Friday, June 29, 2012

Yukari Arrives

Max Body reports that a new lady has joined their ranks. The estimable Yukari, seen at right, is 38 years of age and sports measurements of 130(M-cup)-?-125(cm). Should any of my readers wish to follow her daily activities, here is a link to Yukari's blog.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Return of Hikaru

I submitted one new Nikkatsu Roman Porno to IMDb in the morning: Joshi daisei: Karisome no tsuma (1974). These Nikkatsu films, being big-studio productions, have a lot more staff information available, and, therefore need a lot more translation and posting work... That's why I've been doing the straight Pink films first-- they're quicker.
About a dozen poster submissions were accepted to existing film entries today, and one new entry went live: Semi-dokyumento: Shin mibôjin geshuku (1975). And if there were any doubt from the last image of Hikaru from Mucchiri, this newly posted one should remove all doubts. She is quite lovely.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Two Views of Juri

Only two IMDb submissions went fully live today, Osanazuma: Zekkyô (1976), and Chikan saishû densha (1978) which I submitted on May 25. I added about a dozen new poster links, English titles, and citations to reviews in Thomas Weisser's Japanese Cinema Encyclopedia: The Sex Films.

Last night RYUDAI from IZM provided us with new images to the DVD ICD-188, starring Juri Morozuki. Two of these decorate today's post, and they do so quite nicely indeed.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Marvelous Masaki

I submitted data on only one new film to IMDb, and linked about half a dozen posters to existing film listings. Tokyo Topless made one of its all-too-rare updates today. They seem to have added only one new model, Naho Yuuki (結城菜穂). I did find a second set of images for Masaki Amamiya, announcing her starring role in the IZM DVD Bôchô tokudainyû 157cm! (膨張特大乳157cm! - ICD-176). This set has no doubt been out for a while, since I've already seen these Tokyo Topless images around the Net, and this third appearance for IZM was released in February 2012. As far as I am aware, she has only worked for IZM, making her debut in March 2011 with Maximum Boobs 151cm!! (ICD-146), then made Super Huge Tits 151cm (ICD-159) in August. Masaki currently keeps a blog here. I share the new Tokyo Topless image above to aid in your evening's contemplation of the meaning of life.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Bottoms Up for Sara Aikawa!

Today we take a long, loving look at the career of the amazing Ms. Sara Aikawa. I am surprised I had not taken notice of her before, as I had started a BP article on one of her videos back in December 2008. Perhaps that oversight is explained by the fact that this video was one of the Pocha Pocha Princess Pretty series containing so many lovelies, Usagi Minagi being the main one who caught my eye at that time. But let's stop making excuses and start making up for lost time, shall we?

Sara burst onto the Japanese AV scene in what, as far as I can tell, was her debut performance: the May 2007 IZM DVD, The Natural Tendencies of a Huge, Chubby Woman (Hôman kyo-onna no real seiheki - 豊満巨女のリアル性癖; ICD-35). She was a mere 19-years at the time, and, comparatively, still a wee slip of a girl, standing 169cm (5'61⁄2") and measuring B:124-W:99-H:139cm-- in the only accounting of her figure which includes a waist measurement. Nevertheless, as the three images above, from that video here show, it was quite clear even at this early stage of her career, that one feature of her anatomy was destined to demand central attention. Catch a video clip of it here.

Sara has graced the presence of IZM's IOD / "Others" series three times, first appearing in these group efforts in June 2007 with Explosive Plump Body! Human Bullet Torture (爆裂豊満ボディ! 肉弾拷問 - Bakuretsu hôman bodi! Nikudan gômon; IOD-07). We see Sara in the image to the left, the middle of three hefty women inflicting pain on their male victim. But don't let his expression fool you-- he's loving it. The largest lady of the trio (the one on Sara's right) is not Asian-- possibly Russian. A video sample can be seen here. The other two IOD- DVDs Sara made for IZM were both released in June 2008: Raped by a Gang of Eight Huge Women: Bus Gangbang Edition (8人巨女集団虐レイプ バス輪姦編 - 8-nin kyo-onna shûdan gyaku-reipu: Basu rinkan-hen; IOD-13; video clip) and Raped by a Gang of Eight Huge Women: Love Hotel Edition (8人巨女集団虐レイプ ホテル連れ込み輪姦編 - 8-nin kyo-onna shûdan gyaku-reipu: Hoteru tsurekomi rinkan-hen; IOD-14; video clip).

