Monday, April 2, 2012

Gang Busters

I spent my morning 20 minutes online returning to the Nakamura Eigeki project, starting at #AF501, which means I've got about 800 more posters to sift through (though, actually, about half have already been done). I stopped at #500 on Friday, then spent the weekend online time updating this blog, adding chit-chat to justify posting gratuitous images of plump Asian beauties and old movie posters. Speaking of the former, say "Howdy ma'am" to earth-goddess Tamaki Yasuoka at left.

You know, there really ought to be a place online where one can add serious information about an unlimited variety of topics, uncensored, even such traditionally despised fields as B-films and Japanese erotica... You know, sort of a "sum of human knowledge"... Oh right, one was started, but was destroyed from within by narrow-minded, pseudo-intellectual bigots and their nitwit stooges. My serious work goes now to the two Pink Film archives, Boobpedia, and IMDb, and here I chit-chat with myself, rather than co-workers at a larger project, to mull over things and keep it interesting... But then like any American who has lived through the past half century or so, I'm accustomed to seeing good ideas go spectacularly bad. And besides, I swore not to rant about that hellhole anymore. Instead let's say "HOWDY Ma'am!" to Ms. Rose Aoyama at right.

Seeing Guns Don't Argue (1957) the other day put me in the mood to see the film before it, Gang Busters (1955). Again, how much is true, and how much is just police-state fantasy/propaganda, I don't know, but I'd estimate 10% former, 90% latter. Again, it was an entertaining little 70 minutes or so if taken with a pound of salt. This one didn't have the big-name gangster power that Guns did. It told the story of the Public Enemy #4, John Omar Pinson and his even lesser-known cohorts. Pinson's shenanigans and multiple prison-breaks are re-enacted by Myron Healey (who played Dillinger in Guns). It seems kind of strange that they would use these stories for the first film and the big-name gangsters for the second, two years later. Anyway, it's another passably entertaining little cops & robbers yarn. I'd be interested to see the original TV series now. Five out of Ten.

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