Sunday, December 7, 2014

Lexxxi Does Tokyo

Soon to make a splash in the Japanese DVD market?
Jeez, it's been almost a month since my last post here... My first flush of ecstasy over finding this amazing new site, Twitter, has calmed down a little, but I'm still checking my followees' Tweets every other minute or so when I'm online. It's nice to see the minute-to-minute thoughts of some of these Pink personnel and BBW lovelies that I've been following from a distance for so long. The benefit for this blog is that I now have a constant source of information / updates / new things to talk about, etc. The drawback is that it sucks up a lot of time.
I've also been busier on IMDb than usual, without doing much on my main project of 2001 Pink films. Instead, I finished the GAS project, entered a lot of biographical data / links for the actresses (that's still not done yet). I submitted "Movie connection" links to all the series, and a week later IMDb has now accepted them. This weekend I returned to the 1968 Pink film work. In an effort to make sure I'm on the Top Contributor list this year, and get as many edits as possible accepted before the end of the year, I started fixing the Japanese Cinema Database links which were changed. (I earlier sent an email requesting that these links be mass-fixed, but the ever-non-communicative IMDb staff apparently ignored it.)
But enough of that shit. What brings us here tonight is news discovered thanks to Twitter concerning the visit of an illustrious American BBW emissary, hoping to strengthen our BBW ties with Japan. Long may our two nations work as allies in that noble enterprise! Blog posts at IZM and Ryudai indicate that Anorei Collins, now known as Lexxxi Luxe will soon be appearing on an IZM DVD. I haven't found a catalog number or title yet. The images say "BBB176", but "BBB" is not an IZM prefix, and 176 is apparently Lexxxi's bust measurement in cm, not a catalog number.
It seems like there has been an increase in collaboration between the Japanese and the American BBW genres lately: Sofia Rose, and a group of other American models went to Japan to appear in DVDs earlier this year, Sara Aikawa came here to L.A. just last month, and now Lexxxi, lends her awesome presence to the Japanese industry. Notice in the promo image above that the IZM/Izumu mark is also in Roman letters, further indicating a reach into foreign markets.
Fuko: Japanese P-cup
Since my eyes are always focused on the Asian models I sometimes forget how enormous our home-grown domestic white, brown and black girls can get, dwarfing even the largest of the Asian girls... Lexxxi is said to be a P-cup. Keep in mind, however, that the P-cups we know and love here at this blog-- e.g., Fuko, Mika Hoshima-- are Japanese P-cups.
Lexxxi: US P-cup
Lexxxi's an American P-cup, which is a whole different ball of wax... Visual comparison of the two photographs above makes me guess that both of Fuko's boobs could fit into one of Lexxxi's... I haven't seen any images of Lexxxi interacting with any of her Japanese counterparts at IZM-- say, Miyabi Hayama or Masaki Amamiya perhaps-- but that is certainly a meeting I'd like to see... Just in the interest of cementing good international relations, you understand... ahem...
Despite my avowed preference for the Asian ladies, I have to admit this girl is quite a cutie. The cross-pollination between the US & Japanese porn industries is nice to see, but a bit worrying to me, because I like the Japanese style, but don't like the American. I recently skimmed through some Kelly Shibari videos, and this confirmed my opinion: She's a lovely lady in every way, and I'd probably be a big fan of hers if she were in Japanese AVs, but I just don't like the American style. (Particular gripes include: silicone, tattoos & piercings, shaved pussies, and dongs dongs dongs... and I don't mean Vietnamese currency...) My worry is that the Japanese industry will become more like the American, rather than the other way around... Still, I suppose December 7 is as good a day as any to say that I hope our two countries always remain on friendly terms, and allied in the noble cause of providing for exciting viewing material for BBW fans everywhere!
A parting message to the geniuses at Blogger
Since I've been too preoccupied lately to do much complaining, I'll conclude this post with a nice little rant... In this post I attempted, and gave up, the high-tech, cutting-edge special effect technique of placing two images side-by-side on the page. I found it was too tricky to work with text in Blogger's new, "improved" interface. Before the "improvement" it was simple, but now it's impossible. Image re-sizing and other types of formatting that were once easy are now impossible. Yahoo's new "improved" mail system, which they forced on their users, completely destroyed the filmography lists I had stored on them. Luckily I never trust those bastards and had them all backed up... With all the useless, stupid background crap being added, even simply typing on web pages has become difficult... Eventually Yahoo, Google, Blogger, and the rest of the web will be "improved" so much they will be totally useless... Let me conclude with a little personal anecdote... I recently had cause to visit the Silicon Valley. Those ignorant little Yuppie pricks drive just like they program: Arrogantly and incompetently. Two years later, and Blogger's new interface is still GARBAGE... And with that brief rant finished, I wipe the spittle from my chin and dodder off wishing you all a good night!


  1. Frankly I think we should keep going with this trend. I was only yesterday introduced to a collaboration between Milena Velba and Hitomi Tanaka. Just search for Violin Lessons and you'll be on your way.

    1. ...I'm all in favor of international cooperation... I just don't want the Japanese industry moving to all silicone and tallywhackers...

  2. hi Dekk! Lexxxi Luxe appear in the new ICD. it make me amazing:-D. I love Luxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

    1. Hi CoPhong! Yes, I'm looking forward to more news on this one... Lexxxi's a cutie!

  3. Japanese people will prefer Anorei than Lexxi cause the pronunciation issue... Anorei sounds better than Rekushii

  4. Hi anonymous... I prefer "Anorei Collins" myself... that sounds like a real person's name, while "Lexxxi" sounds like just another porn star... but then, a rose by any other name...