Sunday, August 10, 2014

GAS August & September, 2014; GAS-328-333

I'm worn out again, after a week of long work hours and taking care of things at home. So tonight, instead of my usual Sunday video review, I'll just ramble and rant a bit-- I haven't ranted about Wikipedia for a long time, so bear with me-- and then I'll do a mid-week update on Cinema Unit GAS, which I missed posting mid-week anyway.
Seishun no etsuraku (1967) cast & crew now listed at IMDb
My IMDb work on the Pink Films of 1999 started producing results this week. I finished gathering all the data, started the translations, and submitted entries for three or four new films. Also I've been continuing to work slowly through the Pink Films of 1967 as listed in the World Filmography 1967, combined with data from their entries at the Japanese Cinema Database, Japanese Movie Database, and Thomas & Yuko Mihara Weisser's Japanese Cinema Encyclopedia: The Sex Films . This is very interesting and satisfying work-- finding links between these ancient, obscure, exotic, erotic films and their personnel, many times for the first time in English, apparently. Sometimes adding full cast and crew and plot points to pages for which IMDb previously had only a bare title. The Pink Film Award page is still in a shambles, and far from finished-- they accept award submissions so slowly. I've come up with my IMDb New Year's Resolution for next year: Reviews and plots. I'll start adding them after the New Year so that I can rack up numbers towards whatever end-of-the-year honors they give for this sort of thing. If I started them now, I'm already at over half a year's disadvantage compared to the pros. I will first attempt to link my DVD / video reviews at this blog from the IMDb pages, and see if that goes through. Then I'll start preparing IMDb-specific versions of my reviews, and "Plot summaries" for the IMDb pages, which I'll start submitting after New Year. One more step in the spreading of knowledge of the wonderful world of Japanese erotic cinema, and BBW videos to a wider audience. It's a tough job, but someone's got to do it!
Icon Naomi Tani's debut film: Special (1967). Not "notable" enough for "the sum of human knowledge"?
Thank God IMDb actually attempts to live up to its goal of covering world cinema thoroughly. They embrace the little-known and the unusual, as an informational project should, as long as it's verified, no matter if anyone dislikes it. Wikipedia, on the other hand, has made a complete mockery of its stated goals-- the uncensored, unbiased "sum of human knowledge". I am happy to see that some of my contributions there are finally being removed, as I knew-- hoped!-- they eventually would be when I left. I actually tried to get my work removed before leaving Wikipedia, but, unfortunately I sourced it too well, and I wasn't as good and persistent a vandal as the "Deletionists" are. Jimbo Wales has lazily and cowardly allowed Wikipedia to become a circus. He could have prevented this if he had simply stated, "We allow X, we don't allow Y. Your job as editors is to provide that content. You, as unpaid volunteers, have no say in our policies. End of discussion." IMDb does this for their mainspace, while providing outlets for users to share personal opinions in userspaces, reviews, discussion boards, etc. Wikipedia, instead, is non-stop discussion and rule-making from people with belligerent opinions on things they know and care absolutely nothing about. These people literally contribute not one word of information to any article, and spend all their time removing content they don't like-- no matter how well-sourced-- after they create the rules which allow for that removal. Actually, destruction is all they are capable of-- and that's probably a clue to the Deletionist psychology: Impotent envy. Once in a while one of them is shamed into attempting to prove he can contribute content. They inevitably write on obscure fan-boyish trivia (English-language pop culture... everybody knows that's "notable"!), crank out original-research plot descriptions and character details, and, if they source this drivel at all, they cite open-sourced Wikis... insultingly bad work that they would immediately delete if they came across it themselves.
Yutaka Ikejima's Hentai fûfu: Torokeru shinshitsu (2013)  not at Wikipedia. Official Reason: "Not Notable", Real Reason: Titties!
Case in point: Chronology of adult videos in Japan. When I started that list, I was told all list items must be "blue linked"-- i.e., they must already have a sourced article at Wikipedia in order to prove "notability". A list article like this provides context to existing articles which categories can't do. Sourcing the items on the list was unnecessary, and in fact not permitted, because it was redundant to the sourcing at the existing articles. Well, here you see some angry, crusading, impotent, Puritanical sicko named "Squeakbox" has has removed all those blue-linked items, under the pretext that they're not sourced at the list-- though they are sourced at the articles, of course. In other words, he removed the major names, and left only the "non-notable" items, which I did source at the list, because they didn't have articles. Intellectually dishonest, bullying coward that Deletionists are, he is now hiding out until the heat has died down from the discussion surrounding his similarly blatantly stupid removals at other adult-themed lists. One of Wikipedia's interminable ANI discussions was started on his behavior. As usual, the only outcome of the discussion was to notify other Deletionist assholes of his unacceptable actions, so that they can come to his defense, and continue his vandalism while he's on the lam. In his temporary absence, fellow "Deletionist" sicko-assholes make sure his vandalism remains in place by tag-team edit-warring, pack of hyenas that they are. Now that his discussion thread is almost dead and archived, he'll return, maybe a little cautious at first, be a good boy for a little while, since people will be watching him, then he'll go into full, rabid, Deletionist-vandal mode again soon enough. This kind of unacceptable behavior goes on for years at Wikipedia, as long as it's removal of content, not contribution. Contribution of content is treated very harshly. Significantly, after three years away from Wikipedia, I recognize the names of every one of the Deletionist assholes, but not one of the people contributing sourcing or content to these articles. This is because everyone who cares about keeping sourced material, and who has some knowledge of the subject is driven off. The "Deletionists" remain, and, while removing valid information, cynically complain that no one is working on these articles.... Why would anyone stick around to play their game, when the Deletionist vandals make the rules? Anyone really interested in researching and writing-- not arguing and creating nonsensical "policy"-- moves on to other projects, like IMDb, of course! Wikipedia is a project welcome only to edit-warring assholes such as these Deletionists. I expect the remaining, sourced items on that list will be removed later, since they are not blue-linked, and therefore "non-notable". After that, eventually, the article itself can be deleted for lacking content. And good riddance, I say! I look forward to the day when none of my work remains standing at that shit-hole of the human intellect. All the research and writing that I did while wasting time at Wikipedia has now been accepted by IMDb-- a source people can cite without first making apologies, as they must when citing Wikipedia.

