Monday, January 23, 2012

We'll Miss You, Miyabi!

Big news has hit the Boob-iverse: Miyabi Hayama's impending retirement. The loss of this gorgeous Asian BBW inspires a pause for reflection on her career. She first came to my attention with her Tokyo Topless debut some time before March 2004. At right we see the girlish young Miyabi of that era in her second appearance already sporting an impressive 129.5(96K)-86-98 figure. Spectacular as she already was, she was to climb the heights over the next decade, attaining her currently reported 144(M)-86-118.

In this snapshot from from her blog at the left we see how stunning she looks in glasses, always the perfect addition to Asian charms, I think, especially with as lovely a face as Miyabi's.

She first donned her glasses for Tokyo Topless about March 2005, in her eighth appearance for the site, seen at right. By this time her figure was listed as 141(98L)-88-110.

She was never very active on DVD, apparently, but more of a shop girl, appearing at Moe no rinjin (萌えの隣人). Most of her DVDs were made with IZM, though she made a memorable appearance with Hana Uehara in November 2009 at Akira Takatsuki's Cinema Unit GAS. Her first known (to me) starring DVD was IZM's January 2008 release, Full-Breasted Soaked Ginger, Raping Men with the Pressure of Breasts! Miyabi Hayama (ICD-55), stills from which are at the left.

Here she is, retiring at the height of her career, in her most recent appearance at Tokyo Topless. Her twenty appearances make her one of the site's most frequent models.

And finally, here she is in what is reported to be her last DVD, IZM's January 2012 release Wife with a 144-cm Bust (ICD-173).
I don't know the reason for her retirement, but I wonder if the title/theme of this final DVD drops a hint that some lucky bastard landed her! But, whatever the reason, farewell Miyabi, you will be missed! Thanks for the mammaries, and best of luck in your future!

For the evening's entertainment I once again turned to the trusty Mill Creek 50 Mystery box. Testing my luck, I picked a film at random: Too Late for Tears (1949) and it turned out to be another fascinating little B-movie. Jean Gillie in Decoy (1946) is supposedly the fatal-est of femmes fatale, but-- nothing against Gillie-- I think Lizabeth Scott in this film is a close second-- as vicious a femme fatale as they come. Add the always charmingly slimy Dan Duryea into the mix, a plot with all the fatalism, seediness and snappy/cheesy dialogue of best noir and you've got another B-movie winner. Eight out of Ten stars.

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