Sunday, May 25, 2014

Plump Idoll series: MGRO-003

In IMDb/Boobpedia work, I finished the IZM/ICD- project-- Entries for DVDs up to ICD-250 are at both sites now. After I start articles on the new actresses, I'll look for a new BBW series to start-- probably one that I already entered at BP  years ago, and submit it to IMDb. Something like the Pocha Pocha Princess Pretty series maybe. That one has several major BBW beauties in it, and many of them also appeared in IZM or MAGURO DVDs, so adding that series will help to fill out their filmographies.
Speaking of the classic Pocha Pocha Princess Pretty series, which was started in 2005-- still relatively early for a BBW series in Japan-- how about a look at one of the newer BBW series? We first visited the Plump Idoll (MGRO-) series in January 2014. At that time, there had been only two DVDs released, the first starring plump and busty Rin-san, and the second one starring plump but not-so-busty Ai-san.
Ai (left) and Rin (right) in MGRO-003
Tonight we look in on the their opus in the series, Hôman sugiru sugoi karada: Double pocha shimai Ai & Rin: Chô do-hakuryoku na futari no ero-sugiru nichijô drama..., which, if its title is to be believed, purports to tell the day-to-day sex life of a pair of chubby sisters. This video was released on April 30 by Marrion on their Tsunakan label, and was directed by an entity going by the name of the label: Tsunakan.
Rin (left) and Ai (right) in MGRO-003
In this one, ultra-busty Ai, and chubby beauty Rin, whom we met in the first two DVDs, pool their resources. Images show the two sisters puttering around their apartment in the nude, and servicing a mutual boyfriend.
Ai in MGRO-003
Younger sister Ai-chan is just as cute and sweet-looking as can be. She's nice and plump, in a baby-fat kind of way, and would be a welcome sight to any lover of the chubbier Asian lady. To tell the truth, though, she's not really a "BBW" in my book, but more just a normal, healthy-sized girl. She's not freakishly thin like the models & actresses who are normally in sex-based videos.
But it's older sister Rin-san who catches my eye the most. There's just more of her to sink your teeth into... First off, and most obviously, there is that magnificent O-cup bosom which invites us to lay our weary heads in its welcoming valley
But besides those boobs, she's got several other features I find irresistible-- glasses, a nice, soft belly, and thick, thick thighs!
So, whether together or apart, I'm looking forward to reporting on more work from these two lovely ladies!

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