Monday, July 28, 2014

Maya Kashiwagi: ICD-213


As announced a few times, tonight's video review stars lovely, cheerful and stout, Maya Kashiwagi. This 115 minutes of bouncy babe-ish fun was released on February 22, 2013. I started an article on it at Boobpedia in May 2014, under the title 138cm Huge Boob Flesh (ICD-213). Thanks to my missionary work, preaching the gospel of Japanese BBW porn to a wider audience, this one also has a listing at IMDb, under its Japanese title, 138cm no bakunyû man'niku (2013). Maya Kashiwagi herself is therefore immortalized at the international standard of online film databases.
Magnificent Maya squares up against a series of unequal opponents in ICD-213
This is Maya Kashiwagi's second video, and she was under the competent direction of veteran BBW specialist, Ryudai. The video cover, presented at, gives Maya's measurements as 138-105-136cm (54-41-54"), and her weight a whopping 132 kg (291 lb). Her debut video, also directed by Ryudai, titled I'll Attack You with 138cm Melons (ICD-195), was released on August 24, 2012. Neither of her IZM DVDs give her cup size, but her profile at says she's a Japanese N-cup... which is believable... In the time since this second release, she appeared with several of IZM's other BBW babes in the compilation video, IOD-24-- which, I presume, just contains a re-release of a scene from one of Maya's two videos. IZM offers a video sample and picture gallery of tonight's video.

Content (Warning: Spoilers!)

