom Cherry post is the debut of the spectacular 27-year-old, 130cm P-cup girl Tsumugi, whom we noted at that time. She debuted on June 19, 2014 in Kanzen dokusen! P-cup! Debut! Heso made todoku akkan no chônyû shinjin! Tsumugi 130-senchi 27-sai ("Completely exclusive! P-cup! Debut! Huge boobs reaching all the way to her belly button! 130-cm 27-year old Tsumugi"; BOMC-075).
Unfortunately, masks are the order of the day here, and she seems to have a nice-looking face. Her boobs, on the other hand, though quite amazing while clothed, are not the most attractive au naturel.
On July 1, Bombom released BOMC-076, an 8-hour review of 20 different previous releases.
N-cup Kaori in BOMC-076
Ever-popular N-cup Kaori is one of the past favorites in this compilation set.
The uncharacteristically-numbered BOMX-077 has two disks, presumably the reason it is suffixed "BOMX" rather than "BOMC".
M-cup Kaera in BOMX-077
Say hello to the star attractions of this August 1 release.
BOMC-078 is another slightly uncharacteristic release from Bombom Cherry in that it claims its model is a celebrity making her only hardcore appearance.
K-cup Ema ini BOMX-077
Identified only as "That Idol", she's 22 years old, and at a mere 100-cm K-cup, not nearly as overpoweringly awe-inspiring as BomBom Ojisan's models usually are
And finally, on September 1, 130cm P-cup Tsumugi returns for her second DVD, BOMC-079.
P-cup Tsumugi in BOMC-079
As seen above, her boobs are quite impressive as to volume, but not the most aesthetically pleasing set that I've ever seen.

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