Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Happy Birthday, LUU!

My IMDb Pink film work continues slowly but surely. I'll have to kick it into high gear soon though if I want to finish up last year's resolution to finish submitting all Pink films made between 1990 and 2003 by the end of the year. (2003- present were already fairly well covered, I think.) I finished the translation of 1997 today, and have finished submitting into October. Here at this blog, I have updated the long out-of-date List of Video Reviews, and will update the List of Models next. Tonight's post here, being a birthday, has got me thinking about starting another page for this blog-- a calendar of important events/birthdays, etc. to use for interest, and for reminders on what we should be remembering here. But for now, on with the show!
"Miss Fat Woman" LUU, at Debukawa Night
We haven't looked in on our favorite cosplayer, the lovely LUU, in quite a while, and since this happens to be her birthday-- she gives her birthday as March 4, 1986 in her Curecos profile-- this would be a good time to see what she has been up to lately. She has released seven CD-ROMS of cosplay photos since last we reviewed her output. All the images in tonight's post come from LUU's Twitter account, which she is maintaining much better than her blog these days. Above we see LUU at the Debukawa Night, where she won the "Miss Fat Woman" contest, and which we covered in a post in November 2013.
L029: Pocha soni
LUU seems to have released these CD-ROMS, each containing 200 1200x800 images, in two bunches.
LUU in L030
L028 (which I haven't found a cover image for) through L031 were released on August 10, 2013, and L032-L034 on December 31, 2013.
L031: Mezase! Cho nikkan idol
LUU in L031
L032: Erotica Crown
LUU in L032
L033: Pocha soni 2
LUU in L033
LUU in L034
LUU. Just LUU!
But despite her cosplaying hobby, it's the natural LUU I really want to see-- without the costuming, the blond wigs, and the character posing. I'd like to think this picture, above, shows us a little what this lady might really, naturally look like... and it happens to be my favorite picture of hers I've come across in quite a while. Happy Birthday, LUU!

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