An October 2007 group effort in the ICD-series, Pattsu-patsu Big Butts (Pattsupatsu kyojiri nchi! - パッツパツ巨尻ンチ!; ICD-48) featured four models whose combined weight exceeded 450 kg. That's an average of 112.5 kg / 248 pounds per lady! The other three members of this group were Rena, Hitomi and Natsuki-- Their stage surnames are probably known, since Sara is identified only as "Sara" as well. I'm just too lazy to research them at the moment. In the images we see in this paragraph from that melee, Sara inflicts pain on some lucky bastard. A video sampling of these goings-ons can be seen here.

Sara seems to have been in a fighting mood that month, because an October 19, 2007 release for video label DX (D-エキス) pits her in a rather unevenly-matched wrestling bout with skinny little Sayaka Murase (村瀬さやか) in the video Villainous Plump Wrestling, Part One (豊満極悪プロレス 其の一 - Hôman gokuaku pro-wrestle: sono ichi; DHG-01).
As can be seen, Sayaka presented no challenge at all for Sara, who uses her entrancing bulk to beat Sayaka senseless.
This review site gives skinny Sayaka a four-star rating, and our Sara a mere two... though I gather from the review, that this critic feels sympathy for Sayaka's underdog plight, faulting Sara for using illegal moves, and for continuing to destroy Sayaka after she has surrendered in defeat...
Well tough titty! Sara's our champion, and can pull this move on us any time she chooses!

In January 2008, Sara again strayed from IZM, and made a video in Radix's Pocha Pocha Princess Pretty series. I started a BP article on this video in December of that year. The image from Pocha Pocha Princess Pretty: Splendid! (ぽちゃぽちゃプリンセス・プリティ 見事! - Pocha Pocha Princess Pretty: Migoto!; TIA-020) shows Sara's rear attractions to good advantage. Her appearance in this video was included in the October 2008 compilation, Massive Pocha Pocha Princess Pretty Volume! (ぽちゃぽちゃプリンセス・プリティ大量!; TIA-207; October 2008).

Sara made a second solo starring fem-dom appearance for IZM in the March 2009 DVD release, Face-Fucked by the Woman's Beautiful Ass (妖美尻女の顔面ファック - Yôbi shiri onna no ganmen fakku; ICD-90). At left Sara gives us a parting glance as she rides away on her wimpy steed with a "Hi-ho Silver!" At this point her bust was reported as 130cm, and the DVD cover touted her "bazooka hips" had expanded to 153cm. A peek at his video can be downloaded and seen here. She joined three models to put those mighty hips to further sinister use in the August 2009 IZM release Giant Butt Violence 3 (巨尻暴力 3 - Kyojiri bôryoku 3; ICD-103). A sample video clip can be seen here.

According to Sara's December 12, 2011 blog entry-- the first entry in her current blog-- she started her homepage three years earlier, which would be about this era of her career. At this point she apparently stopped making video appearances for a couple years. Though I can't tell if she is a regular at any one shop, I find the lovely Sara listed at various soaplands, such as the "Deli-Health" Peach! near Tokyo's Uguisu-dani Station, where she visited from May 29 to June 6. Her services there would be enjoyed at 90 minutes for 15,000 yen and 110 minutes for 20,000; and Houmanzoku in Fukuoka June 28 - July 4, where a patron can enjoy her charms for 20 minutes at 5,000 yen, or a full hour at 20,000 yen. She links to the Tokyo Houmanzoku in her blog, but I don't see her listed in the regular cast there. She mentions in her blog, that fellow voluptuous BBW AV model and soapland regular (and, sadly, recently retired), Miyabi Hayama (q.v.) took Sara out and introduced her to alcohol. Now that's a night out I'd have have joined with pleasure...

After two and a half years absence, Sara re-appeared as one member of the 50-woman compilation, A View of 100 Chubby Girls: Part 1: Metabolic Generation: 50 Maniacal, Beautiful Women (ぽちゃっ娘百景 上巻 メタボリックジェネレーション 50人のマニアック美女 - Pochakko hyakkei: Jôkan: Metaborikku jenerēshon: 50-nin no maniakku bijo). This appears to be another re-use of footage from Pocha Pocha Princess Pretty: Splendid! (October 2008). But just a couple months ago, in April 2012, Sara made her grand and much appreciated re-entry into the world of JAV. She was now sporting an increase of over 40 kg (88 pounds) since her debut, and, as demonstrated in the image above left, an additional 28 centimeters (11 inches) of padding on her rear. The DVD is aptly titled Super Meaty Ass (超尻肉塊167cm - Chô shiri nikukai 167 cm; ICD-182). Click here for a video clip sampling of that DVD. In her blog entry of April 17, announcing that release, Sara encourages her readers to take a look at the biggest bottom in the business, but laments that it is this feature of her anatomy which gets all the attention, not her boobs. The image at left, from her most recent DVD, shows that, indeed, her bust is nothing to sneeze at. But let's hope Sara is not to embarrassed about her main claim to fame.

