Friday, November 11, 2011

Jugs with Wine, a Wikipedia Rant, and Thou

I'm nearly finished posting all my current posters at my first Pink film blog, which covers the years 1990 to the present. I just have to finish 2002. So far, I've made a total of over 1,200 posts, each representing a film, with information and poster(s). I've been slowly adding some info to IMDb, and their coverage of, for example, the filmography of Sachi Hamano, and the personnel involved in the making of those films, is improving. IMDb even gladly accepted an article on Mariko Morikawa's sole cinematic venture, Big Tit Monestary, linking to my blog's posters of both releases of the film. Nearly all of this information, needless to say, would now be unwelcomed at the project formerly claiming to aspire to "the sum of human knowledge."

[ BREAKING NEWS: The geniuses (i.e. anonymous, uninformed and biased volunteers) at Wikipedia are now in the process of removing awards as proof of "notability" for Pink film personnel, based on equating them with US low-grade, hardcore pornography personnel. According to the Historical Dictionary of Japanese Cinema, Pink film "must be considered a crucial sector of [Japanese] domestic film production." Do similar reference books on US cinema say this of US hardcore pornography? No matter. Soon, articles on Japanese performers in mainstream films will be targeted for deletion because of a guideline set up to deal with (i.e., delete) articles on U.S. hardcore porn stars. As far as sexual exlicitness, Pink films are the equivalent of US R- and NC-17 films. So will the geniuses at Wikipedia judge filmmakers and films in the US R- and NC-17 categories by the same standard? No, no, no, of course not. But, Dekkappai-san! You don't mean that Wikipedia's "notability" guidelines violate Wikipedia's own policies of "No original research", "Neutral Point of View" and "Not Censored" by allowing editors frame it with their un-supported opinions and personal prejudices, resulting in cultural bias throughout the project! That's EXACTLY what I don't mean nothin' else BUT! ]

Scene from Tamaki Yasuoka's new DVD

Speaking of Hell on the Internet. I got a notice that the edit-warring and sourced-content-deletion of full-time Wiki-asshole Hullaballoo Wolfowitz had been brought to the attention of Jimbo Wales. I made the mistake of blundering in and pointing out that HW was one of the arrogant, ignorant, incompetent, lazy sons-of-bitches who had played a role in my leaving the project-- after having contributed over 600 articles including two Good and one Featured on the mainpage. And how did Wales react? Silence. I was then attacked and insulted on Jimbo's talkpage by a pimply-faced Anglo-centric piece of shit who has never contributed anything to the project, and spends all his time seeing that his self-important, ignorant opinion is represented at every discussion. And how did Wales react? Silent agreement.

A week before Daylight Savings time, I had another brush with Wikipedia. My old computer indicated it was time to set the clocks back, but, knowing that the date had been changed within the last decade, I decided to check around first. I figured even the incompetent blow-hards at Wikipedia could manage to give me the correct time of day. One would think that, for one, is one of the rare, relatively non-controversial topics which doesn't attract crackpottery, edit-warring and deletion of real information. One would thing wrong. The article on Daylight Savings Time does not give the dates of time change. I checked another article-- "Daylight Savings Time in various countries" or whatever. That did not give the dates of time-change either. At this point I did what I should have done before I even went to the site: said "FUCK Wikipedia!" and easily Googled my answer. I can only imagine that the constipated, rule-making "Wikipedia is not" apes went on a "Wikipedia is NOT an almanac!" crusade and deleted any information that might help users in this area. And Jimbo Wales and the rest of the Neville Chamberlains sat on their smug asses silently "assuming good faith".

Tamaki-san's wine date, Mei Asaki

So far so good.

Then, today I get an email from the marvelous Wikipedia system telling me that an article I started on the Korean animated film Robot Taekwon V and Golden Wing way back in 2006 had suddenly been put up for speedy deletion. Against my better judgement, I looked in to see what was up. What happened illustrates the bureaucratic incompetence that has taken hold at Wikipedia, and which is only getting worse, to the satisfaction of the incompetent teens-playing-bureaucrats who run the place now. Some stupid fucking idiot vandalized the article, adding a lot of hoax information involving Nicholas Cage, President Obama, Roger Ebert, etc. Ha ha ha. Funny. OK. Easily fixed. Just revert it, right? Wrong. But that's how the marvelous Wikipedia system works, isn't it? No. That's how the old Wikipedia worked. The Wikipedia that was set up to accept and present information. How does the new, modernized, BLP-ized, Notability-ized, Deletion-ized Wikipedia system handle this? It speedy-deletes the article as a hoax, then warns me-- retired, good-faith contributor, non-vandal ME-- not to add inappropriate material. Fine. IMDb will be happy to accept information on this "hoax" film when I eventually tire of Pink cinema and branch out to Korean cinema.
Here's the entry for that "hoax" over at the Korean Movie Database, and to the right, more hoaxery deceives your eyes. Of course none of the English and American idiots at Wikipedia would think to search for information on a Korean animated film in Korean, would they? No, anyone who reads Korean has either left the project to contribute real information someplace that accepts it, or has accepted what Wikipedia is now, and stayed on to push one point of view and to fight other point-of-view-pushers... Chatting, trolling, fighting other trolls, vandalizing and fighting other vandals... that's what all the repected editors do...

And at IMDb? No vandals, no self-important, incompetent assholes endlessly creating, changing, interpreting and re-interpreting their own rules... just submit your information with back-up sources and people with actual authority approve it or reject it... I should have made the move to IMDb long ago.

But, in Boobpedian news: The gorgeous Tamaki Yasuoka has a new DVD release, code name: WZA-04. She can be seen at the top of this post. Tamaki-san reports in her blog that she and lovely Mei Asaki had a wine date a couple weeks ago. See the picture below Ms. Yasuoka above for Asaki-san. Put me between those four... er, two... with a little scotch instead of the wine, and you've got the stuff that Dekkappedlian dreams are made of...

And, beating all the odds, Bon-Bon Cherry has finally released a decent screenshot to DMM. Take a look at the layout presented in their DVD Bomc-032:

... and with that, I wish you soft, warm, squishy, pleasant dreams...

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