Thursday, August 14, 2014

Mika Hoshima: Seiyû, Say Me!

Goodness gr-r-r-racious!
There was actually a good outcome to my recent look back at the hell-hole that is Wikipedia. My renewed admiration for the inclusive, yet structured-- truly encyclopedic nature of IMDb has spurred on my work at that project with renewed enthusiasm. My previously lagging two-year project to submit every Pink film released from 1990 to the present day has picked up steam once again.
Mirror, mirror
For those who may not remember: I had already done 2003 to the present (with some gaps, like a lot of 2012), and started filling in the huge 1990 - 2003 gap in Pink film coverage at IMDb in January 2013. 1998 took me forever-- a few months at least-- but I finally made it to the end of 1998 last week. I started submitting 1999 at the end of the week. I've been trying to do a month a day, so I am already into May 1999 now. If I can keep that up (which I can't, of course), I'll have the 1990 - present project finished within three months.
A little tea and sympathy...
Also, I've submitted a couple important early BBW AVs, as well as some continued work on the Pink films of 1967.
Care for a pastry?
But perhaps most significant for this blog: I experimentally submitted links to my own video reviews for the JAMS, IZM and MAGURO DVDs, IMDb entries for which I started earlier this year. IMDb snapped them up, and had them live within a few minutes!
NOW I know why the caged bird sings!
You can now see my review listed under the "Critic" links at IMDB's entries for those videos. (Icd-09, Icd-107, Icd-134, Icd-138, Icd-165, Icd-213, Snd-01, Snd-35, Maguro-008, Maguro-035, and Maguro-038).
Bend over just a little more, please, ma'am...
And this means, yes, "Hail, Hail Boobpedia", and "Dekkappai" are listed at IMDb as a review site, and a critic... I see also that IMDb awards top reviewer badges monthly, not yearly, as they do contributor badges. So I may also polish some of my existing reviews and start posting them in September... That will give me more incentive to take time out to watch and enjoy all the Pink cinema I've been acquiring of late.
An energizing morning repast
But I suppose by now you are wondering who the lovely lass illustrating tonight's post might be. Feast your eyes on Mika Hoshima (星間美佳)!
Multi-talentned... and moer!
Multi-talented seiyû (voice-actress), illustrator, cosplayer, actress and pastry artiste. To each of her talents, she adds the charms of her awe-inspiring P-cup bosom.
Presentation is everything!
I don't know how her cooking is, but if the presentation is anything to go by, it must be heavenly!
Cosplayer LUU has formidable competition!
She was born in Ishigawa Prefecture on June 25, 1983. and has a second nickname of "Oppai-chan" ("Miss Titties").
Dive in!
"Miss Titties?" How did she obtained that moniker? Your guess is as good as mine... A Youtube clip gives us a glimpse of this magnificent lady in performance, reading a children's story, and singing. And another one gives us a vocal performance with illustrations of this gorgeous lady.

I haven't seen any major credits she's racked up, but I'll keep my eye on her blog profile so I can start an IMDb page for her as soon as she's in a film. So far, she reports having performed in radio commercials for the Ishikawa Zoo and Hotel East 21 Tokyo.
Seasons Greetings!
She has done voice dubbing for the American TV series, Burn Notice. (I suppose if I were really desperate, I might be able to sneak her onto IMDb with that credit...) On radio she has performed in "Oedo Wide Super Morning" and "Showa Roman Radio Story". And on stage she has been in "Youth Museum", "How Noisy!", "Shibaraku!", and "Nostalgic Cafe".
...and Akemashite omedetou!

She currently maintains her blog, which she started in February 2008. She also has a twitter account which yielded many of the images you see before you tonight. Another twitter-like page provided some more images.
Crazy Tea Party!
Here's a brief Youtube clip giving us a glimpse of one of her "Crazy Tea Parties". If you're lucky enough to be in Tokyo, you have a chance to bask in her glory one of these events on August 22. Tell her Dekkappai sent you, and give her a big hug for me!
Booze & boobs! I'm in heaven!
I'm sure there is much more to write about this extraordinary lady, but it will have to wait for a later post. Her career is certainly worth following with considerable interest, but I'm bushed tonight, and think I'll turn in early.
Mika Hoshima: The belle of the ball
Actually, I was at a loss as to what to write about tonight until reader Brandt pointed me to this lovely lady.
Like it?!
So you can thank him for sparing you all from another long-winded anti-Wikipedia rant. Thank you, reader Brandt!


  1. Can you find anything she voice acted in? Or is that just a way of saying she's versed in radio drama (the subject interests me)?

    1. Hi Brandt! Thanks again for pointing me to this beauty! Rather than answer your question here, I've updated the post with some info from her blog profile.

  2. Nice to have some English info on her. I saw her on a Japanese TV show and wanted to know more.