And without taking time away from the worship of either Sara's glorious posterior or her ample bosom, I wish also to direct my readers' attention to this image from her blog. Notice what a lovely face this lady has. She's a gorgeous woman from any point of view. I'm sure we all hope Sara's April 2012 return is just the first in many more video appearances!

April 6, 2013 - I've noticed that this post has been getting a very high amount of traffic, so I updated it with that missing October 2007 wrestling video brought to our attention by reader slegamilinx. // Also, as part of revisiting this post, I had intended to reformat it, simply presenting the images in full size, centered, between bits of text. However Blogger's new interface makes even this simple task frustrating, complex, with each click resulting in many unintended consequences... for example you gave to go back and forth several times between graphic editing and HTML just to change a picture's orientation from "Left" to "Center"-- doing it as it's supposed to be done (changing "Left" to "Center" in graphic mode) doesn't work...  I just gave up. The result is that these new full-sized images dominate the post, but, you get what you pay for... It needs to be said again: The new interface is absolute GARBAGE, the programmers who put it together INCOMPETENT, and Google/Blogger has dropped several levels in my estimation after this change...

Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Smoke Made with the Fume of Thighs

I spent all day relaxing, doing Internet work and watching old movies. I won't bore my audience with the latter. Suffice it to say cowboys and horses were involved. I did a lot of work at IMDb-- adding new Pink Film entries and linking posters to existing ones. This is the real, lasting work, I think. Despite what the self-important editors at a certain pseudo-encyclopedia claim about "reliability", IMDb is the source for information on film. Even if the site goes down eventually, I think that their data will be preserved one way or another. By adding information in my little corner of expertise, I'm making a contribution to the "sum of human knowledge".

I also did a lot of work on this blog, finishing, rearranging and publishing about a week's work of backlogged posts. I see I've got some positive comments from a reader, but can't get the "Reply" button to work, so I'll have to reply later. Adipose, if you're reading-- I appreciate the feedback, and you will be interested to know I am now preparing a post dedicated to Mlle Aikawa's pulchritudinous posterior. In the meantime, let's take an admiring glance at JAMS girl, Ayaka Yuzuki's not insignificant gifts in the thigh and rump department. She is seen above and at right in (I think) the October 2010 Shin-Kichi-directed DVD, Huge Ass Mothering Wife: A Universe of Flesh (爆尻母性妻 絶世肉圧ユニバース; SND-40).

Friday, June 22, 2012

Another Visit with Karen

I spent last night finishing up posting the new re-release posters and alternate posters to the Pink Film archives. A couple dozen new Pink Film / Roman Porno poster links to my Picasaweb albums have gone live at IMDb today.

Today's post
from Timio Juvorenup at Hyperedge provides us with the new images we see at right and above from gorgeous Karen Toudou's upcoming DVD, QND-17. And over at Pochakawa, I found this page featuring Karen, which includes this charming little video clip, which I pass on for your viddying pleasure.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

In Praise of Honoka Kurusu

Today we pause to take a look back at a rare delicacy: Honoka Kurusu (来栖ほのか). The images of her you see on this post are taken from Honoka-san's November 2008 DVD for the Marx Brothers studio (no relation), whose title I've rendered in English as Bomber Boobs, Chubby Body: Honoka Kurusu (SMA-375), directed by Sarji. Honoka-chan seems to have been a one-hit wonder, making only the one DVD appearance, according to her Arzon profile. That first DVD no doubt provided the clips which appear in the three compilation DVDs also listed under her name. (Arzon is usually pretty good for getting a more complete listing of older DVDs and VHS titles than is available at most online sources since it includes out-of-print videos.) Her Amazon listing likewise only lists the first DVD and a compilation. Goolemon offers a very brief video clip surveying the Kurusu-ian landscape. Marx Brothers lists Honoka's measurements as a hefty 114-94-108(cm) or 45-37-43(in), sporting a Japanese J-cup brassiere.

