Thursday, June 6, 2013

New Computer Disaster / Updates While Offline [June 6 - July 9, 2013]

(I'll group all my offline posts here, rather than create a bunch of non-image, non-JAV related posts...)

June 6, 2013 - It looks like this blog is going to be down for a while again. Since the Great Interface Disaster of November 2012, when I had to abandon work on my old system, I've been working on a second-hand laptop I got cheap. That one has been teetering on the edge of crashing for about a month... and now it seems to finally be dead. I have one more DVD review post, with all images ready to go... That one will be dated June 4, and I'll post it Monday or Tuesday, after I've finished writing it... After that, the blog will be image-less and therefore post-less until I can get a new computer... which could be a while... So, for now, I'll be back to working on IMDb full-time during the hour or two a day that I've got computer access. Anyone is free to post replies, or to email me during that time, as I will be able to give text replies sporadically... I look forward to coming back to this blog as soon as possible!

June 8, 2013 - I've been taking advantage of my home computer crash to do some Pink Film poster  work that I've had in mind for quite a while. On my old, Windows 1998 system, I'm able to scan and edit images, so I've been scanning posters from a Japanese Pink poster book I've had for a few years. They're coming out quite nicely. Many of them are very obscure Pink films from the '60s, which I can't even find listed in Japanese databases. I haven't quite figured out how I'll post them to the Pink Film blog, without at least the release year... But I'll upload them somehow eventually... After that, I plan to go through a few articles from Adam Film World that I got in the late '70s / early '80s, which have articles on Pink Film / Roman Porno / Toei Pinky Violence, including at least one I remember of Naomi Tani. Those articles have plot descriptions and images / stills which might be in good enough condition for scanning and uploading... Another task I may do while offline is to finish up the plot synopses of the Pink films I viewed on IMDb a month or two ago, and then post them to IMDb...

June 11, 2013 - During my week offline, I got pretty far behind on my IMDb inputting schedule. Not only did I miss a week's worth of inputting, I lost a few days worth of translating that I had only saved on the now-inaccessible hard-disk. I caught up on the lost translation work, and started submitting films yesterday... I did get a lot of scanning done, finishing all the '60s / early '70s Pink film posters in the book Generation Sex. The bad thing about this book is that it often gives only a close-up / crop of one part of a poster, and offers no release data -- not even year of release-- for the films. Among many good things (besides beautiful color images) is it gives both Japanese and English translations of the titles and personnel, and also for the taglines on the posters. I submitted a couple of those interesting cultural artifacts to IMDb over the week, such as Kinjirareta Technique (1966 - "A portrait of sad suffering humanity caught in the whirlwind of the passions!"), and Iro zange (1965 - "The she-leopard burns with boundless desire!")... Yesterday I started scanning the Nikkatsu Roman Porno B&W stills in the book Roman poruno joyû (ロマンポルノ女優 - Roman porno actresses).

June 13, 2013 - My scanning of Roman poruno joyû (ロマンポルノ女優 - Roman porno actresses) continues on schedule... A few things dawn on me in re the computer / image uploading problem: Since I've already uploaded all the Pink film posters to my other blogs, I can copy the code into this post to provide some illustrations, even if it is not in the usual BBW-interest. Second: I can probably start transferring, slowly, by means of floppy disk, some of these new scans into the Pink film blogs... That won't be possible for this blog, for which I rely mostly on newer material-- either snapped from videos by myself, or re-posted from other sites/blogs...

Madame Caligula (1981)
Slave Wife (1976)
June 19, 2013 - I reached a major milestone in my Pink Film studio filmographies yesterday: I finished translating the OP Eiga filmography, which was the last major one I hadn't done. I guess the next step is to start making a more thorough compilation of the wild west days of the Pink Film genre: The 1960s. By the '70s, when Nikkatsu took over, there were only four or five true Pink film studios left, and I've got more-or-less complete lists of their output now. In the '60s, though, there were probably hundreds of Pink Film studios, some of which produced only one film then went out of business... I finished scanning Roman poruno joyû (ロマンポルノ女優 - Roman porno actresses) last night, and started looking through my old Adam Film World clippings on Pinky / Roman Porno films that had played in the US during the '70s and '80s... I took information from these articles and submitted a couple English titles (which, I assume, were the titles under which they played in the US), and cast and character names to Naomi Tani's Slave Wife (1976) and Maiko Kazama's Madame Caligula (1981) to IMDb this morning...

July 9, 2013 - Big news for the blog: I managed to get my computer working again a couple weeks ago. This happened right on the cusp of a trip out of town, during which I would have very limited Internet access. I used that time to catch up on Pink Film poster downloads, and I spent yesterday uploading a few of the posters with new film entries to the Pink Film blogs. But starting today-- New posts here!


  1. I am looking forward to see your new computer arrive :)

    1. Thanks, AV3, I'm looking forward to coming back!

  2. you still don't buy a new laptop:D

    1. Nope... Old cheapo-Dekkappai doesn't put out money if he can help it!