God, I hate that place.

But let us step away from the Kafkaesque Mad-Hatter land that is Wikipedia, and head back to pleasant reality: It turns out we've got good reason to do an update review on Cinema Unit GAS, since they have gone through two release announcements since last we looked in on them. The first group was released on August 1, and the latter group is scheduled for September 1.
Starting out with the first release of August 1, Bakunyû Haruka: Kaodashi J-cup! (GAS-328) we meet 112cm J-cup Haruka Hamada. This seems to be the first time we have seen Haruka-san at this blog.
Haruka Hamada in GAS-328
Her impressive charms can be seen in motion by downloading the video samples available at the GAS site in either WMV or MP4 format.
Another first-timer to this blog, 108 cm I-cup Yukari Uzuki, stars in Koshi furi ga ero i chijo bakunyû Uzuki Yukari (GAS-329).
She looks... OK... just... OK... too skinny for my tastes. You can have a look at her in motion in WMV or MP4 format. Also, anyone who wants to view this release would be well advised to pay attention to the comments section-- comments in all languages that is-- at JAV Library's listing.
Kyodai chibusa no paizuri: Matsuzaki Nana, semeru! (GAS-330) stars 115 cm K-cup Nana Matsuzaki, whom we've had occasion to visit a few times since her September 2013 debut in GAS-296.
Nana Matsuzaki in GAS-330
A sample of her jailbird antics in her newest DVD can be viewed in WMV or MP4 format.
And now for the September releases. First is Double shinjin bakunyû 3-jikan: Yuka & Kanako: Kirei na hitozuma K-cup, iki makuru shirôto J-cup (GAS-331) featuring not one, but two new girls, both still in the face-hiding stage of their careers.
Yuka Nakaji  in GAS-331
You can happily download video samples of 117 cm K-cup Yuka Nakaji and 116 cm J-cup Kanako... just Kanako... in motion in WMV or MP4 format.
Kô shinchô bakunyû Kimiko: Bust 124-cm K-cup no Amazoness (GAS-332) stars 124 cm K-cup Kimiko Kanô, whom we previously saw in a post on her debut release, GAS-319, and another one on her second appearance, GAS-326.
Kimiko Kanô in GAS-332
The image above, from the fourth chapter on the DVD, shows 174 cm-tall Madam Kimiko in the role of company president, abusing one of her underlings with "Power Sexual Harassment". Normally I'm not especially drawn to the tall girls per se, but I must admit this lady possesses two or three outstanding features I do find quite attractive, one and a half of which we see in the image above. (The other half is hidden by the face of her lucky victim.) Video samples can be downloaded for your edification in WMV or MP4 format.
And the last item on tonight's survey is a retrospective/compilation DVD, Bakunyû koshi furi kijô-i besuto 4-jikan (GAS-333), given the English title "The Best of Big Tits CowGirls 4 Hours".
Hana Uehara in GAS-333
To tell the truth, tonight's DVD offerings don't tempt me very much. Just this last one, providing a reminder of such glorious boobs of the past as Hana Uehara, arouses my interest. Some 37 ladies are represented in this survey, all of whom sport brassieres H-cup or more in volume. These worthies are:

Mona Yûki 124-L           Rin Kajika 107-K          Hana Uehara 120-L
Mikoto Kizaki 113-K         Noa Aikawa 121.5-J         Mitsuki An 110-J
Mei Hayama 110-I          Ayako 117-J             Sara Toritani 100-H
Mikan Hoshino 100-I         Eri Hamasaki 129L         Sumire Shiratori 105-J
Karen 113-K              Jun Minami 120-K          Shizuku Asano 110-J
Nene Toyoda 113-J           Sora Nanami 132-O          Riona Sugita 110-I
Sara Himeno 132-M         Reiko Yumeno 116-K         Miu Yamazaki 110-J
Ami Fukada 105-H          Nayu Satsuki 132-M         Meru 95-J
Rin Kazene 100-J           Yû Sakura 110-J          Mio Sakuragi 110-J
Rosa 120-K               Mina Katase 116-J           Hina Kurosaki 133.5-M
Rino Momoi 102-K          Shiori Tsukada 101-J            Mei Shinoda 110-J
Misuzu Tomizawa 123-L       Kyôko 120-J              Nana Matsuzaki 115-K
Kimiko 124-K

An eminent assemblage indeed. A sampling of these busty beauties in cowgirl mode can be gawked at in either WMV or MP4 format.

So there we have six real, verifiable, nationally-released, internationally-known DVDs that will never be mentioned at "the sum of human knowledge", starring models that will never be listed in the "uncensored", "unbiased", "sum of human knowledge." But they WILL be listed at IMDb, fully approved by paid professionals, so help me!

So, in closing, although it's been said many times, many ways:


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    1. Wow... If you are trying to divert me from another tedious anti-Wikipedia rant... you've SUCCEEDED!!! Research on Ms. Hoshima is definitely needed!