Honoka-chan fits the Dekkappedlian bill of pocchari pulchritude in several ways. Besides the obvious, she is not a plastic, model-pretty girl, instead having a strong, earthy, motherly face. In this respect she is much like the classic "Imamura women" of that great director's early career, such as Masumi Harukawa in the great Intentions of Murder (1964). At right we see the early Dekkappai dream-gal, Ms. Harukawa in the 1981 TBS Home-Drama comedy, Tamanegi muitara... (玉ねぎむいたら…). Two decades after her starring role for Imamura, and she still looked like someone well worth coming home to. (Remind me to publish a post on her one of these days...)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Juri Duty

Those geniuses at IZM have struck gold again with Juri Morozuki, whom I introduced in a previous post. The screencaps to her DVD, Kyo-onna bôgyaku ("Huge, Violent Woman" - 巨女暴虐; ICD-188) are now up at IZM's official site, and these provide the decorations for today's post. The video clip for Juri's DVD is also up. Sit back, grab a bowl of popcorn, and take a look at it here.

As far as online work, I guess I'm heading back towards the Pink film project which I finished at the end of April. I will add and update the new posters & info that have come to light since finishing posting all my previously-accumulated material. I spent the morning cleaning up some of the new posters, prepping them for posting. I spent the afternoon adding categories to wrap up the Japanese Plumper / Joy of Wonderful Tits project. I submitted three new Pink Film entries to IMDb, but didn't find one flippin' new submission fully online there yet. Most of the films I've submitted are now in the database, but they're waiting for one or two credits to be approved before I mark them down as successes.

Monday, June 18, 2012

The Wide, Wide World of Sports

I hope my readers won't mind if I stray from the important subjects to which this blog is dedicated (Japanese erotic films, and big, busty, bouncy Asian BBWs) to venture into the world of sports. Specifically, my favorite sport: Big, busty, bouncy Asian BBWs wrasslin' each other... TOPLESS!!! In the sweaty, sweltering summer months of July and August 2009, three battles were staged in Japan. Today we pause to honor the magnificent combatants who participated in those massive melees. Enjoy... First we see, at left, champion Satsuki Anzai preparing to defend her crown against her opponent, Hitomi, in Plump Big Woman Sumo 2 (豊満巨女相撲二 - Hôman kyo-onna sumô ni; ASM-02; July 2009).

Meanwhile, at right, in Plump Big Woman Sumo 1 (豊満巨女相撲一 - Hôman kyo-onna sumô ichi; ASM-01; July 2009)-- the epic which started the series-- Natsuki limbers up for the impending battle with Tomoka Ichijo.

...And the grudge match is ON between Shion Sakuraba and Rena in Plump Big Woman Sumo 3 (豊満巨女相撲第三 - Hôman kyo-onna sumô san; ASM-03; August 2009)!

...Satsuki Anzai overwhelms challenger Hitomi in Plump Big Woman Sumo 2!

Back at Plump Big Woman Sumo 3, Shion Sakuraba and Rena's titanic struggle for dominance continues.

And a fall is imminent in Plump Big Woman Sumo 1! Will it be Tomoka? Will it be Natsuki?! Brace yourself for a temblor in either case!...

Sunday, June 17, 2012

100th Post: Turning Point

On the occasion of my 100th post here, I pause to take stock of this blog, look at its past, and consider its future. I have regularly checked the search term hits that have brought readers here, and not one (1) single, solitary reader has come through a search on The Bowery Boys, or Andy Kaufman, or "Wikipedia rant", or anything else non-BBW/Pink-related. The main searches which attracted viewers have been related to the DVD BOMC-029 featuring Haruki, the amazing T-cup girl (above left). Though those DVDs are not quite my cup of T (I don't know if it's the hidden faces or the photo-distortion which bother me most), the other top searches definitely are: Tamaki Yasuoka, Kimiko Matsuzaka, Rose Aoyama, Miyabi Hayama, and Mitsumi Nanao.

