Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Sara, Kaori & Miyabi

I've been busy on my long-planned, but long-feared project of submitting the Cinema Unit GAS filmography to IMDb. This is nearly 350 DVDs currently, which explains my fear of finally tackling the project. I'm working backwards from the present, and am currently back to 2011. The studio was founded in 2004, so I've still barely even started on it. This project gives me a good excuse to post on the studio's releases since last we visited them, but I'll put that off till tomorrow. Before we get to that review, let's pause to make note of a few things that have recently come to my attention thanks to Twitter.
Sara Aikawa in Los Angeles next week!
First, the Americanization of Sara continues, as everybody's favorite Batty girl, Sara Aikawa visits the States next week. I don't know the purpose for this visit, other than that she mention it was both business and pleasure. I suspect it's part of her entry into US adult media, which is not something that pleases me greatly... I don't like American or European adult entertainment... I prefer Asian models and Asian style. But if Sara-san benefits from this, who am I to complain?... Sara's friend BBW Mistress Nicole Tweets that you can email her for details on a "meet and greet" event. If any followers of the blog are lucky enough to do that, let me know! (Family and work prevent yours truly from meeting Sara...)
Masked Kaori as "Keiko the amateur"
Second, everybody's favorite body, with the hidden face, "Masked Kaori" has starred in a DVD without her mask. She's wearing dark glasses throughout, and this confirms our previous suspicions that she is indeed Ibuki from the Bom Bom Cherry DVDs.
...without mask, and looking lovelier than ever...
Either her face is looking better as she puts on weight, or, as she puts on weight her body is just too incredible to even worry about her less-than stellar face. In any case, she is simply amazing from beginning to end of this DVD, which was released in July 2014.
Miyabi Hayama, now gracing Nagoya
Lastly, everybody's favorite, period-- lovely to look at, and charming and witty in Tweeting-- Miyabi Hayama, is currently in Nagoya. That may not mean much to her fans overseas, but it serves as a good excuse to post a picture of this gorgeous lady!...


  1. What a great view of Kaori in this pic truly great.

    1. Thanks! If I ever get around to reviewing again, and I take screencaps off that DVD, you'll see she is stunning through the whole video!

    2. So I am guessing you have seen the movie?I have actually seen screenshots of the movie on several sites,and judging from what I saw the movie looks really good.

    3. Yes, I have had that privilege... and it's spectacular!