Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Checking in: JAV work update, Twitter activities & new Chihiro images

FA-59 video cover
A mysterious, undated Yôko Koizumi VHS recently found and posted to my JAV archives
Now that I'm spending all my online time working on the JAV project, this blog once again has fallen by the wayside. As predicted, I've gotten behind on my 10-a-day JAV post pace, however I have kept up collecting data & images. I spent this weekend catching up on the other aspects of the project. Submitting the videos to IMDb lags farthest behind.
DEW-12 video cover
Anna Watarai & friend, in an Alpha International BBW opus on VHS
One of the major recent tasks at the JAV archives was the BBW videos & DVDs of Alpha International, which employed both Yôko Koizumi and Anna Watarai. Most of their videos give their models only single names, but when I'm able to locate one series that gives family name also, I'm able to link that to all the model's other appearances on the label. This is one reason I'm happy I'm double-posting between Tumblr & Blogspot: Tumblr's search engine is incredibly, stupendously bad. Blogspot's is very good... on the other hand, Blogspot's image-uploading interface is horrible, while Tumblr's is very good. At first I thought these Alpha International videos would never be IMDb material, due to the anonymous models and no release dates. But since I'm identifying some of the models, this takes them one step closer to having a place in film history through IMDb. Maybe I'll find accurate release dates for them eventually.
OONIKU-014 video cover
Fuuka on DVD!?
One of the benefits to doing this JAV project is that I'm able to identify actresses who are either unidentified in other sources, or given only by first name. I discovered, for instance, that there is a "Fuuka" on DVD, in Maguro's OONIKU-014 (above)... I'm not 100% sure this is our own Fantastic Fuuka, but it sure looks like her... and it means she is now immortalized at IMDb!
Lovely Miyabi Hayama on the ropes
I keep up with Twitter these days, following the actresses, and other Tweeters of interest. One of the more remarkable events recently is a kinbaku artist working with a couple BBW models. Miyabi Hayama appears in the most photos of this nature. Bondage isn't exactly my cup of tea, but Miyabi-san is gorgeous from any angle...
The Amazing Chihiro returns!
And finally, through an anonymous tip this morning, I got three new Chihiro images, which seem to have only recently appeared online-- which may be an indication that she is still active. Dare we hope?... I then found a couple other images on my own, and then added them all to my shrine to this incredible lady.
ECD-08 video cover
Tamaki Yasuoka double-header: Another DVD recently added to the archive
And with that brief update, I dive back into full JAV/IMDb work until checking in again in a month or so... But I'm still keeping an eye on this blog...


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    1. Hi, Co-Phong! Not dead, just in suspended animation. I'm concentrating on my JAV Archvies this year:
      You'll see a lot of action there-- almost 2,000 posts so far. I'll get back to this blog full time, maybe, next year...
      -- Dekk

  2. Chihiro came back, and her bust has grown to more than 175cm. Her breasts keep getting bigger and bigger now