Sunday, May 18, 2014

Erisa Natsumi & Masked Kaori: MAGURO--049 & -050, ABNOMAL-007, EHM-02

As I mentioned in the last post, family matters have cut into my blog time a lot. I'm able to work just in short bursts, making IMDb/Boobpedia work more suitable than posting. After the last post, I decided my next IMDb JAV project would be to get the IZM ICD- series up-to-date. This up-to-dating would go to Boobpedia also. At both sites, I had already got as far as ICD-173. The series currently goes up to ICD-250. I gathered the information and images of DVD covers and started submitting data to both sites simultaneously yesterday. Tonight I got up to ICD-202, also doing a few touch-up things, like fixing some outdated links at IMDb & BP, starting pages for the series lists for 2013 and 2014, and finishing up 2012, etc...

But for here, tonight, let's look in on the current activities-- together and apart-- of two exquisitely large and lovely ladies: Erisa Natsumi & Masked Kaori.
Spellbinding Erisa and big, busty Kaori team up in MAGURO-049. Released on February 21, 2014, I started a Boobpedia article on this DVD in April under the title Double O Heaven 2! Powerful Boob Nurse Erisa Natsumi and Super-Boobed Kaori, a Dream Match Come True!
Erisa Natsumi & Masked Kaori in MAGURO-049
In a sign that Japanese BBW AVs are going mainstream (thanks, in part, to the work of yours truly), IMDb also has a listing for this impressive opus under the Japanese title, Double-O heaven 2! Do hakuryoku no oppai hoikuen Natsumi Erisa to chônyû Kaori yume no dream match jitsugen!
Masked O-cup wonder, Kaori made another appearance for MAGURO, on their ABNOMAL ("Abnormal", I presume) label: ABNOMAL-007, which was released March 27, 2014.
Kaori in ABNOMAL-007
I haven't done any work on this series at either Boobpedia or IMDb, but, judging from this one DVD, it certainly looks worthy of a look.
Kaori in ABNOMAL-007
Judging from the "abnormal" title, I would think it to be a little "harder", focusing on more extreme sex than the regular MAGURO DVDs, but the images I've seen on the cover and for advertising don't give that impression.
Another release on the MAGURO-proper or "Nikudan", series is MAGURO-050, which stars Erisa Natsumi, flying solo.
Erisa Natsumi in MAGURO-050
This one was released on April 15, 2014, which was  too recent for me to have started a listing on it either at IMDb or at Boobpedia during my recent Maguro work, but it will add it next time I get around to updating the MAGURO series.
Since her debut in December 2013, Erisa Natsumi has been quite busy, even appearing in a DVD for another studio-- JAMS-- in Natsumi Erisa no boseikko meniku (EHM-02), which came out on April 4.
Erisa Natsumi in EHM-02
The EHM series is a new, but worthy one. EHM-01 came out in July last year, and EHM-03 is due to be released in June, and, based on only the cover image, looks to be worth a look.
Erisa Natsumi in EHM-02
Check out the JAMS homepage for this DVD for some more images and an intriguing video clip!


  1. This is a very sweet blog,just wanted to say that I have seen the ABNOMAL-007 movie starring KAORI it is actually a good movie of hers I enjoyed and I cant stop watching it I love this woman, again very nice posts keep them coming especially the KAORI ones.

    1. Thanks! Glad you're enjoying the blog. Yes, Kaori has an incredible body, but it's too bad about that mask... that takes her down a notch in my book. I'll look for ABNOMAL-007 and keep it in mind for reviewing later though.

    2. I will admit the mask is kind of dumb,but I have to admit that doesn't stop me from enjoying that fine ass body of hers.By the way,a new movie of her just came out a couple days ago labeled SCHK-006

    3. Yes, she has plenty to admire even without a face... have you seen OONIKU-001? She appears in that one without the mask, with large sunglasses. She also confirms that she is the same model who appeared at BomBom Cherry as Ibuki in BOMC-015 and -019.

    4. No, I have not seen that movie but I have seen BOMC-019 and yes her face is visible through out the entire movie even though she's wearing those sunglasses.She is also using the name Keiko in the movies SCHK-002 and her latest recently released one SCHK-006.