Sunday, July 13, 2014

Silvia Rho

Silvia Rho
No video review tonight, I'm sorry to say. Real life, plus online life, has been too hectic lately to allow me the time to do a thorough review post. In online life, I've submitted a few more years at IMDb's Pink Film Award page, though their posting these awards continues to move at a glacial speed. Also, getting new Pink film viewing material has just become even busier, thanks to the discovery of this incredible resource:
To make things even worse, last night, I found a fellow Pink fan who is attempting to list every Roman Porno film: So I'm going to have to take time out to update my own Nikkatsu Roman Porno list.
Tonight let's take a change of pace from our usual steady diet of Japanese BBW lovelies, for a quick look at the Asian American scene. After all, it's not just Japanese girls we like here, it's all Asian BBWs (well, really, all BBWs of all races, nationalities, ethnicities, etc. to be fair, but the Asians have that special quality I can't get enough of). My own wife is Korean, and Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Filipina, etc., girls all get plenty of attention from me. The reason we focus on the Japanese girls so much, of course, is just that the Japanese erotic entertainment industry is so Goddamned good. Not only the BBW genre, but the entire Japanese porn industry has got to be the best in the world-- the richest history, the greatest variety, the most artistically-done... What a great country for a horny guy!
But back to the subject at hand: While doing my regular web-scouting the other day, I came across the lovely Korean-American "plus size" model Silvia Rho.
Every once in a while a larger-than-bone-skinny model makes the news, to howls of outrage from some people, and approval from others. But, personally, I think this is what a model should look like! She doesn't do nudes, but she is certainly worth a look here at this blog. She's a big girl indeed, standing 5'10".
Going back pre-1920s, bigger, voluptuous, motherly-looking women were the ideal in arts and entertainments. I guess it was the 1920s-- the "flapper" era-- when the skinny, snotty, shallow and materialistic girl came into vogue. There has been some fluctuation since then-- bigger, busty girls were popular in the '50s (Jayne Mansfield, Anita Ekberg, Mamie Van Doren, Sophia Loren, et. al., and the dawn of the Playboy Playmate), but the '60s reverted back to twiggy girls like... Twiggy... I don't remember the '70s being especially big-girl friendly (or un-friendly, for that matter), but the "heroin chic" look, which I despise, came about in the '90s... and I'm too old to have paid much attention to fashions in the decades since about the '80s. There are some indications that we're living in a new age of big-girl appreciation.
An interview at gives us some information on the lovely Sylvia. She was 25 at the time of the interview in April 2011, making her birth year 1986 or thereabouts. She was born in Torrance, California and raised in a primarily Asian environment. Her larger than average size made her self-conscious, but she decided to try modeling after noticing more plus-size ladies entering the industry. After serving in the army, she started modeling in 2007.
Model Mayhem site says she is 5'10", with measurements of (US) 42(D)-34-42", dress size 14. She grew a bit by the time her statistics were given in her profile at heffermanagement, where she is described as dress size 14/16, 44(D)-36-44", (112-91-112cm).
Whatever her size, she's an absolutely gorgeous lady and deserves more popularity than she has now. I had to search around a bit to find these images and information, so she may have retired. Let's hope not, and hope that we see more of her!

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