The video begins with a brief minute and a half of Maya-san warming up for the action by massaging her boobs. She is filmed at low angle, zoomed in to focus on her boobs with little attention given to her face, and no attention at all to other parts of her body. Her boobs are the main focus of the video title and the advertising, but, as we shall soon see, her boobs are just two of this lady's several outstanding features.
This preliminary solo action dissolves, and then we see Maya-san crushing a guy's face with her boobs. At first she is wearing a black bra, but she removes it after about a minute. The low-angle, zooming camera work continues here, so we rarely get a look at Maya's face, and never a look at her whole body.
Paizuri, no... belly-zuri!
At about seven minutes in, we get the first sign that the director is aware of more of Maya's charms than just her magnificent mammaries. She gives her boobs a rest and literally lifts up her big, soft belly and starts crushing the lucky guy's face with it. As many Japanese big, fat girl videos as I've seen and enjoyed over the years, I don't recall this exact technique being used before. Points for originality here, and a very nice idea it is too!
Face sitting... but where did the guy go?!
Next, the inevitable face-sitting commences. These IZM productions specialize in female domination, so face-sitting is practically a given when you sit down to enjoy one of their releases. The result of this is that we finally get a look at Maya's full package, her smiling visage included-- This girl enjoys her job. Also, we get our first look at what seems to be one of the main themes of the video: Maya-san's ability to completely bury her partner with her abundant flesh.
Now the LORD had prepared a great fish to swallow up Jonah. And Jonah was in the belly of the fish three days and three nights.
After about 24 minutes of massaging the guy with various parts of her body, Maya gets a brief rest. She lies face-down on the bed, and lets the guy start working on her. After working her over on top for a while, he then sticks his face between her huge legs in a scene that brings to mind a certain tale from Scripture. Rather than Noah's three days and three nights, however, our intrepid explorer spelunks for a skimpy three minutes.
Maya makes sight of her target
Maya then comes back into action, flips the little guy on his back, preps him with some fellatio, then follows up with some paizuri with her massive oppais. As usual, pixels start becoming a problem once the guy's tool comes into the picture. Even though Maya's boobs should completely cover the offending member, everything gets fogged out anyway.
After five minutes of boob-to-dick fun, she mounts him, for some girl-on-top action. She smiles and laughs throughout, which is very nice. I like to see a big girl enjoying herself!. She's not very vigorous or bouncy, just gently rubbing her bulk against the guy, like she's afraid of breaking him. Note the curved wall and window behind Maya in the picture above. This indicates that, as annoying as always, the old distorting lens is being used here to exaggerated Maya's size. This is one of my pet peeves about these videos. She's plenty big enough in real life, I'm sure. So why, oh why not just let us appreciate the real woman?!
Maya alternates between caressing her boobs and her belly
About thirty-eight minutes in, Maya-san gets on her back to give us a nice missionary scene. Where most girls would have done most of their bouncing in the girl-on-top scene, Maya-san is so well-padded all over, that her bouncing is unavoidable during missionary. That huge belly of hers ripples and shakes, bounces and flops around like a double-sized third boob. She's so fat all over that even her legs jiggle and quiver when the guy is working on her.
After the guy comes and nestles his head between her breasts, a rather abrupt cut sends us to Maya-san, clothed, lying on her bed flipping through a magazine. A gentleman friend happens on the scene and starts admiring her build. Unlike in the previous scene, in which Maya-san was the quite eager instigator of the action, here she puts up a fight, wanting to concentrate on her magazine.
But once he buries his face in her huge butt cheeks, she's warmed up and ready for action. He convinces her to sit on his lap, so he can play with her boobs while being crushed under that magnificent woman-flesh.
By the time she has turned around and he's buried his face in her bosom, she is fully into the action, and he couldn't stop her from taking control of the situation if he wanted to.
Prepare for a premature burial!
Once she disrobes, forces have been unleashed which are beyond the power of man to avert. She lays on top of him in bed and he is completely invisible. Only his arms can be seen struggling under her. He is completely at her mercy, and loving it.
This scene gets even better when Maya-san turns over and lays on her back on top of him. Her soft underbelly and other accoutrements are now visible, and can be seen shaking like a bowl full of jelly! And oh, how those boobs and that belly do shake!
Taking on another opponent
At just under one hour, Maya is again clothed and in bed with a guy, whom she strips and then smothers. He's soon struggling for mercy under her immense bulk. The scene concludes with a girl-on-top sixty-nine, Maya-san climaxing her victim with a hand-job.
Next, it's... SHOWER TIME! Maya-san's partner takes advantage of clean-up time to fondle her awe-inspiring attributes some more.
Another one bites the dust
But, leave it to our lady Maya to take charge of the situation and sit on her partner again. Again: Where did he go? He's under there somewhere!
Come, sit on my lap, honey... OOF!!!
This scene ends quicker than it should, and we are again presented with the magnificent Maya in a semi-clothed state, ready to pounce on her next happy victim. This scene is promoted in the video's advertising, and rightly so. Just looking at that big, soft, opulent mountain of womanhood is exciting enough, but imagine having her sitting on your lap!
The camera surveys this scene for about seven minutes, then the two head for bed, with Maya, of course, on top, massaging and crushing and engulfing the guy's chest and face with her huge tits. She keeps her negligee on during this, and I'm not complaining. I do like some variety of clothing, as long as there's no skimping on the nudity.
After six minutes, this scene cuts to Maya-san totally disrobed. Minor complaint: I would have enjoyed seeing the lady take her clothes off. Traditionalist that I am, I still do like an old-fashioned strip-tease. The guy is still laying face up for Maya-san to give him a thorough face-sitting and then some paizuri treatment. The pixel-censorship gets to be a real problem in the latter part of this scene. And once the guy gets on top and starts rubbing his dick all over Maya's belly, there is no more chance of seeing Maya's anatomy un-fogged.
She lays out quite a spread
But this is mercifully short. The guy then gets the brilliant idea of putting his cock in her pussy, so the only fogging to be seen is down there. This leads to another very scenic missionary position session, with Maya-san's boobs and belly flopping about like some fleshy tsunami. Even you guys who say Maya's too big for your tastes have to admit you'd like to be in control of this force of nature. Wouldn't you?!
Maya-san enjoys her boobs as much as her audience does
She gets on top for a while, again not bouncing any more than she can help. She's no expert in the art of the bounce, like Tamaki Yasuoka, but given her poundage, bouncing is unavoidable, and, in a way, all the more charming because of its spontaneous artlessness. She keeps her hands over her boobs here too, pleasuring herself, no doubt, which is an arousing sight in itself, but depriving us of a chance to ogle her vast boobage.
This little catalog of standard sex positions, and the video itself, concludes with a little doggy-style. Again, guys, imagine yourself sitting in the driver's seat, behind the wheel of this magnificent machine! Quite a comfy ride, I would bet! VROOM! VROOM! VROOM!!!