Consequently, I'm thinking in the future I'll remove the non-BP / Pink-related stuff, and stick to chronicling the personnel and activities of the entrancing world of Japanese/Asian BBWs and Pink films, and my own progress in spreading that joy to BP and IMDb. The non-AV/Pink stuff gave me themes around which to build my posts, but they gave the blog a noticeably split-personality character. While disparate elements can co-exist in a "sum of human knowledge", a blog should have a more focused subject. I think I should have enough material just concentrating on the real topic at hand-- these voluptuous Asian lovelies. The old movie stuff might be moved to another, general audiences blog later, if I have the time and desire to maintain another. Though, really, there are plenty of other old movie blogs and I am no expert, so my insights on cinema are nothing special. On the other hand, there are scant few sources in English which cover the Japanese BBW-AV world with anything more than images. That's a huge hole in the sum of human knowledge crying out to be filled. As our protagonist in the IZM DVD ICD-182 seems to be thinking of Ms. Sara Aikawa (above right): I just hope I'm man enough for the job!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Bakunyû Pony Express

For your reading pleasure, I have decorated this post with images of Iori Kuroki sticking her O-cup bazooms in my readers' collective face. These are from the IZM offering, Bakunyû chi-fujin ("Madame Crazy Huge Boobs" - 爆乳痴夫人; ICD-183).

In Pink Film / IMDb work, I added about a dozen new posters to the pre-1990 Pink Film archive today, and submitted another dozen links to IMDb to my Picasaweb Pink Film albums. I guess this will be my main activity for a while-- linking the IMDb entries with my poster archives.

Last night I finished preparing the last few Pink film posters for uploading. I turned in early without doing any online work. The nighttime entertainment was filled by another Roy Rogers epic, Frontier Pony Express (Republic, 1939). Andy Devine was missing in this one, and the comic-relief taken up-- less amusingly-- by Raymond Hatton as "Horseshoe". Given the target audience for this type of film, and the often overly-respectful treatment of the Confederacy in U.S. Civil War films of that era, I was rather surprised that the Confederates are the bad guys in this one, and Roy Rogers-- the hero-- is a Yankee. I wonder what the politics behind this decision were... The plot had Rogers as a Pony Express rider fighting Southern spies who are out to nab Union gold and communications, and to push California into the Southern camp, while the leader of the spies is actually trying to make California into his own little kingdom. Rogers and Trigger (also surprisingly often working separately) save the day. Decent enough entertainment to use as a relaxative right before beddie-bye. If lacking in the risky experimentation to be found in some films noir, these B-westerns are at least pretty solid and dependable-- if not terribly exciting-- entertainment. Watch it for yourself at the good ol' Internet Archive. Six Stars a-janglin'.

Friday, June 15, 2012

A Growing Concern

Today we engage in some Original Research. The subject of investigation is the uber-famous AV actress, Maria Yumeno (夢野まりあ). The subject, more specifically, is her boobs. According to a 2003 interview, she's always been known for her chesticular attributes, which were, at that time, touted as 37-inch, made more impressive by her thin body. We see them at separate points in their careers in the images in this paragraph.
At upper left we see Maria-chan young, frisky and pert, early in her career, which was inaugurated in 1998. To the right, Ms. Yumeno can be seen sometime mid-career, sporting a more buxom, if not entirely supernatural physique. And at lower left, we see Maria-san at her most fully-developed, in her recent DVD, Neighborhood Association Slave Wife: Maria Yumeno (Chônai-kai dorei hitozuma: Yumeno Maria - 町内会奴隷人妻 夢野まりあ; MDYD-679; April 2012). First, notice that she has become generally plumper with the passage of time. Her face is better filled-out, as are her arms. This is all to be expected of an aging star, and actually very much to my own liking, and, if I am to judge by search terms and comments, to the approval of my readers. So far so good. But, even taking into account natural expansion of the body which comes with age, I begin to suspect there have been extra-natural forces at work here. Our curiosity aroused, let us do some more research and investigate the matter further.

For more to food for thought, please contemplate the evidence presented in the two images in this paragraph. At right we see the young starlet Maria-san at an earlier stage in her career. Healthy in the bosom department, certainly, but not supernaturally endowed. However, in the image to the left we see Yumeno again in her April 2012 DVD appearance. Does anyone else notice a dramatic change in Maria's figure in the more recent image? Or are my eyes playing tricks on me?

OK. I'll stop beating about the bush and state my central thesis outright. Here's what I think: Something happened. Maria Yumeno's upper torso has expanded at a rate disproportionate to the rest of her body. If I were a religious man, I might think divine intervention had been at work here. My suspicion, however, is that human meddling is involved. Craving an explanation for this oddly location-specific growth, I went a-Googling, and found this site. It states that she had implants at her manager's recommendation, and that she was the first Japanese AV star to do so. Good move or bad move? In the eyes of the beholder, I suppose, but apparently it did create the desired positive publicity for DVD sales.