Sunday, April 24, 2016

Checking in

KEEEE-RIST! It's been six months since I've checked in here. But I've been constantly busy in the realm of Japanese erotic entertainment, so those months weren't wasted. I still don't plan on coming back to this blog regular anytime soon because I'm enjoying building up the English-language references on the subject so much.
Panty daisakusen poster
Recently added poster: Naomi Tani in Panty daisakusen (パンティ大作戦; 1973; re-release poster)
My Pink film work has been very rewarding. I've come across many great--if not always pristine-- images of posters from previously unknown films of the '60s, '70s and '80s. I absolutely love digging up information on the rare and unknown, filling in the dots, making connections between films & film personnel, finding images to bring greater depth to the raw data... All this, of course, makes me completely unfit for Wikipedia, but a perfect fit for IMDb, which honestly tries to put together a comprehensive resource, rather than provide a platform for bigoted know-it-all ignoramuses to decide what is and is not 'notable'... but I digress... Looking towards the Pink Film Awards ceremony of this year, which will be in May, I finally finished that long-term project at IMDb.
GVG-097 video cover
Recent debut, Chitose Saegusa in GVG-097
In JAV work, the archives continue to thrive, though they're not expanding as quickly as before, since I'm balancing between them and the Pink Film work. There are now over 2,000 followers at the Tumblr version of the JAV archive. I made an effort to dig into the VHS-era big-boob material, getting a decent sampling of big-boob material of the '80s and '90s. I also focused on filling in more of the filmographies of a few busty icons whose IMDb entries I had the privilege of starting-- Kimiko Matsuzaka, Mariko Morikawa, Ran Masaki, etc.-- and to link them to IMDb.
JUFD-484 video cover
Recent archive/IMDb addition: Mikoto Yatsuka in JUFD-484 (2015)
I finished collecting data on Japanese Adult Videos with a busty/BBW theme to get me through the end of last year. I took a break then to work hard on some other creative projects, and to focus hard on Archive/IMDb Pink film coverage again. I plan on sticking to this course until the end of June. By then I should have caught up on the JAV work that I have lagged behind on-- I'm up to the end of August-- and maybe even have it all linked into IMDb by that time too. Once I start up on JAV again in July, I'll try to stick to the 10-a-day posting schedule that I finally figured out by the middle of last year. Submit them to the blogs, and then to IMDb (if appropriate), and cross-link them when accepted at IMDb. I'll have to catch up on some of the new releases over the past year, but want to continue digging up early busty VHS as well. Future projects I'm contemplating are a comprehensive yearly listing of Pink/Adult films (rather than the studio-specific ones I have now), a "Personnel" archive-- pictures of people involved in making Pink/JAV... mostly actresses, naturally...
Miyabi Hayama returns in ICD-290
And I'll conclude this post with this exciting bit of news: Everybody's favorite Japanese BBW, Miyabi Hayama, has come out of retirement to favor us with another DVD: ICD-290!


  1. Yo I wanted to let you know your blog's being read!

    Recently I've gotten to know the greatness of Maguro's work and have been a fan ever since!
    Chitose Saegusa is great, and I love EKDV-423 that she's in, curious about GAS-368 as well.

    You happen to be familiar with the URPW (and, by extension, the URBH) series?

    1. Hi! Glad to see this blog is still being followed, while it's dormant. I'm still working on the JAV & Pink film databases this year. I hope to get back to posting regularly at this blog eventually.

      Yes, I've seen the URPW & other DVDs, but haven't gotten around to adding them to the JAV database yet. They'll probably get there eventually!