A lovely face by any standards
Through much of the video it almost seems like Ryudai is purposely trying to avoid Maya's face. The camera cuts her face off the screen most of the time, and when it doesn't, her face is hidden either by her hair or by dark lighting. I have no idea why he would do this. She doesn't seem to be hiding her face out-- no mask or big, dark sunglasses. And when we do get a good look at her face we see it is very pretty, pleasing, happy, and well worth highlighting. Yet in this all-nude video, I found myself searching for good views of her face, like one would normally search for the "good parts" in a film with little nudity.
Classic sumo position
Maya's body has a rather odd shape-- not unpleasing, but just a little unusual. Though a mental adjustment has to be made for the damned distorting lens used, as usual, in this BBW video, her body shape is much like a ball. Her center of weight is not on top, like a Fuko, or on bottom, like a Sara Aikawa or Rose Aoyama, but in her middle. She has a huge belly, and a very long belly button. Her legs are very fat, as is her butt, but still her enormous belly makes them look disproportionately small. Her butt cheeks, for example, are much bigger on top than the bottom, emphasizing her mid-section. Her boobs are also huge, but the way they are shaped, they fall over her belly so that they look small in comparison with her tummy. So, instead of the hourglass figure-- which I do like, even though I like a large hourglass-- Maya has a sumo-like ball-shaped figure.
The directing is pretty basic and competent. It keeps Maya-san front and center, with no unnecessary shots of the guys. On the other hand, other than the video's theme of Maya burying her partners in her flesh, and that brief belly-zuri scene, there's nothing to really set this one apart from any other JAV. The camera work is a little too close for my taste, not giving us enough views of Maya's face, and t hat damned distorting lens that is used so often in Japanese BBW videos is used here also. But still, neither of these are used so much as to be annoying. At the end of this video, I felt satisfied. I felt like I saw plenty of what I wanted to see.
There is no music, which can be a blessing or a curse. At least there are not annoying, repetitive pop tunes to interfere with our enjoyment. On the other hand, it gives the whole production the feeling of a cheap production. The main sound we hear is the guys struggling and gasping for breath. We do hear outside street noises, which adds a cinéma vérité touch. At one point, when Maya is in the midst of smothering a guy with her belly and pussy, we hear a police siren roar by, causing Maya to laugh. I find little touches like this to be very charming-- showing that the girl is relaxed and enjoying herself. Maya-san also speaks to her partners sometimes, asking if they're enjoying themselves, etc. Her voice is quite lovely-- sweet, and high-pitched without being shrill.

Final Opinion

Maya-san says, "Nighty-night! And sweet dreams!"
Model: For the admirer of the Asian BBW, Maya Kashiwagi is extraordinary. Immensely plump, with huge boobs, butt, belly and legs, plus a very pretty face. She's also a cheerful and enthusiastic performer, if not especially athletic. She gets just under top rating in my book.
Video: Competent, though not very exciting or original. A basic presentation of a big, beautiful woman at play. It stays on the idea of her covering up her partners a bit long, but then I guess that's supposed to be the theme of the video. For lovers of the big, big Asian lady, I give this one a solid seven stars out of ten.


  1. Dekk! Could you let me know some info of director Ryudai ? (such as : pic, age, profile)

    1. Great idea, CoPhong. I don't think I have any info on him other than his homepage (, and list of videos he's directed. Since he's directed most of the greatest Japanese BBW models, a post dedicated to him would be appropriate. I'll try to do some research and put something together eventually!

  2. Wow! She really is amazing!!

    1. You'll get no argument from me on that point, Anon!

  3. Great review. I can tell you worked hard on this one. Good job. As for Maya well she is a big ball of fun!! What a lucky guy! I'd have to put her in my top 5 models you have reviewed down the years.


    1. Thanks, Miles! Still I feel like I rushed through it a bit-- I might polish it and add a little when I have time. Yes, she's one of my favorites too. Not quite up to the Tamaki Yasuoka/Usagi Minagi/Miyabi Hayama level, but very very close.

  4. This fatty rules. She reminds me of a less extreme Fukumori Ami - lots of good attributes but her belly is clearly her standout feature.

    Do you know how old she is?

    1. Hi Anon-- Yes, Ami is a bit too much for me, but Maya-san is nice...
      Her profile here:
      lists her as 23 years old. I don't know when the profile was put up, but the page is copyrighted 2014.