Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Bad news... great boobs...

...bad news for this blog: I finally got my computer guy to replace the power board on my external hard drive... the power board took, but the hard drive needs to be re-formatted, meaning I'll lose all my data (videos, images, data collected, and writing written during the past year and a half)... there is possibly good new though: I used a data recovery program to look at the disk, and it seems possible to recover a lot of the data... the problem is, I don't have another 4-terrabyte disk to recover that data to, before reformatting the old one... maybe I'll get one for Christmas... in the meantime, here's some tits... (this pair belongs to lovely, gorgeous, beautiful, bespectacled Rin Fujisaki, now a Twitter acquaintance of mine)... enjoy!

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