Sunday, July 19, 2015

Catch-up time

OHO-014 video cover
Crystal Eizô's Nyûrin-dô series added, including Nene Mikami in OHO-014
I think I mentioned in my last post--two months ago?!-- that I had slipped behind in my JAV Archive work, and gotten about a month behind my 10-a-day schedule. I'm still holding to that schedule, and finally got caught up to date in the Archive posting-- which shows I've been very busy in these past two months. Ten posts a day is not really that hard, but more than that is pushing it. And, to catch up, I have to maintain that 10-a-day rate, plus 20- or 30- after a day or two off, PLUS at least another 10- a day to lessen the backlog by a day...whew!
PPPD-028 video cover
Rin Aoki in PPPD-028
I did fall behind again by four days this weekend, due to a bout with the flu, but managed to catch up today. I was fortunate that my main day of recovery coincided with a Kaiju marathon, and had a nice, fun, relaxing time watching the movies and Tweeting along with a gang of fellow Godzilla buffs. Catching up again will be easy this time since I've undertaken another major series-- OPPAI's PPPD- prefix DVDs-- which will allow quicker, standardized formatting/posting.
KYN-02 video cover
KYN-02 with Rei & Kyôko on Alpha International's early VHS double-kyonyu label, "Big Paradise"
IMDb submissions are still way behind-- about a month-- so that will be the next catch-up project. IMDb submissions are naturally going to lag behind the archive work, because the archive work is where I gather and translate the data. But because the IMDb submissions go fairly fast, and not ALL these archive posts deserve an entry at IMDb, I'm not too worried about that... As long as I don't get behind again for the next six months, I should reach my year-end goal.
PPUD-003 video cover
OPPAI label's "Ultramania series", PPUD-003 with mysterious 145cm R-cup girl, Hitomi
Half-way through my JAV year, the advantages of this work is beginning to show itself. I've been using the Archives myself to search data/images on videos, studios & actresses. I'm beginning to see this as preparatory work for some real writing on the subject, maybe starting next year... The first step in this writing may be the Actress database, which I set up earlier this year, but have not made any real contributions to. Full biographies/career reviews of the ladies, with links to their appearances in the Archives. Some of these may be redundant to Boobpedia work, but I see it as something different-- first, just because I want to work alone, without the danger of having someone else come along after me and reformat/rewrite/add errors/remove data, and all the other things that go on at Wiki-type projects. Second, because the career reviews will include personal observations & judgments which are not at home at a Wiki-type project, or at IMDb either, for that matter.
F128P-001 video cover
Ran Masaki final (真咲乱ファイナル; 1987)
At the Archive, recently, I've worked on pushing the two outer limits: Keeping up with current releases so that I have at least a couple future releases in the queue, and old VHS releases. Masaki Ran seems to be the main, first "big bust" star, of the latter envelope. I've got every one of her videos that I could locate-- she didn't make a lot. Her video career seems to have been mainly 1986.
GONEXD-09 video cover
Found & added Pray's improbable "GONE mania" series to my archives (GONEXD-09)
The work at Tumblr has proven to be quite popular-- much more so than the Blogger archives. I have over almost 300 followers at the JAV Archive, and getting more every day. Even after working for several years at Blogger, I only have a couple dozen followers total between all my blogs... I get a couple dozen "Likes" a day at Tumblr... And last, a belated announcement that THIS blog passed its 1 millionth view last month. I've been researching in this field of study since the '70s, but was unable to share mine findings with other enthusiasts. It's nice to be able to spread the information thanks to the Internet.


  1. That Gonemania series looks suspiciously like a Farangdingdong side project..?
    Any thoughts on that?

    1. Hello Anonymous,

      Yes, they look exactly like that series/project. I'm just gathering & posting video covers all this year, so I don't have time to do deeper research into the background to this series... maybe later...

      -- Dekk